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We all love playing games. Whether they’re indoor games or outdoor games, one simply can’t compromise on playing his/her favorite game once in a week or two. Also, if you’re an outdoor games lover, you’d need the weather to stay in your favor as well.

However, if it rains then don’t worry, we have you covered in this situations. You can still play your favorite Golf game despite rainy weather. These are some of the golfing waterproofs that you need to wear before going out for a game in overcast conditions.

There are plenty of choices when you think about rainproof suits. You’d find waterproof golf jackets along with trousers and rainproof caps as well. All of them serve the same purpose of protecting you from heavy rainfall and letting you play your favorite game despite any sort of weather. So, here we have a list of best golfing waterproofs to buy in 2022.


These suites are designed in such a manner that they can fight against any kind of weather. Be it rainfall or snow-fall, these suites will help you out everywhere. All of them provide the same level of comfort and you won’t experience any kind of trouble with your swing. Also, you won’t feel so warm that you would want to take it off.

During your time as a golfer, the courses and conditions in which you play can evolve, so choose clothes that can be bundled up as needed by the changing weather patterns on the given day at a particular venue.

There is no doubt about the fact that the more money you pay, the better gear you get for yourself to play golf. However, we have found  some extremely pleasing and effective gears that are generally not very expensive and will provide great value for your money.

In this list, you’d find a lot of golfing brands that have long been tried and tested. It includes Callaway, ProQuip and Under Armour. Golf skirts, snazzy golf jackets and rainproof golf caps crafted in a variety of designs are among the best waterproofs in golf. each one of them is designed to provide you with a high degree of weatherproof safety and to improve your convenience on the green.

Choose the Best Golfing Waterproofs to Buy

Several degrees of weatherproofing are available, from all-waterproof materials that can preserve you protected in the toughest of rains, to highly engineered fabrics designed to minimize the impact of wind. Now let’s take a brief look at these different styles.

  • Waterproof: It means the gear you’re wearing will keep your inner layers dry and it will also keep the rain out irrespective of the length of your game.
  • Rainproof: It is not as powerful as waterproof, but provides much more protection than your standard golf jacket.
  • Windproof: This form of weatherproofing will not defend you from the rain, as specified, but will save you from striking breeze.

It is important to understand that before buying any golfing gear, you must try them once while practicing a few shots. You must feel comfortable while playing and you must choose a particular brand that suits your body shape and how it’s going to affect your performance on the field.

If you’re looking to upgrade or try new golfing gear, you must take a look at some of these golf clothes as they have made it to our list of the best golfing gear in 2022. They can be purchased at a very reasonable price as well.

The Best Golfing Waterproofs you can Buy Right Now

Under Armour Men’s Storm Gore-tex Paclite Full Zip Jacket

Under Armour Men's Storm Gore-tex Paclite Full Zip Jacket

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Gore-Tex’s membrane is the first term that comes to our mind when we think about waterproofing and ventilation. The wonderful UA Storm technology along with its fantastically made fabric will make sure that not a single drop of rain or a bite of breeze comes in. This piece is extremely breathable as well and will also keep you relatively sweat-free inside. So, it got a place in our list for best golfing waterproofs to buy in 2022.

As the name suggests, the Urban Armour Paclite technology does the same thing. It can be folded down to such an extent that you can carry it in your pocket as well if the weather is being kind to you.

The only flaw to this waterproof golf jacket is the long zip that can pop out as you lean over for a shot to take. But it’s definitely not a deal-breaker. Also, it is available in two colors red and black.

PING Golf Osbourne Waterproof Trousers in Black

PING Golf Osbourne Waterproof Trousers in Black

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The Company is not so keen on screaming about what is inside their SensorDry fabric but, they can guarantee that it will produce effective results against extreme weather conditions. It is an extremely good breathable trouser that you can wear throughout the whole year.

If you’re looking for a long-serving partner then this Osbourne Waterproof Trouser can be a suitable option for you. It provides 100% Polyester stretch lining means you must not feel constrained by the fabric anymore, so you’ll be able to hold your spot on the tee when you’re hovering. With a luxurious soft-touch finish and overwhelmingly breathable suit, you can make these slim-tight trousers your partner for any wet conditions game and they’re a perfect inclusion in the golfing wardrobe of yours.

Nike Men’s Hyper Adapt Storm-Fit Jacket

Nike Men's Hyper Adapt Storm-Fit Jacket

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Thanks to its extremely famous comfort level and sleek design, Nike’s HyperAdapt Storm-Fit Jacket is a highly-regarded golfing coat as it gives you the protection of the highest quality on the green.

Due of these qualities, it becomes the ideal choice against the overcast conditions during summer. You can also wear it above a bulky base layer in autumn and also in the following seasons. Because the garment is seam-sealed, there is no risk that rain could spill in. This safety is reinforced with waterproof zippers and a storm flap. It has all the great qualities to be on any list for best golfing waterproofs to buy.

