Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

Modern games require modern equipment as well. There are some games that are only enjoyable when they are played with the right and suitable equipment. There are certain factors involved but gaming headsets have always been an integral part of a gamer’s library.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming headset and you are carrying a budget of around $100, then this piece of article is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to cover some of the best gaming headsets available at a very affordable price under $100.

This includes the list of top 7 best gaming headphones that are available under $100 and there are mics as well attached. For those who are looking to get a gaming headset but are limited on budget, will also benefit from a plethora of options that are on offer.

There are a couple of factors that were taken into consideration before we compiled this list and each and every single device was measured and reviewed on the basis of their sound performance, comfortability, quality of mic and the set of features.

Also, gaming headsets that are available between $50 and $100 are included in this list and they’re going to attract a lot of customers because of their reasonable price. This piece of article is specifically published for people who are looking to get an affordable device that also produces good results.

Best Gaming Headsets under $100

These are some of the best gaming headsets available in the market right now. Each and every single one of them carries good sound performance and designs.

It is also important to notice that people do like to compromise on performance sometimes but there is a group of people that simply can’t compromise on the design and outlook of the gadget. You’d also find some excellent and aesthetically beautiful designs in this list.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

Price: $79.99

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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This is by far the best choice on our list because the Arctis series has been blowing away everyone with its powerful performances. This is Arctis 5 gaming headset and it has already secured its place as the no.1 gaming headset. It has been criticized for some of its aspects by reviewers but overall, under the budget of $100, Arctis 5 is undeniably the best choice.

The gamers are in for a high-quality sound experience along with a class-leading microphone that it comes with. It also provides premium level comfortability compared to its rivals and brings the best in terms of sound.

If we talk about its technical features then, the Arctis 5 comes with a 40mm energetic speaker drivers along with a noise-cancelling microphone that comes with a bidirectional design which means it can take audio from the front and from the back of the microphone as well.

It will obviously create more clarity and the soft-fabric covered ear cushions that give multichannel audio via DTS 7.1 are also included.

This device is an incredible performer because of its ability to give you incredible performance in this price range. Although, Arctis 5 might not get a positive response from the people that are looking to get the best audio experience.

The performance is not bad and if you’re looking for something that produces great sound, contains a good enough microphone and you can wear it for long sessions of gaming then, the Arctis 5 certainly deserves your attention.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is also a pretty strong contender for the tag of best gaming headphones however, the Arctis 5 is way ahead in terms of its sound quality and it is a lot more comfortable compared to the HyperX. In addition, it also comes at a fairly lower price than the Cloud Alpha.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Price: $99.99

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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We obviously clarified at the start of this article that Arctis 5 has not ended the story of best gaming headsets under $100 and there are other options that need to be reviewed. HyperX Cloud Alpha is one such option with great sound quality and it is often compared to the Arctis 5 and most of the people have found it equally good.

The Cloud Alpha relies on stereo surroundings instead of several other virtual surroundings. It also has a directional hearing that will help you monitor the approach and steps of enemies coming towards you.

They’re also coming with USB-based adapters that will enable the Cloud Alpha to deliver virtual 7.1 surroundings. It should be notified that you’d need to buy $30 bucks extra for this feature.

The HyperX is going to remain one of our top choices in this article but it can’t get to the absolute top where it can be regarded as the best in this category. It doesn’t have the comfortability and mic quality of Arctis 5 and that’s the truth.

Finally, the Cloud Alpha is good enough for all those looking to get a budget device and are ready to compromise on some of the aspects such as a high-quality mic and head comfortability.

However, it doesn’t mean that the built-in features are not good enough. The main worry for most of gamers is the sound performance and it does a fairly great job in that category.

Logitech G533

Price: $76.99

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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There are two options in front of you that are coming under the budget of $100. They are Logitech G533 and the Corsair Void. Between these two, we feel the Logitech G533 delivers a better quality and sound experience compared to the Void. One of the main and most prolific features of this device is the excellent battery life.

The G533 comes with an incredible single charge lifespan and although both of them can be used while charging as well, the overall battery span of Logitech G533 is much better and longer compared to the Corsair Void. This is a wireless headset and you might as well want to try it once if it suits your budget.

When it comes to comfortability, the users have opted for G533 most of the time. The Corsair Void also doesn’t have the ability to cancel the outside noises like the Logitech G533. It means the background noises are not going to be exempted as much.

However, in sound quality, the Corsair Void has a slight advantage over the G533. It has 50 mm bigger drivers and can thus deliver a better sound bass which improves the audio experience a little.

