Apple iPad 7 – Specifications, Extensibility & Price [Complete Review]

Apple iPad 7

We all know about the craze and excitement surrounding Mac products. Much to our excitement, the latest generation entry-level iPad has been announced for most of the customers around the world. The amazing thing is the starting price of $329 and you can also get it for much less while it goes on sale.

The stakes are high because it is going to become the first entry-level iPad that is coming along with Smart connector compatibility. It is going to give you the luxury of connecting a smart keyboard anywhere. The properties on the bigger screen and much vibrant display are also high in number.

We’re here to discuss the probability of the iPad 7 becoming the much-needed iPad for most of the customers around the world. We’re also going to give you insights about its $329 starting price being extremely generous. Also, this $329 device is packed with a lot of amazing features. So, get ready to be blown away!

iPad 7 Specifications

  • 2-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • 2160-by-1620-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • 500 nits brightness
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Supports Apple Pencil (1st generation)
  • Supports Smart Keyboard
  • A10 Fusion chip with 64‑bit architecture
  • Embedded M10 coprocessor
  • 8-megapixel camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture
  • 2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera
  • Touch ID
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Silver, space grey, and gold color options
  • 32GB and 128GB capacity
  • Starting at $329



apple ipad 7th generation

Although, some people might argue that the addition of a 10.2-inch display from its previous announcement of a 9.7-inch display might not be a big deal. However, we need to understand that it offers extra on-screen properties. We shouldn’t forget the compatibility with the Smart Keyboard that was first designed for the latest 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

We can see the clear change in the iPad 7 display as compared to its predecessor but it is not going to produce any problems because of the larger design. It is still capable of producing productive paybacks for you.

If we compare the two devices, then the 11.5-inch iPad Pro is smaller than the 7th generation iPad. They differ between 7.5mm and 5.9mm but the conical design is helping in hiding this fact. The iPad Pro is much slimmer and more stunning than the iPad 7, but due to the price difference and generation gap, this should be expected.

However, the most amazing advantage of iPad 7 is its portability and ease of carrying. You can carry it anywhere without any discomfort as compared to a laptop or a 13-inch MacBook Pro. If you want a device that’s easy to carry around, the iPad 7 is perfect for the bill.


Power and Usability

ipad 7th generation 128gb

We first saw the release of the A10 Fusion system on a chip way back in 2016. However, these chips are still no way near the Apple-made chips. Nevertheless, they’re still very much capable of pulling off the tasks that are mostly needed by the iPad 7 users.

You’re going to get a lot of benefits from this device. You can get word processing apps along with web browsing in Safari. You’d also get the luxury of using productivity apps like Ulysses and Things 3. You’d be able to play mid-range games and basic video editing can be taken care of as well with the apps like iMovie.

The powerful CPU is backed up by the iPadOS 13 but you can face occasional lagging and hiccups when you try to run two applications together. If you are fond of using one or two apps together then you’d need a much powerful iPad. The iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro are better options in that case.

If we speak honestly, then the iPad 7 is perhaps not offering the best performance compared to the latest high-end releases like the iPhone 11 and the iPad Pro. But its success shows how much the in-house chips of Apple retain, even many years after their launch. It just goes to show you the stature of these chips even before their release.


Touch ID

ipad 7th generation 32gb

With regard to usability, the touch ID remains a very good biometric technology, although it does not have the speed and ease of using the Face ID. Touch ID not only helps users to access their iPads by a fingerprint but also verifies them with security applications such as 1Password. Because the nature of the Face ID is only available on iPad Pro hardware of the third generation, it is likely to take a while before the face recognition hardware is on the iPad entry-level.

Fortunately, Touch ID is a technology proven to be sufficiently good. The biggest downside on an iPad is the lack of a laminated digitizer on superior versions like the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro. The most important thing about this is the nerdy usability. This is not shocking because it has been a part of the “iPad” baseline since it started.

The absence of a laminated digitizer means that the distance between the glass on top of the screen and the digitizer below is noticeable. This means that the content seems to be less engaging than laminated digitizers on iPads, due to the projection on the phone. This, together with the absence of a light-proof mask on the iPad entry-level edition, makes it difficult to see in areas with a great deal of ambient light. It can prove difficult to use the iPad in direct sunlight even if the glow is maxed out.

Although, you can always take out some time and dig into the real reason behind reflectivity.  You can re-position the screen or pump the brightness. You can also bring a little change in the ambient light. There is a significant absence of a laminated digitizer for people who know what a good iPad view looks like and who obsesses with such information.

It is safe to say that most of the common people won’t even notice that the screen is laminated. It can only be noticed by nerds like us. Even if you’re the sort to stress the display quality, even with the air gap in the display the iPad 7 is far from unusable.

We can say that this machine is perfectly fine for daily usage and you can also get used to the limited display with continued usage.



iPad 7 Review Camera

If we talk about the iPad 7 camera then we’ve got 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with f/2.4 aperture. You will also get a front-facing FaceTime HD camera that is 1.2 megapixels. Let us be honest with the camera quality.

