Pokémon Masters for Android & iOS Device – Reviews & Guides

Pokémon Masters For Android and iOS

Pokémon Masters for Android & iOS Device - Reviews & Guides
Pokémon Masters for Android & iOS Device – Reviews & Guides

One of the most awaited game titles has now been released for Android and iOS devices. Gamers were wondering how Pokémon Masters will stay different from other games from this franchise, and the wait is now over. Its time to grab this final version of the game for FREE from Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

Pokémon Masters is brought to iOS and Android devices by DeNA Co., Ltd. It is placed in the category of Strategy & Battling Game on App Store and Role-Playing game on Play Store.

Device Requirements

For iPhone and iPads:

  • iOS 11 or above / 64bit
  • Device with at least 2GB RAM onboard

For Android Devices:

  • Android OS 5.0 or above / 64bit
  • Android OS 7.0 or above is recommended by developer of the game
  • Device with at least 2GB RAM onboard


It is the start of a new adventure on the island of Pasio. In this game you have to take on a tournament of 3 vs 3 on this Island of Pasio. This tournament is named as Pokémon Masters League. Players will have to fight with famous Trainers in this tournament to become a champion. Find some good friend Trainers to make a dream team along with their Pokémon to dominate Pokémon Masters League.

Co-op mode in Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS will let you make friends from all over the world. Once you have a stable team, then you just need to work as a team to be victorious over opponent teams.

Gameplay Video:


Play Store:

App Store:

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