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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Official Care Guide

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Official Guide Video - Reviews & Guides
Samsung Galaxy Fold – Official Guide Video – Reviews & Guides

Samsung Galaxy Fold might not be the first handset in the market with a foldable option. But it is a huge breakthrough nonetheless. Many believe that this device will set the example for other manufacturers. However, a newly launched video which shows the care guide of this device might appear disappointing for some people as it requires you to adjust your life around it.

Smartphones have generally been slower and jagged with the help of things like Gorilla Glass screens which are no longer breaking the slightest drop or wrong tap of the glass. Whether your screen fissures, the foldable devices may feel like the next bonus for durability. However, much to the disappointment of the customers, we learned about the early review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold that might break the removal of the built-in screen minder.

Samsung however still claims that the issues with the new review units have been resolved. They have released a video which shows a care guide part and also advertisement of the device. They also tell you the instructions as to how you can take care of your Galaxy Fold, and honestly its very annoying and absurd.

The video shows you that the Galaxy Fold is coming with a built-in screen protector and they presenting it as a feature. However, they’re not very keen on telling you that if you remove this protector, they strongly underscore that there shouldn’t be any more films needed.

In the care guide video, they also instruct you to use a light touch with a small disclaimer of ‘do not apply extra force’ to it. Perhaps the makers of the device are suggesting the user to be more careful and gentle while using their Galaxy Fold. This will definitely bring a lot of change in the minds of the people who have a strong grip on their handset while playing games.

There’s one more problem in this device as it was showed in the review unit and it was the possible entrance of dust or other sand particles going into the crux and up below the foldable display. Since Samsung claims to have worked out on keeping the crux clean, it still shows in the care-guide video that your device should be kept away from water and sand. Keeping your device away from water is understandable but how can someone keep their phone away from dust particles?

They have also added a medical disclaimer to this device. Previously, they also claimed to have embedded magnets used to hold the Fold shut when you’re not using the inner screen.

The makers of this handset also warn you about not keeping other magnetic objects in the same pocket as your Samsung Fold. But wait, why would anyone let their car/bike keys encountered with a device worth $2000?

Ultimately, Samsung Galaxy Fold shows that it is not a device for everyone. You need to decide whether Samsung’s Foldable device is worth it of not. his device is obviously coming with a high-price and it is not for your daily use or something which you can easily carry with you. This handset would need special care attention which makes it a very impractical marketable commodity.

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