Simplex vs Duplex scanners – Full Guide

Scanners are important for every office and they’re responsible for making your official work efficient and reliable. They are also used to manage daily routine work of your official assignments and basically, there are two types of scanners. Simplex and Duplex.

In this article, we’re going to shed light on the comparison of Simplex and Duplex scanners and would try to find out the better option between the two. We will also take a look at their features and performance while trying to determine the loopholes and advantages of the two.

What are Simplex VS Duplex Scanners?

Simplex Scanner

If we go by the simple definition, we would notice that Simplex scanners can only scan one side of the paper. There are no features that are involved in letting this device read the other side of the document. However, it takes very little effort to flip the side of the paper manually and let the machine cast its magic.

Duplex Scanner

Simplex vs Duplex scanners - Performance - Reviews & Guides

As expected, the Duplex scanners are capable of scanning both sides of the paper in a single click. You cannot flip the side of the paper manually because there are two integrated cameras installed inside the device that automatically captures the two sides of the scanner. Both the cameras are responsible for scanning one side of the paper in a single click.

Choosing Between Simplex and Duplex Scanner

In this phase of the article, we’re going to take a look at some of the key factors that are involved in making either of these devices better than the other. Let’s start.

Scanning Needs

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that what are your scanning needs? Do you have a lot of time or you want to get things done quickly. If you have time, then choosing any Simplex scanner would do the job.

However, if you are bound to meet the deadlines and you want to get things done on time, then Duplex scanners are the best when it comes to saving time.

If you’re working in a corporate office and your work and office environment demand a lot of quick-service then dealing with a Simplex scanner can become a headache. Therefore, it is obvious that Duplex scanners are in heavy demand for full-time offices and Simplex ones are made for household and personal usage.


The process of Simplex scanners is very time taking because you have to scan one side of the paper and when it comes out of the output tray, you will have to check the quality of the scan first and then put it back after flipping it on the other for double-page scanning. This is not a repeatable procedure at all.

On the other hand, Duplex scanners are quite easy to use and are much more efficient and fast when compared to Simplex scanners. They just read both sides of the paper on the go and save you a lot of time. The final product is ready within a couple of seconds and this rapid pace has become a deciding factor for all the corporate business and high-end organizations.

Manual Work Involved

When you’re buying any kind of machine, you first check its ability to handle the work without much of physical assistance. When it comes to Simplex scanners, you’d need someone to stand there and flip the paper after every single scan.

The Duplex scanners on the other hand work pretty much on its own ability and it can work on a number of documents in a single click without needing a lot of physical assistance. The Duplex scanners are designed to process both sides on the go and it keeps working on your documents with a lot of pace, precision and accuracy.


Price range is also one of the important factors when it comes to buying a new scanner. However, the price range of both simplex and duplex scanners is pretty much the same but if you’re counting the manual work, then Simplex scanners become more mostly.

It also depends on your needs and requirements because offices generally give you Duplex scanners to work on but if you want a scanner for your personal use then, spending a few extra bucks on Duplex scanners won’t make sense.

Also, if you are scanning just one side of the paper mostly then Simplex scanners are a suitable option for you. It is also important to mention that sheetfed scanners are more expensive than flatbed scanners.


If we talk about quality then it largely depends on the technology that is working inside the scanner. If you are looking for higher output, it is very much understandable that it would cost you an extra few bucks. Flatbed scanners are good when it comes to professional usage and if you’re looking for extra pace and speed, you can have the sheetfed scanners.

Final Verdict

If we openly but our review here then it will become a sound embarrassing and arrogant but with all due respect to the Simplex scanners, they are considered outdated for modern-day usage.

Duplex scanners are currently in demand and since we have already discussed that the price range of both is not much different, it is wiser to go for the Duplex scanners because they’re better in making your work easier even if you’re only using one side of the paper.

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