In the end, we would say that if you’re looking for a wireless headset then you have two options in the ones that we have discussed above. The Logitech G533 has a battery life that is superior to Corsair Void and it also has the ability to cancel out the background noise. That is why we have given a little bit of priority to the device from Logitech.

SteelSeries Arctis 3

Price: $64.99

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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As we have mentioned before, the SteelSeries Arctis devices are way more capable than devices of other companies. We have discussed the Arctis 5 but, now it is the time to shed light on its virtually exact same version that goes by the name of Arctis 3. It also comes at a significantly lower price than that of Arctis 5.

The sole diving line between the Arctis 5 and Arctis 3 is that you’d get an RGB light on the outside case of the ear-cups in the Arctis 5. The same device can be connected through a USB device and it also has the SteelSeries ChatMix USB soundcard. It helps you monitor and adjust the balance between the game sound and the sound of chats.

It is also pretty clear that these differences are not going to affect the overall sound quality, mic clarity or its comfort levels at all. The Arctis 3 only lacks in two aspects compared to Arctis 5 and it is the RGB lights and USB connection. If you don’t care about these two things, you can choose the Arctis 3 at a very much reasonable price.

Razer Kraken 7.1

Price: $39.99

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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Of all the devices that we have discussed so far, Razer Kraken 7.1 is also pretty much in contention among the majority of the audience. Besides its compatibility with Arctis 3 and Arctis 5, it also delivers an equally good sound quality. It comes with heavy 50mm drivers that are also found in Cloud Alpha.

These drivers are going to significantly improve the audio experience of the device and it might just feel better than Arctis 5 to some of the people. The comfortability is not of the same level as Arctis 5 and it also doesn’t have a very good microphone.

They are also ahead of Arctis 5 in terms of price and are equal to Cloud Alphas. One of the major drawbacks of this device is going to be its higher price than those of Arctis series. It is expensive than both Arctis 3 and 5 and in comparison, the Arctis devices are way ahead in performance. This major factor will surely allow users to turn towards the Arctis series and not towards the Kraken.

Sennheiser GSP 302

Price: $97.95

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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If there is any alternative to Arctis 3 then it is perhaps this amazing device that goes by the name of Sennheiser’s GSP 302. It is a little bit expensive than Arctis 3 but it has a pretty much same level of sound quality and gives almost the same level of hearing experience.

On the other hand, Arctis 3 has a better microphone than the GSP 302. The microphone installed on GSP 302 is also good but it can’t really match the mic-quality of Arctis 3. The devices of SteelSeries Arctis are pretty much known for their microphone clarity.

All in all, we would suggest Arctis 3s for most gamers over GSP 302s. However, if the 302s were available for sale, the experience would still be relatively similar to Arctis 3s.

When it comes to comfort level, both of these devices are pretty much and the competition only comes down to the microphone quality where Arctis 3 is the clear winner. If you don’t care about the microphone much, the GSP 302 is a much-needed option to be tried instead of Arctis 3.

Corsair Gaming VOID

Price: $82.95

Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Gaming Headsets Under $100 to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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We have already talked about the Corsair Voids and how they are often compared to the Logitech G533 in the range of best wireless gaming headsets under $100. However, their only and biggest loophole is their short battery life and that’s exactly where Logitech wins the race. Also, you can charge and use the Voids at the same time through its USB.

If we talk about providing better sound quality then Voids have the lead over the Logitechs in this regard because they come with 50mm drivers and the Logitech G533 carry 40mm.

You won’t find a noise cancellation feature in Voids but the G533 has it under its belt. It is to be made clear that you can’t expect the Voids to manage the background noise. In a loud area, the Voids are not going to be an ideal option.

At the end, the choice is yours if you want long and stable battery life, you’d obviously go for the Logitech G533 and those looking for better sound quality will choose Corsair Void gaming headsets. Both of these headsets come under the price range of $100 and the only thing that differentiates them is the battery life of G533.


The options that we have discussed in this article are not entirely the best high-end audio devices and they’re not of the premium level either. They’re affordable devices and come with good enough features to keep a gamer interested. The audiophile will require the best audio experience but you can’t expect that in these devices.

Despite all this, all of these devices are pretty much good enough to give you quality sound and chatting experience with your friends and gaming partners. All of them have a decent microphone and chatting facilities.

That brings us to the end of the article and we have to say if you can’t spend a lot of bucks on a headset then, you must check out one of these options because all of them are extremely affordable and are suitable for most of the gamers.