Built-in cables in this lovely 10K Belkin Charge Power Bank

Built-in cables in this lovely 10K Belkin Charge Power Bank

Accessories and gadgets are available everywhere and there are tons of brands that are dealing in different categories. Belkin is certainly one of them and their charging products are getting very popular now.

They are also producing Power Banks that are favorable for people that are looking for ways to charge their gadgets while traveling or staying at home too.

We came to hear about this new Belkin Boost-up Plus 10K offers a 10,000mAh (37Wh) battery pack and comes with two integrated cables. A USB-C and an Apple lightning connector.

The cables are staying in black color, however; you have two options to choose as far as the case is concerned. The choices are black and blue. There are four LED indicator lights on the front along with a USB-C port and a power button.

It should be noted that each light represents 25% of the battery’s capacity and the USB-C port is used for charging the device. You can also attach a separate cable to provide up to 18W of charging in both directions.

It is eminent to mention that the integrated USB-C and lightning cables are also helpful because they are capable of giving you up to 18W of charging power. However, the pack overall carries an overall limit of 23W if you’re using just a single connection at a time. The size of this device is also manageable as it is only 0.7-inches thick and weighs just around half a pound.

The overall footprint is perhaps smaller than a standard iPhone 13 Pro Max. It will not take a lot of space in your bag and the charging cables are also capable of getting fold into the sides of the pack. The cables are quite thin and there is no tension in carrying them along.

To conclude the overall performance of this Power Bank, we went through a bit of reviews and found out that it was tested against an AVHzY USB Power Meter to test the USB-C cable and the output power of the USB-C. We can say it safely that the USB-C port went through and passed almost all the modern-day charging standards such as the DCP 1.5A, QC 3.0, QC 2.0, Samsung 9V, and Huawei 9V, with full 18W charging.

Overall, it’s a fantastic option to have and we’d certainly recommend it to all the people that are looking for a nice and affordable Power Bank for day-to-day use.