New Features in Samsung’s One UI Watch 4.5 Update

Get ready Samsung users, the company has announced that a new update namely One UI Watch 4.5 is coming for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. 

As far as some prominent sources are concerned, the update will reach Galaxy Watch 4 devices very soon and the release of it might get aligned with the launch of the Galaxy Watch 5, because the upcoming Galaxy Watch Series is expecting the same too. 

So, what exactly are the changes and new features that we can get in this new update? We are here to talk about it in detail. Stay tuned.

List of new updates in the One UI Watch 4.5 update:

There are at least four massive improvements in the new update. We will talk about them one by one to paint a clearer picture for our readers.

1. A full-fledged keyboard

The new One UI Watch 4.5 will add a full typing experience and will allow your typing skills to improve dramatically. You can also choose between typing, dictation and swiping as well. It is really nice and easy to switch around and you will only believe the thrill of it when you try it yourself. 

2. Dual-Sim: 

If by any chance you are having an LTE-equipped Watch 4, you will be able to load up two Sim cards or two phone numbers and then, you can switch easily when placing calls.

3. Favorites list and new Watch faces:

You would also get a range of new watch faces in the 4.5 update and all of them are customizable. There is a new favorites list coming out as well that have got the people excited. The favorites list also saves the watch faces you have used for quick access. 

4. Accessibility features: 

As far as the accessibility department is concerned, you are going to adjust the display to your liking and increase the contrast or reduce transparency for that matter. You would also be able to blur the effects, remove animations and balance out the audio settings for Bluetooth headsets. It also allows you to adjust how long functions like volume and notifications stay on screen.

If you are still not impressed with these updates then wait for the launch date. Samsung has claimed that are still working on a lot of new features and the One UI Watch 4.5 might just absorb them. See you around.