The front camera that is 720p HD FaceTime is not so great in medium or low light conditions. Also, the rear camera of 8 megapixels is kind of okay to scan a few documents and receipts but it is not the kind of a camera used for photography alone.


Battery and Storage

ipad 7th generation price

The battery life of the iPad 7 is around 10 hours on average like most of its siblings. However, it may vary according to the usage and which apps are being run on the machine constantly. However, 10 hours of battery is still pretty good, isn’t it?

The price of the device and the storage capacity both complement each other as we have said before. You’d only find two configurations in the 32GB base model and 128GB model. The 32GB model is being sold at $329 and the latter is expected to be sold around $429. You can also get it for much less when it goes on sale.

The 32GB model should suit all the regular customers but if you’re a movie junkie and don’t live without watching and downloading videos then the 128GB model is for you. You can also get the $130 cellular model that gives you the luxury of staying online even when you’re not connected to the Wi-Fi.

However, the 32GB model should be found compatible with most of the users and it also comes in the attractive space gray color. If we talk about designs and colors then we have chosen the space gray color because it has black bezels on its sides. The gold and silver colors have white bezels that are quite distracting. That is why we prefer the black bezels.

iPad 7 Extensibility

Smart Keyboard

ipad (7th generation specs)

Besides the larger display, the biggest difference is the compatibility of this iPad and its predecessor with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. The Smart Connector can be used to connect a Smart Keyboard easily on the iPad 7 side.

The thing that makes the iPad so remarkable is the pace at which you can grab it and start working compared to a traditional laptop. Smart keyboard support fits into this idea right because it is not necessary to recharge it and Bluetooth pairing is not needed.

However, it is actually quite a decent keyboard that makes the Smart keyboard such a nice way for iPad users. Of course, it will not equate the Magic Keyboard to the standalone in terms of main feature responses and travel, but it’s a compromise that needs to be made because of its portability and usability.

The portability is really enjoyable and the unfolding process can take some time but that is not a big headache in our opinion. The thing that fascinates us the most is the portability because it is much more portable than a traditional laptop. You can simply fold it against the iPad and stick it in your bag.

Apple Pencil

ipad 7th generation review

While Apple has launched the Apple Pencil for the second generation whereas the 2018 iPad Pro and iPad 7 supports only the original first-generation Pencil like any other non-Pro iPad.

This means you cannot get additional pleasures, such as a smooth, flat surface to stop rolling, or an inductive charging and simple pairing of magnetic attachments to the iPad. The refreshing side says that the original Apple Pencil works really well with the iPad 7. The stylus of Apple is also great at the response and it also gives you the pressure and tilts sensitivity.

It works really well when compared to apps like Procreate, Linea or even the built-in or first-party apps like pages.

You can easily lose the first-generation Apple Pencil because it doesn’t have a really strong magnetic connection with the iPad. It is perhaps the biggest loophole in this device. The iPad 7 is practically an iPad Pro kid when paired with an Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard. Nothing is as quick as an iPad Pro, but the functions are more similar.

iPadOS 13

ios 13 download

The release of iPadOS, an iOS tablet fork, has revitalized the iPad in a way that has been updated until now by no other device. We know that iPadOS 13 is famous for multitasking because you can work on two windows from the same application. It is extremely suitable for productivity.

This luxury of side by side windows in the same application is one of the biggest multitasking enhancements that make the iPadOS 13 a great device when compared to the iOS 12 for iPad.

iPadOS 13 Top Features

One can only imagine how iPad users will now benefit from year-over-year enhancements because an entire iOS division is specifically built for tablets.

Apparently, the release of the iPadOS 14 is creating new excitements levels and it is safe to say that the 7th generation iPad will support Apple’s big yearly updates going into the future. Check all the features of iPadOS here.


ipad 7th generation release date

For the needy customers, the iPad 7 is a brilliant choice because it gives you a lot of value for your money. The starting price is $329 but you can get it for less than $300 as well when it goes on for sale. With the kind of features it offers, the iPad 7 is an extremely good choice.

It cannot be stated that the iPad 7 is the powerful iPad and it is also not rocking all of the latest bells and whistles that are supported on the latest Pro models.

If we talk about the dollars then this device is perhaps the most value-laden product in the whole line up of Apple’s devices. It is also one of the technically valued products up for sale by various companies in 2022.

If you’re only looking to work on web browsing and you mostly spend your time reading, media consumption and word processing then it is easily recommendable. Nevertheless, even though you are doing more advanced work such as video editing, scripting, project planning, or illustration, all disciplines that work well on the iPad 7 hardware have applications.

By introducing iPadOS last year, iPad adopters can be sure that even entry-level models will continue to grow beyond iPhone roots. In addition, this line of products still shows that the 21st century belongs to them when it comes to real computing and offering the best products.

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