Bypass CAPTCHAs in supported apps & websites through iPhone iOS 16

Are you fed up with the annoying captchas and things that demand the prove that you’re a human? Well, the iPhone users are now going to be relieved of this problem. The iOS 16 has introduced a support for bypassing these captchas in supported applications and websites. 

You can access this new feature in the settings app under Apple ID, password, security and then automatic verification is done through these settings. 

After it is activated, the company claims that iCloud will automatically and privately verify your Apple device and ID account in the background, thus exempting the requirement for apps and websites to annoy you with a captcha verification prompt. 

The tech giant also shared a video with a bit of technical details that demonstrated the way this feature works. However, the system of Apple will verify that the device and Apple ID account are in good standing and will present a private access token to the website or the app.

This new feature will definitely help in giving you a better user experience for tasks such as logging into your account or creating a new one. This will also give you an improved user privacy and accessibility against captchas. 

“Private Access Tokens are a powerful alternative that help you identify HTTP requests from legitimate devices and people without compromising their identity or personal information,” said Apple.

Furthermore, we have also heard that Fastly and Cloudflare have announced support for private access tokens, which means that the ability to bypass captchas could also be coming to a lot of apps and websites that are powered by these platforms. Also, the feature will roll out widely as the time goes by. 

Automatic verification is also enabled by default in the first betas of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. The company has also claimed that the feature is compatible with macOS Ventura. Lastly, it is important to mention that all such updates and features are currently in working in beta versions and are going to be released later this year.