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When we talk about fitness trackers, Fitbit is the first name that comes to our mind because this company has absolutely no competitors in this particular field. Over the years, Fitbit has launched some of the most amazingly looking fitness-trackers and smart-watches.

They are also quite good in their quality and app support. However, you can also find some of the gadgets with cheaper rates from this particular company.


Best Fitbit Smartwatches

During all this, Fitbit has raised its game to another level because some time ago, there were watches only restricted to your waistbands but now Fitbit has launched some of the most pleasant and sophisticated devices that can help you out with your marathons through GPS and can also keep a check on your workouts through a heart-rate monitor.

For most users, our top recommendation is the Versa or its Versa Lite and Versa Special Edition. Those with bigger wrists with the Charge 3 could be better off. The smart watch-styled Ionic bets Fitbit to outdoor exercise since it has built-in GPS. Fitbit is mostly related to outdoor exercises.

Reasons for Buying Fitbit:

You must have heard about the standard of Fitbit but surprisingly the same Fitbit company is facing a very healthy competition in the market currently. Xiaomi, Garmin and all those devices with weird Chinese names are giving Fitbit a tough run in the market.  You can find them with the best price tag on Amazon.

Given the rumors of doubts about the complete accuracy of its step counting and calorie calculations, they often seem a long way off because the management and the well-established social team and a slick application keeps everything under control and is playing a key role in keeping the Fitbit popular.

You’re not going to get 100 percent accurate results in the fitness trackers and we have been saying this for quite some time. Just enjoy the variety of the products Fitbit is proving with new shapes, sizes, and affordable rates as well.

What makes a device so good? It must be good with wear-ability, should contain good motivational apps and there should be other functions as well to keep the customer happy and smiling. Don’t get into the stats and numbers too much because they don’t really matter. At least, they are consistent with inaccuracies.

You will get all your information in spades with Fitbit devices. Whether you’re improving to going down with your fitness, Fitbit is going to tell you everything in detail. Interestingly, Fitbit has always been successful at holding support for older models. In addition to the feature-packed likes of the Fitbit Versa, Ionic and Charge 3 the clip-on and shockingly simple Fitbit Zip is still on offer.

Fitbit devices are going to help you in almost every manner. From advanced training ideas to GPS tracking and cycling, Fitbit has got you covered everywhere. And not to forget, it also gives you information about your heart-health.

Fitbit Versa

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If we have to pick the best Fitbit device then it has to be the Versa. It’s purely made for the guys with fairly slender wrists or a girl with the same lean wrists.

Apart from missing the built-in GPS of the Ionic, you can connect it to your phone and use the GPS in it, which should be more than sufficient for most users. Versa has a full range of Fitbit features.

If we talk about the features then heart-rate tracking and the option to access the overall fitness score stand out. There’s a basic step function along with distance measuring and it also gives you access to the strong social motivational network of Fitbit.

You can also enjoy your favorite music directly through Spotify and there’s a separate app store in it as well. The swimmers would be happy to know that it has a tracking system for your pool sessions as well. Also, it is a water-proof device. Great, isn’t it?

People who are looking for workout motivation would like the on-wrist video sessions of the Versa. However, you’d find out soon that trying to watch a virtual trainer who is sitting on your wrist is not the perfect way to learn new workout methods.

You’re going to get similar features of the smart-phones in this device such as a smattering of apps, notification bells, and contactless card payments. But the important thing to note is that the battery life is much bigger than the smart-phones.

You will get almost five days of battery life even if you’re using it through the day with all of its features. The Fitbit pay system is sadly not fully supported by all the banks in the United Kingdom which is a letdown of course.

Apart from that, Versa is a very good product. Most importantly it actually looks good. That’s more than can be said for the wear-ables of the Ionic, Blaze and Surge, which were prior Fitbit jabs at smart watch-type.

Since its launch, Fitbit has also upgraded and refined the Versa, adding the above-mentioned on-wrist coaching, and swimming tracking; both were missing at the inauguration of the device.



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The Award-winning Versa Lite is also worth considering. To be frank, this removes Fitbit Pay and the role of coaching, none of which is any significant loss. However, the Lite will not control swimming in any useful way while it is still waterproof. And there’s just a single button but the touch screen always works perfectly.

The trade-off, as you would imagine, is that the Versa Lite is much cheaper usually, despite sales and deals. The colors, from sober charcoal to vibrant mulberry, are more varied. The Versa Special Edition is functionally identical to Versa at the other end of the cost scale but made from what Fitbit considers to be better materials.

The fact that Fitbits are so often available at lower prices means that the Lite, Versa and Special Edition will cost almost the same as each other on any given day, or the Special Edition will be the cheapest of the 3 on extra-weird days. The finishes available are graphite and gold rose.


Fitbit Charge 3

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It is more of a traditional type of fitness band. If you’re fond of monitoring your GPS tracking with the help of your phone then the Charge 3 is the ultimate choice for you.

Also, it is important to mention that GPS tracking is not available in the device originally. It only works with the help of Fitbit’s navigational features. You receive notifications, and only in limited edition you get Fitbit pay. But Limited Edition has less focus on mobile functionality such as in apps mode but has notifications system.

That’s perfectly fine for us since the Fitbit app store is well-stocked as a supermarket in the Soviet Union even on its ‘ regular ‘ smartwatches.


