Best Chromebooks to Buy in 2022 – (Top 10 Picks) | Updated

Best Chromebooks to Buy in 2021

Laptops and computers are the main source of entertainment and work for youngsters in this modern-day world. We often look to buy a laptop or a computer but can’t decide the best suitable choice for ourselves. However, if you’re still looking for something that is fast, versatile and also provides value for your money then Chromebooks can be considered.

Chromebooks are going to provide you with all Google’s services online because it is an android device and you don’t have to worry about any other additional headache of software. Buying a suitable Chromebook in the first try is a very difficult task because you’re going to get a lot of models and devices full of different features.

Chromebooks are very hard to choose from if you’re facing a plethora of models. That is exactly why we have brought you this list of best Chromebooks to buy in 2022. We’re going to present you with a lot of Chromebook models and you can choose between the powerhouses and the lightweight android devices that are made to meet your expectations of functions.

How can you choose the best Chromebook?

Most of our computing takes place in a browser these days. Most applications can be replicated online, in one form or another via a browser. So, actually, Chromebooks in the cloud are much more meaningful than they were initially.

It is very necessary to understand that the current trend in the market is changing and people are more interested in devices that provide everything in its quotation. Similarly, the Chromebooks have also learned quite a few things from Windows laptops.

Chromebook manufacturers have been working extremely hard on the internals to make it at par with the Windows 10. Some Chromebook makers have also released foldable and 24-hour battery life devices to make the competition even tougher.

Furthermore, the majority of new Chromebooks on the market are now embracing Android’s huge app library. Perhaps you can find an Android app to help if something you do is not handled by the browser.

In terms of specs, these aren’t as important as Windows or Macbook laptops but, especially if Android Apps are involved, you still want a generous portion of processor speed and RAM.

One of the main things that are mostly desired and required by the users is the screen size and display. The screen size and display is going to give the idea about space you’ve got for web-pages and apps. If you’re looking for secure, thin and updated systems then Chromebooks should be on top of your list.  You’d get a lot of reasons for buying a Chromebook as you go through our guide for the best Chromebooks to buy in 2022.

The best thing about your Chromebook is that everything you ever had in your computer will remain safe even if your Chromebook gets stolen. Amazing, eh? You just have to log in to your computer and you’d find all the necessary data still lying there in your account.

They are also very important for educational purposes. You’d get a decent battery life with low costs and a plethora of office apps as well which means the cash-strapped students who are looking for a reliable working computer can find the Chromebook as an ideal choice for them.

(Update) List of Best Chromebooks to Buy in 2022:

Lenovo Flex 5i

Price: $411 USD

The Lenovo Flex 5i is undoubtedly one of the finest Chromebooks on the market. This 13-inch machine is an all-rounder that offers a great performance compared to all other Chromebooks that are being sold for less than $500. 

You would have noticed that many cheap Chromebooks are unable to handle multiple tasks at the same time. However, the Core i3 processor and 8 GB RAM of this laptop will get you through your daily tasks with ease. 

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 (13″) is also a decent option, however; it only offers a 4 GB RAM with the same processor. Overall, the Flex 5i is a much better option as it also offers a 64 GB storage with Intel UHD graphics and Touchscreen display.

Asus Chromebook Flip C536

Price: $495 USD

For people that are looking to avail the services of a bigger screen and a good number pad, the Asus Chromebook Flip C536 (C536EA-BI3T3) is a splendid option. It has a 15.6-inch touchscreen that gives you a lot of room to do the work and enjoy at the same your favorite shows at the same time. 

However, the bigger screen also means that this laptop becomes a little bulkier. This is a machine that is best used when not carried everywhere. If you cannot get your hands on this product, you can also get the almost similar Asus Chromebook Flip CM5 (CM5500FDA-DN344T).

Chromebooks are going to be hard to find when the school shopping season starts and you can also turn your old Windows or Mac computer into a Chromebook.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Price: $549 USD

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a fantastic option for people that are agreed upon paying for a smaller and lighter Chromebook with a longer battery life. The Lenovo Flex 5i is a great option for many people, however; the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a much sleeker and a portable machine. 

If you need your laptop on you all the time and had to carry it all day, then this particular machine is the best option for you. It only has USB-C ports but if you own older peripherals that use USB-A, you will have to get a dongle or dock to accommodate them. 