This HyperAdapt from Nike will also provide you with a windproof function. It has mesh sleeve panels that work in increasing the airflow and keeping your cool during your golf game. The Company of Nike is so adamant that the HyperAdapt Storm-Fit jacket is one of the finest waterproof golfing gears around, it’s supported by a three-year warranty. We believe that is a lot of time to get a few rounds.

Footjoy DryJoys Tour LTS Rain Golf Jacket

Footjoy DryJoys Tour LTS Rain Golf Jacket

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The famous FootJoy waterproof golfing incorporates the company’s own waterproof fabric brand with three-layer-bonded fabric technology. To put it in simple words, this is a windproof, compact jacket that does not create any problem in regards to your movement when you’re playing the game.

Core fibers hold the natural body warmth in the wet while the elevated collar prevents any drafts away. You can have them in pleasantly beautiful colors like blue and red in order to add some colors to your already boring schedule.

Callaway Men’s Tour 3.0 Waterproof Jacket

Callaway Men's Tour 3.0 Waterproof Jacket

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Next in the list for best golfing waterproofs is Tour 3.0. It is a fantastic choice if you are seeking a jacket that will protect against severe weather. Its Opti-Dri Technology, that moisture away from the skin, keeps you clean and minimizes smells and it certainly achieves its spot on our list of the best golf waterproofs.

Its brilliant Opti-Stretch technology will ensure that the Jacket doesn’t stop you from moving freely. You will find no mobility issues when you’re playing your game and wearing this jacket. It’s really comfortable as well.

If we talk about its overall design and look then, in-addition to its flexible cuffs and even its back scorecard pocket, Callaway Tour 3.0 waterproof golf Jacket has a fully-fitted zip opening and hi-lo hem cord as well.

Under Armour Mens Gore-Tex Paclite Waterpoof Golf Trousers

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It is important to understand the significance of waterproof trousers and pants. We all take care of our upper body by getting waterproof jackets and coats but, imagine a storm of rain getting inside of your legs when you don’t have the protection in your lower body. Get a nice pair of waterproof jeans to get you over the line.

These are weatherproof and windproof pants and they’re extremely breathable as well. They will accompany you for a whole year and because of its Paclite technology, they can fit into any size of pocket be it large or small.

You’d get five pockets along with an adjustable waistband to give an extreme comfort level. They are coming with a flat front side and the smart black exterior ties them brilliantly with the under Armour GORE-TEX Paclite jacket.

Proquip Men’s Tour Flex 360 Elite Waterproof Jacket

Proquip Men's Tour Flex 360 Elite Waterproof Jacket

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If you’re looking for a slim-tight and unassuming waterproof golfing gear then this is perhaps the best choice for you. The lightweight ProQuip TourFlex Elite 360 will keep you dry and warm throughout dazzling weather in the summer. Also, you’d find it highly contented and breathable.

To protect your neck from an extended rainfall, there is a storm collar that does its job perfectly. Also, to keep your small belongings and carry them without any trouble, you’d find side pockets as well that are covered by zippers to keep them safe.

Callaway Golf 2018 Water-proof Hat

Callaway Golf 2018 Water-proof hat

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The Callaway claim and promises to deliver the best performance against severe rainfall with this comfortable cap.

They also say that you can wear this for a longer period of time and even if the weather behaves as it does in England, you’d still find your head pretty much dry as you’d witness this cap making full use of this its waterproof construction.

The sweatband coils moisture out of your forehead during the showery summer days, so it does not drop into your eyes. The branding of Callaway often helps you see it more in gray or dark times. It can surely help you out in your extreme situations as it is made for both winter and summer season.

Sunderland Men’s Colour Block Golf Waterproof Weatherbeater

Sunderland Men's Colour Block Golf Waterproof Weatherbeater

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You’d find a lot of waterproof gear and suits that are of premium level and costs you much more than your original budget.

However, you’d still find a lot of options that are providing you the value of your money and are not expensive at all. Here’s one jacket in that list of best golfing waterproofs to buy in 2022 and it is available at a very reasonable price.

It is pretty obvious that this waterproof jacket will not give you the results of other expensive gears like Under Armour etc. However, the manufacturers of this Jacket claim that it is perfectly waterproof, windproof and also it is pretty much breathable.

It means the Sunderland’s Vancouver Golf Jacket has the qualities of Gore-Tex but you won’t be paying the price of Gore-Tex.

Under Armour GORE-TEX Waterproof Storm Rain Cap Golf Bucket Hat

Under Armour GORE-TEX Waterproof Storm Rain Cap Mens Golf Bucket Hat

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A single hat or a cap won’t give you the luxury of protection from a heavy rainfall though; it can save you from a passing shower sometimes. You won’t find any caps along with golfing jackets because they can disturb your vision during your games.

On the other hand, a bucket cap does a better job of keeping the rain away from the eyes, while not the trendiest apparel in the race of waterproofs but still, it does a pretty great job under its limited resources.

The manufacturers of this hat are from Under Armour that is made from Gore-Tex and so it automatically becomes a weatherproof gear. The design and look of the hat are similar to a bucket as the name suggests and it will do a really nice job in keeping the rain away from your face and skin. Also, it will save the backside of your neck from getting any sort of rain inside it.