Best Ionic Fitbit Bands to Buy in 2022 – Variety of Styles

Best Ionic Fitbit Bands

The Fitbit Ionic was the first smartwatch from Fitbit, yet it remains the portable and wearable flagship device of the company with integrated GPS. If you’re looking for an outdoor partner that will help you in various sporting activities then it is going to help you a lot in outdoor workouts.

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The sports design is not really attractive to everyone’s eyes and that is exactly where the competition gets tougher. There are replacements coming in and we’re going to shed light on a few of them.

Luckily, the bands are easily replaceable like Fitbit’s other fitness trackers and smartwatches, so you can change them for something more fitting for the occasion. A new band is a great way to bring some new life to your smartwatch, whether for you or a gift for someone else because people tend to get bored with the old and traditional looks of smartwatches. We recommend you to check our list of est Fitbit Ionic Bands to buy in 2022 for choosing your favorite one.

The Fitbit has its own variety of Ionic straps but they’re premium level and are very expensive. But there’s an alternative to everything and for those who are looking to save some money can have other options with a lot more variety and designs.

If you want an Ionic Fitbit glam brace or a sweater-resistant band to hold a sweaty workout, here, we have accomplished the best options for the Fitbit bands.

Milanese Loop

fitbit ionic accessories

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If you’re thinking that you will be awarded this slim Milanese loop design from your pals in Cupertino then, you might as well have to think again. We have brought you this classic magnetic band along with a variety of colors like black, rose gold, silver and champagne.

Of course, how nice these looks are largely due to the ionic color you wear, but this is a fantastic option for people who want to choose a more intelligent alternative without having to adjust and change sizes.

Elobeth Stainless Steel Strap


fitbit ionic metal strap

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You can find that a standard steel tape is just the trick if Milanese loops are not your kind of thing. The great thing is that this design comes with a huge variety of 14 different styles.

People would look for their favorite style and colors to mix things up with their usual sporty look. However, it should be noted as well that this band might not fit the wrists of many customers and you’d have to adjust the links as well. So, it is added in the list of Best Fitbit Ionic Bands to buy in 2022.

Bayite Metal with Rhinestone Strap


fitbit ionic elastic band

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This is another kind of a smart band from the Ionic Fitbit designs and it is brilliant for all of those who are looking to use it while they’re involved in swimming sessions or running outside. Also, it is not the dressiest strap by any means. You can always try this particular band if you’re not happy with the traditional sporty look.

You can lock this beautiful creature with the help of a clasp system to your wrists and they’re coming in beautiful colors like gold, black and silver. As it’s a metal band, it also has a method to change and modify according to the wrist of the customer and it’s also easy to take on and off.

Skylet Perforated Silicon Strap

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You might like the concept of a sporty and perforated Fitbit band, but it can also be that the choices the company can give are too small or too costly for your taste. In this case, MoKo is available in a variety of seven alternative combinations to give you almost the same double-tone style.

Most of the bands and devices from Skylet are coming in different, small and large sizes. The perforations are also there to help you in finding a comfortable spot when you’re busy exercising or doing any other laborious work.

Cagos Leather Band

Cagos leather band

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Leather straps also available in the Fitbit editions but if you’re looking to save some money and get things done while spending little cash then you must be interested in this Cagos band for the iconic look. It is one of the Best Fitbit Ionic Band to buy in 2022.

Cagos is famous for its beautiful designs and if your wrists are around 6.29 to 8.66 inches then you’ve got three options in black, brown and blue color. There are small perforations covering the band as well.

Supcase Rugged Buckle Case

Supcase rugged buckle case

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If you intend to use a heavy bruising to position your Fitbit Ionic look then this sturdy case and brace combination is what you want. It is made of materials that withstand shock and have a heavy-duty to stand up in any sort of situation. The case simply snaps and your Fitbit Ionic is well covered in your hands. The adjustable style belt should also be appropriate for every wrist size.

Wepro 3-Pack Bands

Wepro 3-pack bands

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You can’t really beat this band for value if you want a simple Best Fitbit Ionic band in 2022. There are a lot of option in color combination, and choosing your favorite color. You’re going to get three different colors along with 13 different color combinations. Also, all of these combinations are not expensive at all.

You can take a lot of advantages from this kind of band and once you’ve decided on the color and design of your choice, you can also keep spare bands of this type for gym workout and outdoor exercises. You can also use them in your office timings as well.