Best Action Camera to Buy in 2022

Action cameras are very much among the top-most requirements for a professional swimmer, hiker or an athlete with gymnastic skills. Action cameras will capture your talent beautifully and will allow you to express your entire talent to the world. 

For this purpose, a lot of companies have produced cameras that play a major role in capturing the entire sequence with ease. There is a huge demand for the GoPro Hero9 Black. The overall performance and video quality of the Hero9 Black is magnificent. 

The frame rates are also quite higher and you’d get sharp results with it. These cameras are also quite suitable for regular travelers and vloggers. We will discuss various products in this list and we’re hopeful that it will give you enough idea regarding the whole picture. Let’s check out this amazing list of the best action cameras to buy in 2022.

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Top 4 Best Action Cameras

GoPro Hero9 Black

Price: $359.99 USD

The Hero9 Black from GoPro is perhaps the most tested camera as far as action cameras are concerned. It went through almost 30 hours of initial testing with daily use on a 10-week along with a 10,000-mile road trip. 

It offers a 5.3K video gives you at least 80% more pixels than the 4K. It has a razor-sharp quality with 240 frames-per-second smooth slow motion. The stabilization feature is also pretty effective and it almost gives you the feeling of a camera on a gimbal. 

You’d be able to make fast-motion time lapses along with high-resolution photos. You can also edit it all in the GoPro app for quick posting on social media. 

The Hero9 Black also offers a 30%more recording time than the Hero8 Black. People that are using an iPhone older than an XS or an Android older than a Pixel 4 then they may not be able to edit 5.3K or 4K videos on their phones.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Price: $299.99 USD

If you feel spending close to $400 on Hero9 Black is a bit too much for you then try out the Hero8 GoPro Black that offers more or less the similar performance for less money. On most devices, the video footage you get from the Hero8 Black will look just as crispy and sharp as the Hero9 Black. 

However, there are a few technical complications and the overall stabilization isn’t that great either. If you are shooting a ski run then your video will appear a bit bouncier. 

Although, we still feel that this video quality is much better than most of the other action cameras under the same price tag. Also, you would not get a front-facing video screen to help you line up the selfie shots.

The Hero8 has a monochrome front screen that only shows the recording times with other data and battery life. It also boasts a smaller battery that will last just roughly over 70% compared to the top action cameras.

GoPro Hero10 Black

Price: $485.99 USD

The GoPro Hero10 Black is simply one of the greatest action cameras, to say the least. We saw huge improvements in the Hero9 compared to Hero8, however; in the case of Hero10, it is more of an incremental improvement. 

There is a new processor that will record higher frame rates such as 5.3K 60 Hz instead of the Hero9’s 5.3K 30 Hz, and 4K 120 Hz instead of 4K 60 Hz. The stabilization is also slightly better and the new processor works really well in making the touchscreen interface smoother and easier to use. 

Although, we strongly feel that the two cameras are very similar in performance and quality. There is a significant raise in the price-tag of the Hero10 Black as you are likely to pay $100 bucks extra. Frame rates are not as important as people consider it because high-quality 5K images or video footage will also take a lot of time to upload on social media. 

For people that like quick actions, the Hero9 Black is a fantastic option. If you are not bothered by the time and additional $100 bucks, you surely can go for the Hero10 Black.

Insta360 ONE RS

Price: $269.99 USD

The last product that we’re going to discuss is the Insta360 One RS that comes with a modular design and allows you to swap in different sensors and lenses. This camera has completely transformed the usage of action cameras and the footage provided by this camera is also second to brilliant. 

One of the main talking points of this camera is the 1-inch sensor for impressive low-light performance and a 360-degree lens module that records almost everywhere in a sphere around the camera in order to refrain you from missing a single thing. 

For people that like to go all out, you also get a 1-inch 360 module for impressively detailed 360 photos and videos. It also has another additional quality which is the Insta360 application which gives you the option of editing your footage in a lot of ways compared to GoPro cameras.

It will also help you create compelling videos and they’re way better than other action cams on the market. Overall, we’ve to say that using this camera is a bit complicated in usage compared to other action cameras on the market. It is also a bit expensive, however; people that are looking for a different kind of content for their social media handles, can surely consider buying this product.

Conclusion: Best Action Cameras

As far as the best action cameras in 2022 are concerned, we’re certain that the GoPro series wins this race easily. For this reason, we’ve added three models of the GoPro in this list and we’re hopeful that one of them will suit your budget and requirements. The Hero9 Black from GoPro has been liked by a lot of customers on various platforms and we’re assuming that it might be the best choice action camera for masses. Go through this list carefully, read its features with a clear mind and you’d definitely find the best possible choice, hopefully. 

Write it down in the comments below if you’ve any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. We shall take your leave now. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.