Best Hybrid Watches to Buy in Low Budget (Buying Guide)

best hybrid smartwatch

Hybrid watches are specially made for those people who are fed up with the touch-screens and rectangular casings. If you’re a fan of those traditional watches but also crave the latest features and tracking systems of smartwatches then Hybrid watches are the one made for you.

In short, you’re getting the best package of all. Using these hybrid watches, you can fully enjoy tracking, sleep monitoring and lots of other features related to your health. It will also give you the little notifications while staying in the highly sophisticated and traditional design.

best hybrid smartwatch 2021


We are probably in the best position to guide on a variety of hybrid watches based on the tests of almost every brand. From Withings to Fossil and Garmin, we can tell you about all of them.

Top Hybrid Watches

Garmin Vivomove 3 series

skagen hybrid smartwatch

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Our top picks would be the Garmin Vivomove HR since its inauguration in 2017. However, its successor Garmin Vivomove 3 series is now our top suggestion.

With the passage of time, case sizes of 39mm, 42mm and 44mm are coming and the importance is being put on blending the hidden screen around your hands.

People mostly like designs and pleasant looking watches because they offer the same on-screen experience. However, it only depends on how much you can spend and what is best for your hands.

Affordable prices are offered by Vivomove 3 and Vivomove 3S. They’re coming with a hidden screen at the bottom and it also has the features of notifications and other notable inclusions such as activity data.

Vivomove Style and the most affordable Vivomove Luxe are only providing an extra option of a color-screen. As you can see in the picture above, the hidden screen is going to be extended to cover your full-face.

By just tapping your screen twice, you can gain access to all the features including your health and fitness updates, etc. It is not necessary to not think about Garmin when you go out in search of a classic-looking watch. The Vivomove 3 series is also offering an excellent build quality and also provides a sense of style. Especially in the Luxe range, which is coming in metal and leather straps.


Withings Move ECG

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Formerly owned by Nokia, the French company Withings initially made its name with affordable hybrid watches and the inclusion of ECG is a great addition for all those looking for a health-related watch.

This was the first hybrid watch with the capability to read an electrocardiogram. It will also help you in detecting the signs of atrial fibrillation and the ECG can also work into 50 meters of deep water and will monitor your activities automatically.

So you don’t have to worry about your walks, runs, cycling activities and also swimming. Because everything would be logged in and reported directly to your phone’s companion application. Also, there’s no need to charge it because it can give you up to 12 months of power-life available in the button cell battery.

There’s sad news regarding this product as in the United States of America (USA), it is still under the process of FDA clinical validation. However, it is available in European countries. If you cannot wait for it, you can simply go for Withings.

Also, you can go for Withings Scan-Watch that was announced at the CES 2022. It also promises to spot the signs of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. It should be in the US market at the start of 2022 if everything goes according to the plan.


Fossil Hybrid HR

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The brand of Fossil is not a new entrant into the world of smart-watches; it has an impressive variety of catalogues for both girls and boys. However, Hybrid HR is something a little bit different in style and nature.

Rather than a hidden screen or smart dial, the Hybrid HR puts the smarts into an E Ink display that works around the hands of the physical watch.

This is however away from the functionality of a touch-screen watch. But the thing which is more impressive about this gadget is that it is taking the concept of hybrid to a whole new level. You can choose between five different designs from the Hybrid HR range-three and the men’s collider range and two for women, the Charter. Beneath the screen, the E Ink display shows the likes of notifications and weather updates as well as activity metrics such as heart rate, steps and calories.

However, all of these can be personalized to reveal anything you’re interested in through the Fossil app. Users can also swipe through the device to show alerts or increase control of the music. All the versions will also last at a single charge for around two weeks, meaning features such as sleep tracking are also present.


Withings Steel HR Sport

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After the separation of Withings from Nokia, the Steel HR Sport was the first device to be launched. It is almost similar to the old Nokia Steel HR.

This is a bit more sportive, as the title suggests. Withings adds connected GPS and VO2 Max data in addition to the Steel HR features that users got, such as steps, sleep monitoring, heart rate observations and other basic stuff.

Customization is however restricted, unlike some other Withings devices. The metal black case is coming in only one 40mm case size in the HR Sport. You can choose between the white and black watch face and the choice of your band.

The thin, digital screen on the face enables you to display data in terms of its hybrid leanings, including activity tracking and mobile alerts. Another important thing which we kept on saying was the heart-rate monitor which is there to keep your heart-rate throughout the day. Also, it will work during your workouts. As far as the battery life is concerned then it is offering almost 25 days of battery life in addition to 20 hours in the power-reserve mode as well.


Misfit Command

 Misfit Command

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Misfit made a sensational debut with its first hybrid smart-watch that was the Misfit Phase. But right now, we’re going to suggest the Command.

It’s the latest one. It is perfectly made for those who like simpler designs and don’t want to indulge in something fancy. This smart-watch is coming with features like activity tracking and sleep tracking despite its simpler design. Unlike other choices on the list, there’s no hidden screen here and instead, the hands shift to indicate stuff like a new update. You are actually using the bottom-half dial instead of a whole display.

From its outer region, it will give you the classic look of a traditional watch. However, everything technical happens beneath its surface where you can turn on your swim-tracking and count the number of laps in your pool session.

You will have to purchase this feature through the app. People would argue over its technical features, it is perfect for those who are looking for a simpler design with basic functions.


Fossil Neely

Fossil Neely

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It is specially made for people with small wrists. It is also very much affordable and there’s a wide range of Neely products you can choose from. The 36 mm watch at 12 mm thick is sleek, compact and relatively slim. This is a hybrid experience where the activity monitoring is held to minimum-counting steps and nothing more.

There’s no notification button or option in this watch but the Blue LED and the noisy vibration will allow you to get the Instagram and WhatsApp pings.

If we talk about the other features than there are three tangible buttons on its side that offer music control, taking a selfie and also other important functions such as time and date, stopwatch and ringing your mobile. The style and design are great along with discreet technical features. So if you’re into that combination than this could be the best hybrid smartwatch for you.


Bellabeat Time

Bellabeat Time

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Most hybrid watches care to monitor your behavior all day, but the Bellabeat Time is more focused on your health.

Simple monitoring is available in this device along with a step-counter. However, it puts focus on the companion app and that is not related to fitness at all. It is here that you can get relaxation exercises, stress management and time recording, and all of these are used to help you keep track of your own health.

By the way, all meditation activities are held to a high standard. It all depends on your mood which is absolutely clean. So it can help you with your hunger and menstrual cramps.

It can also link up with other items from Bellabeat to monitor your hydration levels, such as its connected water bottle. All this is overshadowed by a very elegant, classic design.

This product of BellaBeat Time is perhaps aimed more at the girls. That makes it easy for it to concentrate on other apps that other companies wouldn’t even think about.