Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

People live for memories and pictures play an important role in your life. You must have encountered your old pictures that bring a lot of fond memories but they’re not in good shape or size. Old pictures tend to worn out with the passage of time and it can also leave a lot of scratches on its sides.

They are also plastic coated and it takes the colors away from the original picture with the time. If you’re looking to preserve your old pictures and bring them back to their best possible condition then you’d need the services of a good scanner for old pictures.

You must have been thinking about the benefits of preserving your old pictures that were taken with negative film cameras. We will take a look at some of the benefits now.

The first and topmost benefit of preserving your pictures is that they will be saved forever. You can use them as a backup even if you end up losing your data somehow. Preserving pictures is the best way to save your pictures forever, and you need a good scanner for old photos for this purpose.

You can also invigorate your pictures by adding your favorite color contrasts, shadows and other fancy effects. You’d also be able to share them easily with your friends, colleagues and family members through various platforms on social media.

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The other important benefit of using the best scanners for old photos is that pictures are going to stay organized and you’d be able to take out your favorite ones in a matter of seconds. If your pictures aren’t organized enough, then it becomes really hectic to find a particular snap.

List of Best Scanners for Old Pictures in 2021

Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300

Price: $199

Best Scanners for Old Photos - Reviews & Guides
Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

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The first item on our list of best scanners for old photos is this amazing scanner that goes by the name of EphotoZ300 and it is specifically designed for scanning of photos. It comes with a rapid sheetfed mechanism that will give you effective results in less than three seconds. It is understandable that 4×6” is the standard size for most of the photographs and the device scans at a maximum scanning size of A4 size paper.

You’d also get the luxury of scanning documents because most of them are A4 size papers and a document of the same size will get itself done in less than six seconds.

Other additional features include a specialized scanner that comes with a power-packed software to ensure rapid fixes. You’d also get the additional luxury of slideshow creation and cropping features. The main benefit of this device is that it won’t cause any physical harm to your pictures and since people have been complaining about their Sheetfed scanners getting jammed, we thought it would be nice to let you know that this one doesn’t get jammed at all and will keep your pictures safe and secure under its belt. We would definitely recommend this sheet fed option if you’re looking for a budget option.

Epson Perfection V370

Best Scanners for Old Photos - Reviews & Guides
Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

If we talk about scanners then it is absolutely impossible to leave out Epson’s products. This Epson Perfection V379 is perhaps one of the best flatbed scanners that are suitable not only for old pictures but can be used for all kinds of social media stuff and printing.

Don’t get away with its reasonable price because people tend to overlook affordable devices thinking that they might not be good enough. However, that is not the case with Epson perfection. It is a pretty strong machine and extremely suitable for all the budget option customers. We can say that this list of best scanners for old photos will be considered incomplete if this product goes missing.

You can check its quality of scanning by taking a look at its ability to scan 35-millimeter negative films and slides. The quality of its scanned photos is extremely high and just like the first device that we have mentioned, this Epson Perfection also has the ability to scan documents for you. If you’re looking to enlarge your photos then this is a perfectly suitable device because it has got an amazing 4800 dpi optical resolution and it will help you a lot in enlarging your photos.

If you want your old photos to get a nice enlarged frame without its pixels getting disturbed then this Epson Perfection is a perfectly suitable option for you because of its high DPI. It is extremely safe and secure for almost all kinds of documents and old pictures. The maximum scanning area of 8.5” x 11.7” (A4/letter) is sufficient but it also comes with additional software that goes by the name of scan and stitch and it is specifically designed for large pictures.

Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner

Price: $799.99

Best Scanners for Old Photos - Reviews & Guides
Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

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Another device that has caught our attention to be included in the list of top 5 best scanners for old photos is again from Epson. The above-mentioned device that goes by the name of the Epson Protection V370 is great for household usage. However, if you’re working in a professional environment or perhaps if you’re running your own photo studio then you’d need a pure professional scanner.

This is where the Epson Protection V800 comes into play. It is a bit expensive but provides a lot of value for its money. This is widely regarded as one of the best scanners when it comes to flatbed scanners.

It is important to mention that a scanner with a higher dynamic range is going to make your experience very pleasant. This is exactly what the V800 offers. It has a great dynamic range and packs the ability to enlighten the little details in your photographs without harming their quality.

It also comes with an additional luxury of a dual-lens system and one of the lenses comes with an optical resolution of 4800 DPI and the other with 6400. These are incredibly insane numbers and a benchmark for any flatbed scanner.

Another amazing feature of this device is that it can scan negative films starting from 35mm all the way to 120 medium format films. If you’re looking for a genuine scanner that has the ability to scan all of your old pictures then this is perhaps the best suitable option money can buy.

Doxie Flip – Cordless Flatbed Photo & Notebook Scanner

Best Scanners for Old Photos - Reviews & Guides
Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

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Another great addition to the list of best flatbed scanners is this Doxie Flip and it is completely dedicated towards photo scanning. It comes with a flatbed size of 4×6” and therefore, you won’t be able to scan large documents on this device.

However, it is not a bad option as a scanners for old photos either because it still provides a decent quality as far as scanning is concerned.

If we talk about its worth-mentioning features then it can also be converted into a wand scanner. All you have to do is to just remove the top lid of the scanner which is detachable and there you go.

You are ready to use this device for any kind of scanning in almost every type of surface by keeping the scanner on the top. Also, you don’t have to worry about the power source of this device because it comes with an integrated battery. It comes with a pretty compact and portable design making it easy to mobilize wherever you go.

You can store all of your data, documents and pictures in its built-in SD card slot and you don’t need to bother about connecting to a computer or a laptop. This device is one of the most recommended options for scanning old pictures and all the aforementioned features should play a vital role in attracting a lot of customers.

Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed Photo and Document Scanner

Best Scanners for Old Photos - Reviews & Guides
Best Scanners for Old Photos – Reviews & Guides

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Epson is perhaps the kind of this industry when it comes to scanning and printing. You’d find devices of Epson in almost every corporate office and here we are with another Epson device for scanning of old pictures and this is a pretty great addition to end our list of Top 5 best scanners for old pictures.

It works with a huge volume of photo scanning and is perfectly suitable for studio environment and professional usage. It is also a sheetfed scanner just like the Plustek ePhoto Z300. However, compared to the Z300, it comes at a much better Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and it profits you greatly when it comes to batch scanning jobs because you wouldn’t need to worry about manually feeding each and every single sheet.

If we talk about its speed and accuracy then it has the ability to scan around 45 A4/Letter pages under a minute and with a powerful DPI of 300, it has the ability to scan around 90 photographs per minute.

Also, it is important to mention that this is a genuinely dedicated scanner that also has a maximum DPI of 1200 and averagely all sheetfed scanners come with a maximum DPI of 600. This device edges over in this particular field as well. You can scan directly to your computer by using its WIFI services and it also comes with a USB connection as well.

It also has the ability to scan documents equally well because it is a powerful performer and you’d get to scan all of the loose sheets, A4/Letter documents and other receipts as well. However, with such amazing and powerful features, it is only understandable that this device will come at a pretty expensive price. If you have the money then don’t feel hesitant while buying this because it is an unbelievably good performer. This is widely regarded as one of the best options for scanning old photos.