Samsung Galaxy Fold – Launch in USA Confirmed with availability of Premier Service

Samsung Galaxy Fold would be available in the USA on 27th September

Finally, after so many failed launches the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold (Official Website) is hitting the markets in the United States of America (USA) on 27th of this month. However, the device won’t be available widely to everyone around the world. Price of this foldable phablet still remains $1,980 USD.


After some critics objected about its severe hardware problems and the design, the launch of this device was hurt quite badly. The company had announced a resigned version of the device with problems solved that were pointed out by the critics. The inner foldable display is supposed to fix these issues.

We have recently updated our readers/visitors with Galaxy Fold Durability Test – Dust & Inner Display Scratches Are the Issues. A Samsung Galaxy Fold – An Official Care Guide Video has been Release for the potential buyers so that they can keep this device, the way it deservers.

Samsung is offering the device in two deviations in their US launch. There are two versions known as AT&T and an unlocked version. AT&T version is going to be sold in the online, retailer stores and also though best buy. You can also get an unlocked version in the Best Buy stores from the retailer’s website. This will remove the T-mobile option as well as Samsung’s own online store.

As compared to other regions, we’ve seen that Galaxy Fold is going to be launched in the US with Samsung’s premier service. These protocols include one-on-on access to Samsung professionals for device support. This also includes support for the Galaxy buds headphones and Samsung’s custom aramid fiber cover for the Fold.

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