Incredibly Fast and Cheap 240Hz LG Gaming Monitor

Price: $229.99 USD

Have you been thinking about improving the display quality of your gaming monitor? Well, Amazon is currently offering an extremely cool Ultra-Gear 27-inch 1080p high refresh-rate gaming monitor for less than $230. We have not seen such prices in quite some time and it is also possible that this might be the lowest price of this product in years. 

This amazing gaming monitor that goes by the name of LG-27GN750-B boasts an IPS display panel and brings out a refresh rate of 240Hz. 

People that are using a 1080p graphics card and are not entirely satisfied with the result, should try this monitor to improve their maximum frames per-second game. It will definitely bring a great difference in visual quality and gameplay as well.

It also offers a FreeSync option and the FreeSync site of AMD propagates that this monitor is capable of working up to 240Hz with HDMI and DisplayPort as well. On the other hand, it also features a G-Sync support that means you wouldn’t face any issues syncing refresh rate with an Nvidia Graphics card. 

Besides HDR10, this LG monitor is also loaded with maximum brightness of 400 nits, which is way better than many traditional monitors. The HDR10 feature will also bring in a noticeable improvement in its display and color quality. The side bezels are quite thin that makes this monitor a great option for multi-monitor gaming.