Best GPS Tracker for Kids to Buy in 2022 – Review of Top 5

There are many benefits of gps trackers and parents these days are quite keen to have a dedicated gps tracker for their children. Hello and welcome to yet another analytical guide as we shed light on some of the best gps trackers for kids.

Initially, a few decades ago smartwatches and gps trackers were only used by elite class people while traveling or jogging. They used to do it to keep a track of their location and for navigation purposes as well.

With the passage of time, the amount of companies making gps trackers has increased and there is a huge variety in the market as far as the market of 2022 is concerned. It wasn’t easy for us to find the best gps trackers for kids and it took us a lot of time and research to compile this list.

Therefore, we’d suggest you complete your research before making a final decision and if you’re keen to know about the intricate details of best gps trackers for kids, you must check out this guide properly from start to end. Let’s check out some of the best gps trackers that you can in buy in 2022 for your kids, senior citizens and for pets as well.

Top 5 best gps trackers for kids to buy in 2022


XPLORA 2 - Smartwatch for Children

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The first gps tracker that we’ve included in this list of best gps trackers for kids is the XPLORA 2. It is a truly professional smartwatch for children and you’d be able to make phone calls, send text messages along with some cute emojis as well.

WiFi, cellular and GPS:

This super cool gps tracker allows you to send voice messages and WiFi, Cellular and GPS are some of its connectivity options. There is a school-mode in this gadget to keep your kids updated about their assignments and school tasks.

SOS button:

The XPLORA 2 gives you the luxury of watching the real-time location of your children as it allows two administrators to set and get alarms when their kid enters or leaves a certain area.

Also, this smartwatch gives you a storage capacity of saving up to 12 contact numbers and it gives you the opportunity of making two-way calls and messages.

If you notice, there is a ‘SOS’ button on the side of the watch that gives your child to activate an emergency call to an already set contact number. That is not the end; the automatic mechanism of this watch will contact all the saved contacts until someone is connected.

Final thoughts:

Besides the above-mentioned features, it also gives your children to use the fitness tracker and check their daily step counting. However, the integration between Amazon Echo and XPLORA 2 has made it one of the finest and most sought-after gps trackers on the market.

After this integration, parents can get in contact with Amazon Alexa directly to get the latest location of their child straightaway. We’d definitely recommend this gps tracker to all the parents out there looking to get a shielding gadget for their kids.


• WiFi, Cellular, GPS
• SOS button
• Amazon Alexa
• Voice messages/calls


• Setup is a little complicated

Gizmowatch, Blue

Gizmowatch, Blue

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Next up we have is LG Gizmowatch that can be bought on Verizon. There are many LG watches out there but Gizmowatch is pretty suitable for kids that are online most of the time. Let’s take a look at some of its notable specifications.

Step-counting tracker:

It features a decent step-counting tracker and a fancy design that will attract most of the kids in 2022. Moreover, you’d also get a waterproof watch face that is traceable in real-time through the GizmoHub application.

Schedule alerts:

Whenever your kid crosses a selected boundary, you’d get alerts after creating geofences. This fantastic LG gps tracker also gives you the authority to schedule a time to automatically check the location of your child.

This gps tracker is a super fantastic option for all the kids out there looking to get some entertainment as well as something to learn.

Just like the aforementioned device, this gps tracker gives you a capacity of 10 contacts that can be used for both two-way voice calls and messages.

Final thoughts:

These contacts can be installed before you give this device to your kid. This product will cost you around $180 and it is one of the expensive gps trackers on the market. With the help of the Gizmo smartphone app, you can check the location of your gizmowatch from your mobile phone.

The speed and reliability of this machine is great and it features the largest 4G LTE network along with two-way voice calling and messaging.

It also requires a monthly service plan that charges you around $5. The battery life of this device seems quite commendable as it gives you a 510 mAh battery alongside these amazing features.


• Voice calls and messages
• Step-counter
• Suitable for kids
• Waterproof watch face
• 510 mAh battery


• Monthly subscription plan needed

New Apple Watch SE

Price: $259 USDNew Apple Watch SE

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Apple is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to electronic gadgets and their supply to all parts of the world. Therefore, it was almost impossible for us to neglect a gps tracker from this company in this list of best gps trackers to buy in 2022.

The New Apple Watch SE is an implausible option to buy for your young children as it contains a lot of beneficial features for a gps tracker.

Family setup feature:

One of the best features of this New Apple Watch SE is the Family Setup feature that allows you to manage the watch for other people of your families such as kids and senior citizens.

The silver, gold and space gray finishes of this product will give you Goosebumps besides its aluminum case. It also features an accelerometer, gyroscope and always-on altimeter as well.

Emergency SOS:

There is a wide range of features in this Apple gps tracker but its fall detection, noise monitoring and international emerging calling alongside emergency SOS has attracted quite a few customers.

There is a monthly service cost of this device that varies by wireless carrier and it weighs around 30 to 35 grams. The battery life of this outstanding gps tracker is more than 17 hours and it supports LTE, UTMS, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0.

