Comparing Garmin’s Trio of Golf Wearables – Approach S42, S12 & G12

Hello and welcome to yet another insightful review. Of late, we have been talking about tablets, smartwatches and laptops in particular. Today’s guide is a little different from our previous ones. We will be talking about the newly released trio of golf wearables by Garmin.

As we all know, Garmin is a company known for its smartwatches and wearables. The trio of Approach golf watches includes the Approach S42, S12 and a new clip-on rangefinder in the Approach G12.

All of these three devices are quite new in the market and they also bring some really cool features. The hardware update is impressive and the features offered are not commonly available at the price Garmin is offering.

Particularly, this trio from Garmin aims to attract all the top-notch golfers from around the globe and keep the Apple and other smartwatches out of their imagination.
In this particular guide, we will compare the above-mentioned three devices and present their features without any bias.

In order to pick the best choice wearable, you will have to follow this guide thoroughly and keep a note of every single detail. Let’s take a look at the trio Garmin is so proud of.

Comparing Garmin Approach S42, Garmin Approach S12 & Garmin Approach G12

Garmin Approach S42

Price: $295.68 USDGarmin Approach S42

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For all those customers looking to buy a mid-range golf-watch, the Approach S42 is offering almost the same features as the S40 that was released last year. However, the overall design has some premium level finishes such as rose gold, gunmetal and silver.

Color display:

The 1.2-inch color display of the Approach S42 is quite attractive and it is the standard size of almost all of Garmin’s sports watches. There are more than 42,000 standard integrated courses such as scorekeeping, green view and it also features Autoshot.

CT10 club sensors:

This feature logs the position of your shots on the course and logs them in the Garmin Golf application. This will also improve your accuracy as a golfer and it also has the ability to build club average distances automatically when it is combined with CT10 club sensors.

Final thoughts:

The S42 is also pretty good at fitness tracking, notifications and workout profiles that are used with the help of an integrated GPS for running and cycling.

Overall, it’s an extremely incredible golf wearable and is definitely one of the best from Garmin. Overall, we’d definitely recommend this wearable to all the new and aspiring golfers and it also serves as a pretty decent choice for the experienced ones.

Garmin Approach S12

Price: $199.68 USD

Garmin Approach S12

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For all those looking to buy an entry-level golf GPS watch, the S12 offers a lot of beneficial features. It does a pretty good job at tracking distances and features a big numbers mode as well. In our humble feature, this particular feature is dedicated to the older users that only care about glanceable data.


One of the main threats for golf watches has been the smartwatches that offer a lot of free apps to their users. However, at £179.99, the S12 is proudly offering a handful of useful features at an affordable price range.

Suitable for golfers:

The price range of £179.99 is also lower than some of the other premium level Garmin smartwatches and this particular model that goes by the name of S12, is tempting the golfers not to go for expensive options such as £279.99 Apple Watch SE.

Final thoughts:

Some of the core internal features of the Approach S12 include a shot measuring tool, scoring on the wrist and a very rudimentary green view.

Also, it can pair up with the CT10 to log your shots and contains a battery life of approximately 30 hours. Overall, it is one of the most affordable and reliable golf watches from Garmin.

Garmin Approach G12

Price: $249.99 USD

Garmin Approach G12

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If there is something new from Garmin then it has to be the Approach G12. It comes with a clip-on rangefinder that can be worn on the belt and even it can be clipped to your handbag.

1.3-inch display:

You will get key yardages at a glance on its vibrant 1.3-inch display and the battery life of more than 30 hours is as good as any other golf wearable on the market.

30-hour battery life:

It has the ability to last for more than 30 hours between charges and the price range of less than £130 is still much more attractive than £280. The overall build quality of this particular model from Garmin is quite strong and the design isn’t bad either.

Final thoughts:

Golfers will definitely enjoy the services of this device and its overall performance is also quite effective. Besides its durable nature, the classic look and clear view of everything on its 1.3-inch display are some of its most notable features.

We will definitely recommend this device to all the experienced, new and current superstars of golf to have a look at this affordable model before opting for an expensive wearable while expecting over-the-top features.

Conclusion: Garmin’s Trio of Golf Wearables

The newly released Garmin trio of golf wearables is a fantastic series to review. We’ve been shedding light on Garmin’s product for the past couple of years.

We’ve known them for their outstanding work and we believe that they’ve kept their reputation alive. All three watches in the Approach series are quite commendable, responsive and maximize their potential to produce effective results all the time.

Besides their top-notch features, the price ranges of all three Approach watches are quite affordable for the majority of customers around the globe. While the S42 is known for its color display, the S42 is an extremely suitable option for golfers around the globe.

The G12 is slightly different from its two siblings but it also gives you key yardages at a glance and its cool 1.3-inch display is another great addition to its overall great design.
The Approach G12 also gives you magnificent 30-hour battery life and you’d enjoy most of its services with ease and comfort.

So that was the list guys, write it down in the comments below if you have any queries for us. We truly hope that this guide was of a lot of help. We shall see you in the next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.