Launch of Apple Softwares Later This September – iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, MacOS & HomePod

Launch of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS on September 24, tvOS 13 coming at the end of the month

Apple Company Products


Apple has announced a couple of new products this week including watchOS6, Apple Watch Studio and more. They are going to launch iOS 13.1 and iPadOS on September 24. They’re also planning to launch tvOS 13 at the end of the month. There’s more to come as Apple is confounding the software update which is scheduled this year.

iOS 13.1 and Beyond

The iOS 13.1 is coming out on September 24. The update of this model is coming with a lot of problem solving features and it is also being made to address the unfixed bugs and issues present in the previous mode. It is also coming with several new features for iPhone users including Share ETA in Apple maps. New animated icons in the Home App will surely delight the new users of the product. It is also having a shortcut automation which is a great addition indeed.

The feature which allows you to save and record videos from your HomeKit cameras and icloud storage automatically is being expected at the end of this year according to Apple. Screen time limits for individual contacts and, announcing messages with Siri, and iCloud folder sharing are some of the features which are coming later this year. The exclusive feature of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro which is known as a deep fusion will also come in this product’s features list.


There’s a separate software operating system which was split from the iOS update by Apple itself for iPads. It was named as iPadOS. This will bring upgrades to the files app, new multi-tasking aptitudes like Skated over expose, new productivity text-editing and much more. This iPadOS also has the features of iPhone iOS13 like the Dark-mode and the new reminders app.

If the iPadOS is going to be shipped on September 24, then there’s a high chance that it might be the same iPadOS 13.1. It also means that the Apple Arcade games would be available on that iPad.

tvOS 13

The Apple TV is also going to be launched and it will go through a major software update and is expected to be released around September 30. This update will bring the HD TV experience and also Apple TV 4K devices are going to be ready for the Apple TV+ launch on November 1.

The top shelf is going to become a panoramic full-screen background with the new update and it also has a redesigned home screen for apps like Music, TV and photos. tvOS 13 is giving you the luxury of multiple user accounts so that your new recommendations and up-next queues can be kept separate for everyone around. The (CCS) Control Center Sidebar enables you to easily switch users. This device also includes an Apple Arcade app, which means you can enjoy the latest games on the TV just like the iOS. The new update will also give you an exciting option of getting your Apple TV paired with Play station and Xbox.

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina is the name of a major update to Apple’s desktop operating system. The Mac will also get several new features like including separate music, tv and podcast apps as Catalina is going to end its affiliation with the iTunes app. The device will also get new photos app, reminders app and find my app as on iOS. We have covered how to installed tutorial for it here.

For the very first time the macOS Catalina is also brining screen time tracking back to the Macbook. Mac mini,iMac and Mac pro. You can also use your iPad as a secondary display courtesy a new feature called Sidecar. There’s no official word as to when the macOS is going to be released but it is expected to be out in October.


Apple HomePod

Several new features are going to hit the HomePod which is the smart-speaker of the Apple’s company. It’s going to have the ability to recognize multiple voices and offer adapted rejoinders to requests for each user in the house.

HomePod is known as the hub of music experience and it is also being said that the HomePod would be able to use a new music handoff experience. HomePod will also have a white noise feature which goes by the name of Ambient sounds. Apple still hasn’t committed anything about the release date of these products but they’re going to be launched soon.

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