iOS16 Fitness app for Activity Tracking without an Apple Watch?

You must be familiar with iPhone’s ability to give you a fitness app to be used as an activity tool as long as you have an Apple Watch. However, in the iOS 16, the company is looking to make the app an activity tracking option handful even for those who don’t have an Apple Watch.

You can make use of the iPhone motion sensors in the iOS 16 and track your activity. It will help you take a note of tabs on steps, distance and third-party workouts, therefore; giving you an overall estimate of your calories burned. 

It also allows you to set a daily move goal even if you don’t own an Apple Watch. You can simply use the iPhone to track your progress towards your destination. 

Just to be clear, this newly announced feature is regarding the Fitness app is useful for people that don’t have an Apple Watch or any other mechanism to check out their fitness activities.

This application basically looks similar to the one used in the Apple Watches, however; it does not have a Fitness+ tab as it has been only restricted to Apple Watches. It also lacks Stand and Exercise rings.