Get the revamped ASUS Flip Chromebook for $60 before the stock ends

Sometimes we fail to understand that why people use overpowered PCs for their daily tasks such as checking emails, sending documents or any such activity. If the needs of the computer user are so simple then why aren’t they thinking about trying Chromebooks? 

For example, this refurbished Asus Flip is capable of doing almost everything that is being done on the overpowered PCs. If we talk about its overall features then it comes with a nice 10.1-inch touchscreen display that gives you a very decent quality. 

It also comes with 16 GB storage capacity and 2 GB RAM. The overall PC is powered by Chrome Operating System (OS) which is quite reliable to be honest. 

You can also fold the unit in different configurations because of its versatile hinge. In simple words, you can use this laptop as a tablet and also as a presentation screen in one-on-one meetings.

Before recommending this device, it is important to mention that this particular machine was renovated to a grade ‘B’ rating, therefore; you might experience some hardware discrepancies and a few scratchy lines here and there on its body. Otherwise, the performance will remain the same. 

It is a great mobile computer with a 10.1-inch screen and is capable of completing your daily tasks with ease, while meeting the affordability criteria at the same time. Currently, it is on sale for just $60 and we feel that it’s a great opportunity to grab this machine right now.