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Best Apple Watch Bands 2021 Under $100

It is obviously very important to cover and customize your Apple Watch with a nice strap or a band of your choice. The original Apple bands are extremely unaffordable but there are a lot of other options to choose from and they’re suitable for any wrist size and budget. So, here is the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022 ranging from $8 to $150 so that you can choose easily.

The grip and mechanism to add and replace straps remained the same since the original Apple Watch. While the Apple Watch is proprietary, there are thousands of options available on the massive market.

best apple watch bands for working out

There are plenty of quality and economical options whether you have an Apple Watch of 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm or 44 mm, or you are looking for leather, stainless steel, Milanese loop belts and sweat-proof for your workout sessions.

It is important to note that Apple has already changed the size of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5. The new sizes are going to be 40/44mm in comparison to the 38/42mm in Series 1 and Series 3.

Although the older 38/42 mm is progressively being eliminated, most sellers on Amazon stock all four sizes. Amazon is perhaps the best and easiest place to buy low-cost bands.

Which Apple Watch Strap to Buy?

best apple watch bands for men

First of all, you must know the size of your Apple Watch. You had a choice of 38 mm or 42 mm models before the Apple Watch Series 3. Since the width of the rapid connection point is different, the band compatible with your watch size needs to be picked.

Normally, a small wrist is 5 to 6.5 inches and a wide wrist is about 7 to 8.5 inches, but many Apple Watch bands are flexible enough to adapt to a particular fit with the Velcro or inside sports straps.

Make sure that you pick the right size because the Apple Watch Series 4 up the Apple Watch Series 5 is being offered in 40mm and 44mm sizes only. Hold the strip right underneath where your wristband sits, wrap it around your wrist and match the dimension of your watch pattern.

You’d face difficulty using the Series 5’s compass due to some third-party straps because sometimes it does interfere with the inner apps. If you don’t want to sacrifice your compass accuracy then you must be aware of such straps that include magnets inside of them.

Furthermore, if you have bands that match the Apple Watch models 38 mm or 42 mm, they should match their respective substitutes that are 44mm. If you want to keep your favorite bands then it is very useful if you have upgraded your Apple Watch.

List of Best Bands for Apple Watch to Buy in 2022:

Below is our list of Best Bands to Buy in 2022 for your Apple Watch. These vary greatly in styling and budget, both.

Southern Straps Black Leather

Price: $99.95 USD

luxury apple watch bands

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Southern Straps ‘ Black Leather strap is purely handmade in San Francisco along with tanned vegetable full-grain Italian leather. It also looks really dashing when you wear it with a suit.

We tested and found that it attracted significant attention during a marriage party with people wondering if it was an Apple band. The black, gold and silver lugs are provided in this strap. So, it is a solid option is you are looking for best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022 .

Southern Straps Nylon Bands

Price: $49.95 USDbest apple watch bands 2021

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People who are looking for colorful bands should try these Nylon Bands from Southern Straps. These are really attractive and eye-catching and they’re also available in a variety of colors. So, in this case they are a good choice and a place keeper in best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

The refreshing news is that these Apple Bands are giving you a breathtaking warranty of five years. It is a long term investment and you won’t be disappointed if you buy one of these. You can also send them for cleaning and reassembling easily because of its built-in pegged spring bar. These strips are compatible with all Apple Watch models and are here on the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Price: $13.99 USD

best apple watch bands on amazon

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If you’re looking for a classic metal link band for Apple Watch to buy in 2022 then this Fitlink stainless steel metal strap is the one you should be looking to buy. It is also available in all of Apple Watch sizes.

It covers a portion of the cost of the official metal link band, for all the Apple Watch editions. It is not a hidden secret that the adjustment of the link bracelets is a throbbing job, but Fitlink is provided with the tools to do this at home easily.

MCORS Milanese Loop

Price: $13.29 USD

unique apple watch bands

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The Milanese Loop is probably the most popular design. From stainless steel to rose gold you can bag one in just about every color. The gold bands are loved everywhere and that’s a cheap way to achieve a seriously stylish band.

This stylish band is the best-seller on Amazon and it also comes in all of the Apple Watch sizes. It will cost you a section of the official price.

Biaoge Metal Band

Price: $22.99 USD

best apple watch bands 2020

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You can always differentiate between the original and the copied stuff but there are also some pieces that are not even considered as the official Apple Watch copy. However, this one certainly ticks that box and it comes with a unique and high-quality look.

It is clearly made for women in general and it blends delicate chains with a connecting bracelet and it comes in every size of Apple Watch. So, it definitely one of the stylish bands for women in the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

MIFA Leather Band

Price: $25 USD

best metal apple watch bands

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This leather strap should be your topmost priority if you’re a fan of classic looks. This stylish piece of the band will not cost you a lot of money but it will definitely give you that attractive look.

These bands are particularly focused on Series 4 and Series 5 as they’re coming in 42mm and 44mm sizes. Steel adaptors and a buckle fastener is also available in this model.

INTENY Sport Loop

Price: $8.99 USD

best apple watch bands for men

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There is a Velcro attached through a strap in this model and it is perhaps the most shameless copy of Apple’s own Nylon offering. It comes at a fraction of the original cost and if you’re not happy with the quality then it offers a two-year warranty as well.

