Microsoft vision of Teams Rooms – Natural Feel and Immersive Experience

Microsoft’s vision of Hybrid Conference Setup: Teams Rooms


Microsoft has been working on innovative solutions for meetings and offices since a long time. Surface Hub is one of their efforts to offer better solutions for everyday problems. Now, they have released a video which shows how we can expect our virtual meetings to work in future.

Microsoft has taken important factors into consideration that play important role in the meetings. Their future vision seems sensible in approach and tend to offer real added value for end-user. Apparently, Microsoft developers and designers have an assumption that the current Covid pandemic will change the professional world permanently, and this concept of virtual meetings will play a major role in running the organisations successfully.


In this video Microsoft has shown us that the company is finally working on a hybrid conference model. This hybrid model includes participants that are together physically in the real world along with some remote people in joint meetings. This means that the participants present on-site will be able to chat with virtually connected members via video conferencing.

To enjoy this futuristic system properly, one needs to have a huge screen. The virtual meetings and the participants involved should appear as if they are actually in the room. Huge screen will make it possible to see them in real life-size next to each other. This will promote eye contact as well as other attentiveness.

Audio quality is another important factor in this kind of conferences. The sound should come from the direction of the human speaker now show on the big screen. This also promotes the feel of person’s actual presence in the room.

No doubt, this whole setup require a lot of specialised equipments. Most important, a bigger screen and special speakers with microphones as well as intelligent high end rotating cameras.

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