Apple released iPadOS 13.1 – New Features and Compatibility Details

Apple iPadOS 13.1 includes Dark Mode, new Home Screen, Multitasking, Arcade, and more

iPadOS 13.1

Apple today published iPadOS 13.1 for iPad. Head to Settings- > General- > Software Update to get the latest version of Apple’s mobile functioning system for your tablet. Apple’s recent iPad will be shipped tomorrow with iPadOS.

iPadOS involves all of the same characteristics as iOS 13, such as Dark Mode, the redesigned Photo Experience, Message Profiles, and the new Reminders app.

iPadOS also features some tablet-exclusive improvements like Home screen updates, fresh multitasking skills, and more.

As always, as soon as you have an iPad compatible, you can upgrade to iPadOS 13.1 for free. Just go to Settings and begin the Software Update now.

It’s worth combating the branding. iPadOS is renaming iOS to better signal Apple’s interest in the tablet experience. The core experience, however, is largely the same. For this year at least, it is more branding change than functional differentiation. In the coming years, we could see more drastic shifts in the experience of iPad and iPhone users.

That’s iPadOS 13.1. Because of the quirks of this year’s Apple software update timeline, iPadOS 13.0 has never been published to the public. As you can imagine, iPadOS 13.1 has the same characteristics as you can discover for iPhone in iOS 13.1.

This implies that Dark Mode is now accessible on the iPad, so you can choose to look black-and-grey. You can change the appearance in Settings at any time, just like on the iPhone, or you can use the new Control Center toggles.

In terms of new photo and video editing tools, Photos get a new look with curated Years / Months / Days tabs. There is also a brand new Reminders app with a refreshed design and new features such as subtasks and integration with Siri.

The shortcuts of Siri get more capable, There’s the fresh Memoji Stickers app, a fresh share sheet and HUD volume, and much more. Check iOS 13 coverage for a more in-depth look at what the iPadOS 13 baseline offers.

iPadOS 13.1, with some additional iPad-Focused Things

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There’s a fresh home screen in terms of what’s new specifically for iPad. The Home Screen now has two design alternatives. The traditional 5 range 4 grid and a fresh denser setup are available.

The app grid is 6x 5 in the new mode and the arrangement remains the same whether you’re in portrait or landscape. You may even have a constant sidebar of mobile apps on the first home screen.

You can select a few widgets to stay recognizable at all times, and with a stab everything else is open. This implies that right there on the home screen you can see stuff like calendar appointments and present weather.

Each app icon is slightly lower to pack in everything and there is less room between each icon. It’s a better use of the room, notably for bigger versions of iPad Pro. In Settings, you can switch between the normal and large app icon modes.

New functions for iPad multitasking

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iPadOS significantly extends the capacities of the iPad multitasking scheme. Now the applications for Slide Over and the full-screen applications have distinct multitasking trays. Using a fresh home indicator, you can switch between Slide Over applications with the same familiar swipes as you learned from the iPhone X phone series.

You can also have various windows for a single app with iPadOS. You can open as distinct windows two distinct messages conversations. You can either side by side or even combine and match the two windows with other applications.

An app window in Slide Over can be completely different from other app window. Tap and keep any app and select Show All Windows to concentrate from a single app on to all open windows.

The fresh choices for multitasking and split-screen offer iPad users much more energy to be productive, but they also add complexity to a confusing scheme already. It’s something that must surely be taught.

Apple Arcade on iPad

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The launch of iPadOS also implies that Apple Arcade games can now also be found on iPad. Following its launch last week on iPhone, Apple users with various Apple devices can effortlessly move from iPhone to iPad and continue to play their favorite Arcade titles successes, and game saves automatically connect with iCloud and Game Center.

The entire library of Apple Arcade is available on iPhone and iPad (with most games on Apple TV and Mac as well). Some Arcade games are obviously first intended for the phone, but many titles benefit from a larger tablet canvas.

For the first time, iPadOS 13 allows you to connect PlayStation and Xbox controllers to the iPad that you can use to play a multitude of Arcade games.

Manipulation of productivity, USB drives and file updates

iPadOS File manager and other features

iPadOS showcases fresh text formatting expressions designed to make text editing and error deletion simpler. You can now swipe to the left with three fingers rather than shaking your iPad to undo.

Take the cursor of blinking text and drag it wherever you want. Copy and pinch with three fingers at a fresh place to paste. The fresh gesture scheme should assist accelerate the operation of common text. iPadOS promotes USB accessories as well.

You can plug in a USB disk or memory stick, either straight into the USB-C port of the 2018 iPad Pro or using dongles for older models, and use the unique Files app to open all files and folders.

Also included in the Files app is a fresh Mac-like column design mode, fast actions, support for compressing and uncompressing ZIP files, and fresh keyboard shortcuts to assist users function quicker.

Web browsing Desktop Class in Safari

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Apple has overhauled Safari to reflect the Safari desktop experience by making browsing websites the same way on the iPad. While iPhone-optimized pages would often be used before websites, the iPad is now fetching and making websites like a Mac. To be available for touch input, small text and buttons are automatically scaled.

A fresh download manager is also available, so you can download documents to the Files app and monitor their progress with a fresh download button in the toolbar.

Apple has also thoroughly optimized Safari for iPad, allowing users to communicate with web apps such as Google Docs or WordPress. Apple has also comprehensively configured iPad Safari to allow users to communicate with web applications such as Google Docs or WordPress.

iPadOS, a laptop substitute for the iPad

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There’s more transitions than we’ve listed here, but it all adds up to making the iPad a lot more competent. While some characteristics would benefit from refinement the current mental model of multitasking can often become confusing to wrangle in your head. The elements featured in iPadOS will pave the way to making the iPad a laptop substitute for even more individuals.

The iPad computing experience requires a large step forward this year, from better file management to desktop-class browsing. Go to Settings-> General-> Software Update to update to iPadOS.

iPadOS supports iPad models as follows:

ipad 2 update ios 10

  • iPad (5th-generation)
  • iPad (6th-generation)
  • iPad (7th-generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini (5th-generation)
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air (3rd-generation)
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro

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