Another reason for it being on our list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022 because of a very good Amazon rating score shows that few people have got it because of its guarantee. It is available and can be found in a number of colors.

iGK Sport Band

Price: $3.99 USD

luxury apple watch bands

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These bands are perfectly designed for those who like swimming with their Apple watch and are looking to get covered with sweat. The Silicon bands are available for less than $10 a pop. It is an extreme low priced member on the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

You can buy a few colors, and you can leave one in your fitness bag so that you can not suffer from wearing a Milanese loop on your treadmill. Just make sure that you regularly clean it and dry it to avoid rashes on your wrist.

If you like swimming and other sports activities with your smart watch on your write, then you might also want to check this out: Best Garmin Smart Watches For Running, Multi-Sports, Outdoor And Swimming (February 2022))

Marge Plus Leather Band

Price: $12.99 USD

Marge Plus leather band

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Similarly, a shoestring offers a lot of leather strap options. A metal holder and better strength, this genuine leather is worth a pop definitely. Marge Plus leather band is specially designed for the customers who are fond of strong band-grip on their wrists.

Cinnamon Leather Band

Price: $9.90 USDCinnamon leather band

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This cinnamon colored leather strap is coming in 38, 40, 42 and 44mm sizes to fit Apple Watch Series 3, Series and Series 5 perfectly. It is a fantastic deep brown leather strap that uses the attached buckle with the Apple Watch fastening and hand-stitched detailing. It is a decent option in the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

Carterjett Sport Tire Strap

Price: $19.99 USDbest apple watch bands for working out

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People who are fond of cars and if even if they’re not, this tire-inspired silicone number has a special and attractive charm. This amazing durable soft silicone will also give you the luxury of withstanding sweat and moisture.

You shouldn’t be worrying about it slipping out of your hands because the screws and spring bars are not in great number.

Rose Gold & Chocolate Bracelet

Price: $44.99 USD

best apple watch bands for men

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Traditionally, the Apple Watches are quite heavy and bulky and if you buy this amazing leather bracelet strap just like the rose gold and chocolate number then it will reduce the extra weight and bulk of the device.

This is a double wrap style that is only 7 mm thinner, even when wrapped twice; it still looks much thinner than your average strip. It is one of the unique piece in the list of best bands for Apple Watch to buy in 2022.

It also has an adjustable buckle that is made from leather and it is beautifully looped over the Watch fastening in order to get you more detail that is hard to find anywhere else. Also, it is very important to note that it only comes in 40mm and 44mm Series 4 sizes.

Casetify Classic Lady

Price: $50 USDstylish apple watch bands

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You simply cannot ignore this classic and muted Casetify strap that puts a bit more feminine spin on the red, white and blue colors.

Made of refined plastic, it is durable and offers a genuine welcome in class for metal chainmail and the leather legions dominating the market for third-party straps. The Classic 1970s men’s version is also available in red, white and blue color.


Price: $13.99 USD

best apple watch bands

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There are six leather variations available in this piece and these Alto bands are simply made for those who cannot buy the Apple’s original bands.Alto indicates that the band will eventually develop into a different shade, since it is leather, and options are available for those with all Apple Watch sizes.

Leather Band’s great bonus is that they are usually not made for a particular gender. It means that the color is the only thing about which you have to worry. It is one gender-free option in the list of Best Bands for Apple Watch to Buy in 2022 with a color of your choice.

Pad & Quill Field Strap

Price: $79.45 USD

luxury apple watch bands

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This leather strap is going to give you a lot of wearing comfort. The style and design is also pretty cool and attractive.

Someone like Bear Grylls would wear this kind of watch strap, but don’t let it put your focus off. Cordura fabric with a full-grain leather accent is water-resistant, and its hard-wearing canvas is what you can throw at it, day in and day out.


Price: €96.00

louis vuitton apple watch bands

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Meridio closes any third-party watch strap brand to replicate the first-rate feel of Apple. We have checked both its Nappa variety and its vintage bands for the regular leather choices.

These straps are coming with durability and the same sleek leather style as Apple’s original ones. You also have the luxury of engraving your initials on it. So, if you choose this one from our list of Best Bands for Apple Watch to Buy in 2022, then you can have the uniqueness of getting custom engraving.

This Italian band making company does some wild stuff as it produces straps from pythons, crocodiles and also ostriches. If this kind of performance is not enough for you to consider them, they bring a few straps made from cat-sharks as well. What would you say now?

Monowear Nylon Active

Price: $35 USD

gucci apple watch band

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If you’re looking to achieve multiple things such as a nice nylon strap with an Apple’s loop variety as well then you might as well turn towards this Monowear’s Nylon Active. This is a nylon loop strap and it is a perfect choice for many Apple band lovers.

You’d find a real leather panel at the back and a set of stainless steel lugs that makes it a good replacement for the aluminum or stainless steel Apple Watch variations.

Nomad Modern Leather

Price: $39.99 USDdesigner apple watch band

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The leather straps of Nomad are different. The Modern Strap has an audacious, modest style that reminds you of the sporting band in the right lighting. However, it doesn’t have a slim to nil-stitching and refreshing gray slate color.

The straps are made of leather from Horween and are designed to patina over time to balance its modern design in a robust and long term way.

Coach Prints Strap

Price: $150 USD

hermès apple watch band

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The Coach Company also comes with new and beautiful Apple Watch strap designs every now and then. They have also introduced some brand new colors and designs in this category. The specific band from this brand is available exclusively on their online store.

Perhaps the most popular design out of all of its collections is the Strap with prints that has pink flowers and roses on glove-tanned leather. It is, however, only available for 38mm and 40mm models.