List of Best Fitness Trackers to Buy in 2020

The fitness trackers are attracting a huge demand currently in the various parts of the world. And with each passing day, it’s been more and more crowded.

The good thing about such competition is that the customers get to choose from a plethora of devices that are doing a sensational job in keeping you fit and healthy. Also, there are lots of affordable devices as well on this list.

However, choosing the most suitable and best device for yourself can sometimes become a headache and that’s exactly where TechDetects comes to your rescue.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best choices available in terms of fitness trackers on the market. A few key features have been kept in mind while selecting these watches and also, you’d find a range of GPS sport watches for all of those people who are looking to change their wearable flavor.

These devices are going to provide you with the luxury of calorie tracking, sleeping advice and it will also monitor your heart rate along with GPS connectivity. It seems you’ve come to the right place.

The best fitness tracker to buy today

This is one of the best fitness trackers available on the market right now and it provides amazing user comfort along with some genuine all-round features.

Fitbit Charge 3

Price: $99

Fitbit Charge 3


The Fitbit Charge 3 has absolutely revolutionized the Charge family. Charge 3 from Fitbit is a third-generation device that gives you water-resistance, sleek and lightweight design along with a touchscreen interface.

There are other noteworthy features as well and the Fitbit Charge 3 certainly earns its spot in the best fitness trackers available right now. It is also pretty considerable for those who are looking to upgrade from a Smartwatch.

Fitbit is a pretty good option for anyone when we talk about fitness trackers. Also, Charge 3 gives you decent battery life as well along with some fantastic, precise exercise and sleep tracking.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is an outstanding choice, to say the least. However, you won’t be getting the built-in GPS but the affordable price of this device will attract many customers. Also, this Charge 3 from Fitbit gives you interchangeable straps to give a new look to your device.

These are a few options you can choose from and they’re pretty considerable as well in their price points.

Fitbit Inspire HR

Price: $98.94

Fitbit Inspire HR

The Fitbit Inspire HR delivers almost all the Charge 3 does but in a slimmer, smaller kit and is coming at a much affordable price. The look of this device is not the best design you would find right now but it still provides you with all the relevant and useful features.

From interchangeable straps to all the handy functions like heart rate tracking, exercise monitors and highly developed sleep tracking.

It is fair to say that the Inspire HR has replaced the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Flex lines. It also gives you an excellent OLED display with outstanding performance. The battery life is pretty good as well and gives you the notifications of smartphones as well. Water-proof technology is also available and the price of just £90 is pretty much fair in this regard.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Price: $285

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 645 can be particularly categorized as a sports watch rather than a standard fitness tracking device. However, it also provides you with storage of songs, heart rate tracking, GPS, altitude along with cadence and motion.

It is a pretty good option for all of those people looking for a device that is capable of storing data. It provides a lightweight design for this form of activity tracking and it is easy to wear while still being compatible with Bluetooth phones.

You will also get the notifications and alerts and it also gives you the compact sort of design that looks incredible on any fitness tracker.

When we talk about its battery life, it is still better in performance compared to the other smartwatches on the market. It is extremely expensive as well but the battery life is not better than Charge 3 or Inspire HR.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Price: $665.42

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Black

Garmin has been introducing some of the best devices of late. The new Fenix 6 from Garmin is an absolute beauty and it provides all the great fitness features that are of premium level. This device is not in some of the top placed devices in this guide because this Garmin Fenix 6 pro might not be affordable for everyone.

The Forerunner 645 has a large number of features at a hefty price, but the Fenix 6 Pro takes both aspects even further. If you are ready to invest high, you will have an impressive battery life of almost two weeks, which takes you as far away as you are willing to go, with some of the best tracking and mapping in any system.

In the meantime, PacePro is a blessing while you’re racing and can also help you control the speed for those personal hideous achievements.

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Fitbit Versa 2

Price: $199.95


Fitbit Versa 2

The Company is making huge strides and is getting towards the smartwatch territory as well. The Fitbit Versa 2 is offering you a nice colored display along with NFC for Fitbit Pay and other smartwatch features with some third-party applications.

Versa 2 is a water-resistant fitness tracker and it also gives you the heart-rate tracking system along with an altimeter.

Like charge 3, the built-in GPS is absent, offering wired GPS alternatively, but connects to Bluetooth headphones to play music, delivering all the excellent Fitbit app qualities.

You’re going to pay more than charge 3 for this machine, but if you want anything extensive, the Versa 2 is a great choice for you to have.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Price: $146.66

Fitbit Versa Lite and Special Edition

The versa Lite version of FitBit is substantially cheaper than the above mentioned Versa 2 with a nearly similar architecture with some nice characteristics.

The Lite version from Versa is also water-resistant just like Versa 2. However, it contains some of the best smartwatch features along with some third party applications and it also gives you all the flagship features of Fitbit.

Fitbit pay is not to be found in this device but you can get the music function as it is available here. Also, it doesn’t really work or perform like Versa 2 when it comes to swim-tracking.

Yet the Versa Lite Edition is a decent price for all of its specifications, including a purple and blue edition with vibrant aluminum casings and harness. Overall it is available in many great colors and it is a pretty good option for most of the customers.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Price: $74.99 – $105.37

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has a lot of versatility in a package that is just a little wider and considerably smaller than the other fitness trackers on this list.

The design and the overall look of the device is not something to be attracted to but, the features it provides like the heart-rate monitor and built-in GPS will surely attract a lot of customers around the world.

It can be safely said that this device is specifically designed for serious runners and for all of those people who are looking to keep an accurate record of their training activities.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is the perfect tracker for those who want to track daily workouts and record runs or walks, but who do not want to go around the whole yard to wear a running watch constantly.