Fitbit Ionic

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You’re not going to need your phone because the GPS tracking system is built-in and the Ionic is just like the Versa with two big differences. No smart-phone required for your cycling, running and marathons etc.

The look and the design of Ionic is not pleasing to the eye but on the positive side, it is a bit heavier and bigger especially made for large wrists.

A lot of running watch functionality is introduced by Fitbit Ionic, much more effectively than the previous Fitbit Blaze and Surge. Runs are auto-detected and monitored via GPS, and during high-intensity workouts, heart rate monitoring also works reasonably well.

If you are looking to have a running watch, we would suggest a Garmin over it and if you want a running/cycling/gym-friendly smartwatch, we would suggest an Apple Watch Series 4.

This is a perfect choice for you if you are a runner, cycler or looking for something that looks like a Fitbit device. That seems to us to be a rather narrow growing market, but in most ways it is still an excellent product, even if the looks are a bit of an acquired taste, to put it in diplomatic terms.

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Fitbit Inspire HR

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This recent addition to the Fitbit lineup is the Alta HR replacement. In terms of features like pulse tracking, 5-day battery, waterproof, it can tap your phone’s GPS to track runs, etc. It’s virtually indistinguishable from the Charge 3, but noticeably skinnier.

The great thing about it is that it is slimmer and slightly more modest than the Charge 3. The negative side is that, when you sweat and work out heavily, it struggles a bit more than the Charge 3 to follow your heartbeat. It feels a little bit easier than the Charge 3 with more of a proper button.


Fitbit Ace 2

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Unlike the first Fitbit Ace series, which was simply a Fitbit Alta in a rubber protective case, the Ace 2 was actually built from the beginning for children.

The Ace 2 has more personalization choices than its predecessor: there are 7 different wrist straps to choose from, including the Classic, Print and Family Print bands, more than enough for any kid to find one they like, no matter how hard it is to make the kids happy in this day.

Animations and contests are also used to inspire children further. For instance, a small disco ball drops down to mark 10,000 steps taken in a day for the added funky effect.

Thanks to the Fitbit app, Fitbit Ace 2 will also help keep track of your child’s activity levels. You can simply set your family account and see what your child is up to. You can also check badges and stats by browsing through a whole line-up of metrics in the parent view function.


Fitbit Alta HR

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The Fitbit Alta HR is essentially a Fitbit Charge 2 slimmed-down and predecessor to the Fitbit Inspire HR. It’s probably more geared at the women, and even though heart rate tracking is built in, you also cannot use it for tracking pulse activity during workouts.

There is no water-proofing in this device and also the GPS tracking system is also not present even when your phone is connected to it. You can enjoy calls and messages with calendar notifications though.

However, all the other usual key selling points for Fitbit are in place, with access to the app and social stuff, simple operation and battery life for a week. We cannot choose this over Inspire HR unless we get it at a very low price.


Fitbit Inspire

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It is almost the same as the Inspire HR but without the function of the heart-rate monitor. You cannot access your phone even with the GPS in this device. Like your mum wears, you’re only left with a classic step counting band.

If you’re quite sedentary and want to run about, this might be worth examining, although it’s also worth considering that somebody like Xiaomi is going to make you a similar band and less stylish band with a cheaper price.


Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

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Although it doesn’t have an HR in its name, it still does the function of pulse-tracking. Charge HR was the first model in this series. The cardio sensor ensures that the Charge 2 will give you a score for your overall fitness by measuring your VO2 Max, as well as tracking your rest and active heart rate.

Obviously, the Fitbit Charge 2 isn’t as good as Charge 3, but if the price is right, it might be worth buying because they don’t vary so much. There is a separate button instead of that fiddly untouchable pad on the Charge 3. This is definitely one of the positive aspects of the device.


Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

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If you don’t buy the gold one, then the Fitbit Alta is one of the most beautiful fitness trackers made by the company. It is also one of the most discrete products made by FitBit.

It’s also pretty basic, but if all you want is step counting and sleep tracking, caught into the market-leading app and group of Fitbit, then it’s all you really need. But we’d recommend the new, waterproof Inspire.


Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

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You can call this device a combination of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. What are the previous Fitbit models offer? They’re offering a color touch screen. This allows the watch to perform more advanced functions like true smartwatch notifications and control of the music. This model is non-waterproof but splash-proof.

It is certainly more beautiful than its successor and also the most versatile Fitbit product. If you can find it cheap, it might be worth buying-around special days.

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

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The Fitbit Flex 2 is the plainest vanilla of all Fitbits, other than the ancient Zip, which simply clips into your bra strap, waistband or PE vest from school.

Throughout the day it will monitor your moves, with the signs coming on to welcome your progress. It’s also completely waterproof, which when it first appeared as a novelty for Fitbits.

We are not exaggerating when we say there are a lot of good things about this device. It doesn’t include GPS or pulse-measuring, or anything else that is more complicated than the step-counter on your mobile.


Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

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This product of Fitbit was known for its efficiency. It was Fitbit’s most important gadget for fitness freaks. The Fitbit Surge can give you a battery-time of 7-days with GPS and it will also monitor your runs for 10 hours consecutively.

The Surge was Fitbit’s first attempt at something more ambitious than a step tracker long before the Blaze, the Ionic and the Versa. It’s still available now, positioned at the time as a ‘fitness super watch.’ But today we would not recommend it, as it is not all that great.

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