Final thoughts:

The overall quality of this gps tracker is quite commendable and we’d highly recommend this product to all the major users of Apple that are looking to get a gps tracker from the same company.

This splendid machine will cost you around $270 on Amazon and we can safely say that you can invest your hard-earned money in this Apple gps tracker that promises a lot of value.


• Emergency SOS
• Family Setup feature
• Noise monitoring
• WiFi, Bluetooth
• Great battery life (17+ hours)


• Expensive

Fitbit Versa 2

Price: $165.50 USD

Fitbit Versa 2

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When it comes to making lists of best fitness and gps trackers, the products of Fitbit are an automatic inclusion straightaway. Mostly, the gps trackers and smartwatches of this company are used by adults.

However, the Fitbit Versa 2 is a very suitable option for children as well as it features a lot of helpful and instructive features as well.

Set timers & alarms:

The Fitbit Versa 2 is an intelligent gps tracker that gives you quick news and information about weather and enables you to set alarms and timers. To control your smart home devices, you’d need the help of Amazon Alexa.

Parents can better understand the sleep quality of their children by checking their sleep score regularly and the option of tracking your time is also available. The display needs to be charged more frequently because it is an ‘always on’ display.

24/7 monitoring:

The Versa 2 will track your heart rate 24/7 and it will also monitor your steps, distance and calories that you have burned the entire day. The battery life is more than 5 hours as claimed by the company and it works around the clock.

Final thoughts:

Fitbit has produced many smartwatches and gps trackers that are worth considering. The Versa 2 is one of a kind and we highly recommend considering this device because it gives you a lot of value for money.

The Amazon Choice Award of this product is a clear indication of its fantastic and steadfast performance. Therefore, you can only skip this device at your own expense.
This particular model from Fitbit will cost you around $170 on Amazon and it is certainly one of the top-rated gps trackers on the same platform.


• Amazon Alexa
• Keeps a track of everything 24/7
• Set alarms and reminders
• Provides value for money


• Software needs improvement

GBD Smart Watch for Kids-IP67

Price: $35.99 USDGBD Smart Watch for Kids-IP67

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So far, we haven’t added any budget devices to this list of the top 5 best gps trackers to buy in 2022. All of the above-mentioned products are quite expensive.

Anyways, we thought we should conclude this list with an affordable piece. That is why; we present the GBD smartwatch for kids. This waterproof smartwatch will make you fall in love with its compact but attractive design.

Two-way calls:

Just like the other devices on this list, you can make two-way calls on this gps tracker and your children can also receive these calls. The GBD smartwatch also gives you a storage capacity of 10 contacts to be installed but it can only use 2G networks.

Besides tracking and monitoring, this particular machine gives your children a collection of five built-in funny games such as shoot master and pinball hit bricks. The touchscreen of this gps tracker enables your child to enjoy his/her favorite game.

IP67 international waterproof level:

The IP67 international water and dust-proof level of this device are among the most notable features. Simply, there is no need to worry if your child has accidentally thrown this smartwatch into a bucket of water or he/she goes outside to dance in the rain.

Emergency SOS call:

There is a simple way to call the family when the child suspects an emergency by simply pressing the power button twice. This is one of the greatest and easiest ways of getting help for your kids.

There are multiple functions in this glorious machine such as calculator, calendar, alarms and it also supports multiple languages such as Deutsch, español, Italiana, Français. The emergency SOS call is quite handy in different crucial situations and only parents can understand the importance of it.

Final thoughts:

For customers outside of the United States (US), this is a pretty great option to have and we strongly recommend this to all the buyers out there looking to buy an all-round and versatile gps tracker.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the finest and most affordable gps trackers on the market as it comes at less than $40 on Amazon. This price range is quite surprising provided the features we have discussed as we firmly believe that you’d get a lot of value for money once you start using this gps tracker.


• IP67 international waterproof level
• Emergency SOS call
• Supports multiple languages
• Affordable


• Build quality isn’t great

Conclusion: Our Top 3 Picks

There is a lot of effort and patience needed when you’re compiling such a convoluted list as the top 5 best gps trackers for kids to buy in 2022. It happened to us but we’ve also reached a very understandable conclusion.

Firstly, we’d request and suggest all of the potential buyers to settle for a device that comes within their budget. As you can see, we’ve reviewed quite a few gps trackers in this list that may not be affordable for everyone.

However, we couldn’t overlook them in this list because their performance and dependability won’t allow us to ignore them.

Also, there is absolutely no need of going for the most expensive pieces even if you have a massive budget. Kids would gladly accept any gps tracker these days and you must enlighten them after putting one of these devices on their small wrists.

As far as our top 3 picks are concerned, we have kept the New Apple Watch SE at the first place because of its steadfastness, compatibility and reliable nature.

The Fitbit Versa 2 would be our second best choice out of these five devices and the third spot goes to the GBD Smart Watch IP67 for its affordable price range, competitive functions and great emergency SOS call mechanism.

We shall see you in our next systematic review of different products. We wish you all the luck with whatever you choose. Goodbye until we meet again.