Withings Steel HR Sport

Price: $189.99

Withings Steel HR Sport

With VO2 Max measuring and a built-in GPS, the Withings Steel HR Sport is the latest model of the Withings Steel HR. The design is pretty much similar but they have changed the strap in this particular device.

The price is not too high as well and this activity tracker has filled in the void left by the other hybrid smartwatches. The battery life is also pretty admirable and the nice analog face will surely attract you towards it.

This device holds a fantastic ability to track over 30 sports and the sleek and slim design is also pretty durable. The built-in features are also pretty great and they have been inducted into this device by keeping in mind the seriousness of the athletes while they’re training.

Polar Vantage V

Price: $444.95

Polar Vantage V

Polar has developed an unchanging reputation for intelligent fitness gear, and the Polar Vantage V proves its power through great performance output.

If you want to blow away your friends and colleagues with a classical design then this tracker-cum-smartwatch is definitely for you. Apart from its beautiful design, this fitness tracker also has some noteworthy smart features.

It specializes in insightful suggestions, including advice for practices and workout schedules, as it tracks your everyday life. It has a nice display as well. That quality took a while to be improved, but the Vantage V is now a very good, less common fitness tracker option.

Fitbit Alta HR

Price: $103.90

Fitbit Alta HR Smartwatch

In addition to its specifications, the Fitbit Alta HR has been replaced by the Inspire HR, which is somewhat broader and affordable.

However, the Alta HR is still an outstanding fitness tracker and it is now inexpensive and gives you access to the official Fitbit platform along with a sleek and attractive design.

When we compare it to the other devices we have reviewed so far, it doesn’t really give you all of those features present in the Inspire HR or Charge 3. However, it still provides a good stylish display and an activity tracker as well. You’d also get heart rate tracking and other activity monitoring required on a daily basis.

Sleep monitoring is also excellent and comes fitted with modifiable straps to make the bands look really cool.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Price: $229

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung jumps in the list as well because the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a great option to be included in this list. However, you can call it a smartwatch that has the abilities of a fitness tracker as well.

The features include water-resistance, heart-rate monitoring along with a built-in GPS. The features of a smartwatch are also pretty considerable in this Samsung device.

We really liked the restrained look of the device and we have to say that it is one of the most gorgeous designs so far we have provided on this list.

When it comes to battery life, it is not as generous as the other devices like the Fitbit Inspire HR or Fitbit Charge 3. Also, the sleep tracking feature is not something to be proud of and it no way near the sleep tracking ability of Fitbit’s devices.

Fitbit Inspire

Starting Price: $69.99

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire has an incredibly similar style to Inspire HR. The Inspire lacks some of the functionality that Inspire HR provides including heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep-tracking and workout tracking. However, it also has the water-resistor and it is pretty much at ease when it is on your wrists.

You won’t be getting the swim tracking on this Fitbit Inspire but it does have a pretty decent OLED display along with some Smartphone alerts and other basic activity tracking applications. We can say it safely that it will perform really well and won’t disappoint you at all.

Fitbit Ionic

Price: $204.54

Fitbit Ionic Watch

In addition to a powerful, lightweight design with a beautiful screen, the Fitbit Ionic adds integrated GPS and a comprehensive swimming feature that was lacking in the former Blaze.

The Ionic was the first truly powerful smartwatch from Fitbit with a new and enhanced heart-rate display, smart alerts, payment capacity and all of its apps that users know and love. It is being said that the Fitbit Ionic is the best and most indisputably robust Smartwatch.

The advanced Smartwatch features are lacking in this device and it might be a loophole for some. It annoyed us to be very honest.

This device is well and truly shortening the gap between fitness trackers and simple Smartwatches. However, if you’re looking for something that has the ability of both, you might as well stop and think about getting this device straightaway. It’s a beautiful 2-in-1 combination.

Suunto 9

Starting Price: $204.54


The Sunnto 9 is obviously not an ideal option for many because it is a bulky sports watch and only suites the athletes and serious runners. However, the battery life is pretty powerful and goes up to 10 days as well.

It also gives you a whopping 100m water resistance and there are lots of other sports tracking features available on this device.

You won’t find this device to be liked by many because of its complexity and simple design. However, for serious athletes and fitness freaks, the Suunto 9 is a perfect choice as it provides multi-sport features and it is genuinely made for people looking to keep a track of their activities accurately.

Garmin Vivomove

Starting Price: $174.35

Garmin Vivomove HR

Effortlessly useful is the right word for this device in our opinion because it gets its job done in a very silent way and it won’t let you make any significant effort when you have it on your wrists. You will also feel pumped up when it encourages you during your fitness training.

The Garmin Vivomove gives you a powerful technology and it will surely break into your life with an obvious and attention-seeking way.

The Vivomove is on another level when it comes to the design and looks of the device. It can also be compared with simple analog activity trackers but we believe that Vivomove wins that race by a wide margin.

This is an incredible product. If a mobile notification had a vibration system, a heart rate monitor and a robust application existed to support the user, this would be the most suitable option.

Withings Activité Steel HR

Withings Activité Steel HR

If you’re looking to get a great design along with some smart activities then the Withings Activité Steel HR is a perfect choice for you in our opinion.

It doesn’t have a traditional rubber-band look like many of its competitors and it comes with a unique design of its own. It gives you a premium feeling and the overall look of the device is pretty commendable.

Let’s talk about the features now. You’d get a decent heart-rate tracker along with a sleep-tracking system as well. The battery life is also pretty outstanding whilst the design is not as subtle as the Fitbit Inspire HR.

Inspire HR also provides the same features as this device. However, the sleep tracking is not accurately measured in the Steel HR compared to the Alta HR.