Take ECG Reading On Fitbit – Reviews & Guides

Take an ECG Reading On Fitbit

An ECG reading with a gadget on your wrist is an incredible feature and Apple introduced this particular feature with a massive hit in the smartwatch industry. But there are many other smartwatch brands in the market, do they offer this feature or can they be used in any way for an ECG reading as well? The answer is yes, now you can also make use of a Fitbit to take an ECG reading from the wrist.

A brand new third-party service has now enabled the Fitbit Versa series and the Ionic to receive ECG readings. Though the feature isn’t from Fitbit itself, now it is available on Fitbit as well.

Take ECG Reading On Fitbit - Reviews & Guides
Take ECG Reading On Fitbit – Reviews & Guides

Fitbit ECG App: FibriCheck

A CE certified health screening and monitoring application that leverages the heart rate monitor to give users reading and potentially identify heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation.

But unlike the Apple Watch, the ECG app on Fitbit is subscription-based. So, you’ll need to pay a subscription charge if you want to gain accessibility to the readings. Nevertheless, you can also access a one-day free trial for the service. But for now, the app is only able to offer assessments in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

How to download FibriCheck on Fitbit

Take ECG Reading On Fitbit - Reviews & Guides
Take ECG Reading On Fitbit – Reviews & Guides

Follow the procedure listed below to install FibriCheck on your Fitbit device.

1. Go to the Fitbit app.

2. Tap the Account icon in the top-left corner and then select your device.

3. Tap Apps > All Apps and then search “FibriCheck”.

4. You can then download the app and it will appear on your device after it has downloaded.

As we mentioned earlier as well, this is a subscription service, so you’ll furthermore need to create an account with FibriCheck and select a pricing plan, which you’ll be prompted to do in the app before getting started.

How to access a free-trial for FibriCheck

You may access a free trial of the service for a single day once it’s downloaded on your Fitbit account. The procedure to do that is:

Go to My Apps > FibriCheck > Settings > Start free trial.

You’ll then be re-routed to FibriCheck, where you could input your login details and gain access to the free trial version.

How to take an ECG reading with FibriCheck on Fitbit

Take ECG Reading On Fitbit - Reviews & Guides
Take ECG Reading On Fitbit – Reviews & Guides

Following is the procedure to take an ECG reading on Fitbit using FibriCheck app:

1. Open the FibriCheck app on your Fitbit smartwatch.

2. Ensure your Fitbit smartwatch is away from your wrist bone and remain still.

3. Tap ‘Measure’, which will then start a 60-sec reading.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for your final results to appear.

Customer Reviews on FibriCheck

Getting reviews from several users, FibriCheck feels a lot just like a more professional thing in addition to a long-term way for users to monitor heart conditions. Rather than to just check once if reading can find anything irregular.

Since the data really does go one step further than just a simple explanation regarding your rhythm. Also, your results are reviewed and personal weekly reports are created based on your readings. That is the plus feature the third-party Fibricheck app offers in a Fitbit.

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