Also, it should be noted that the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is not recommended to be used with a Celeron processor because it is too slow for its price. You’d also get a touchscreen with Full HD graphics and not to mention, this product has also won the Amazon Choice Award.

Previous list of the best Chromebooks on offer:

HP Chromebook x2

Best Chromebooks 2021

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As we have discussed before, there is a huge variety of Chromebooks and some of them belong to the premium level whilst some of them are budget Chromebooks.

However, the HP x2 is definitely made for the elite class that doesn’t really care about the money being spent. It is extremely sophisticated in design and stylish looks are complemented by the sound of Bang and Olufsen. It also has a 2-in-1 form factor.

The mind-blowing thing is that you can completely detach the screen and the keypad to make it look like a tablet or a laptop, as you want.

You will also get the Microsoft Surface-style along with an Active Pen stylus. If we ignore its high price for a moment, then we will give our vote of the best Chromebook to buy in 2022 this HP x2 Chromebook because of its power and versatility.

Dell Chromebook 14 7000

best chromebook under $300

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Dell knows about the ethos and the mentality of Chromebook users and that is why they have released their latest 14 7000 Chromebook.

It is perfectly blended with style and performance to impress its users. It’s not affordable for many but; it gives you everything you’re expecting from a Chromebook, including Android support.

The built-in features are more than enough to function without any problems and they’re also more than what the Chromebook actually requires. And the processing of memory and graphics is also pretty good. The 2-in-1 form factor adds a lot of versatility to this device and it certainly looks the part.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

best chromebook for business

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Another Chromebook that is highly regarded as one of the best in the business is the Asus Chromebook Flip C434.

It comes with a beautiful design and you can also flip the device both ways. It also supports the Android apps and the C434 model from Asus is arguably one of the best Chromebooks that you’d find to buy in 2022. ⠀

You’re going to get lots of important features such as an m3, i5 or an i7 processor along with 8GB to 128GB of storage memory. It also comes with 87% screen to body ratio that is only found in premium Windows laptops. The internal features are also quite amazing.

Acer Chromebook 514

best chromebook for students

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We have observed a great improvement in Chromebook services and features they are offering. The manufacturers are also making lots of efforts to increase the amount of storage on offer.

However, the makers of Acer Chromebook 514 are not too much into providing everything that’s not necessary. They are keen to provide you the basics so that the buyers don’t feel the pressure of extra money being spent.

Such components should be more than sufficient to maintain Chrome OS operating well over the coming years and the design of the laptop will combine beauty with functionality. You can also enjoy the android apps from the play store.

Google Pixelbook

best chromebook for seniors 2020

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Google’s Pixelbook goes on for two years that’s not all about Chrome OS, but it’s about an upcoming update. If we compare the Google Pixelbook with the current Chromebooks on offer in the market then we can safely say that the Pixelbook is still pretty good in functions and features compared to all the Chromebooks on the market at the moment.

If we talk about the features it is offering then the strong specifications are complemented by a beautiful touch-screen, stylus support and compatibility with Android apps.

You can also fold the beautiful display to form a temporary tablet. It is safe to say that most of the fans and customers would love to see Google Pixelbook 3 getting launched soon.

Acer Chromebook R13

best chromebook under $200

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If we talk about the strong specs and features then this Acer Chromebook R13 might not find its place amongst the best Chromebook in 2022. However, this little and not so beautiful Chromebook is still on our best Chromebooks to buy in 2022 list because of its powerful battery life.

It is not the most powerful or the most versatile device out there but it definitely does enough to keep its place in the list.

You obviously can’t get a beautiful 13.3-inch screen at such a low price and the 2-in-1 form factor allows you to use it in tent or tablet configurations as well. Yes, it fully supports the Android apps and you can also use it as a larger Android phone.

ASUS Chromebook C523

best chromebook for students

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Chromebooks are not really bigger on display and most of them do not provide the luxury of big screens. However, the Asus C523 is one of the rare Chromebooks on our list that is giving you an ideal screen display of 15.6-inches. It has been added to our list of best Chromebooks for 2022 because of the same reason.

You will have to give up on some portability if you’re looking to buy this Chromebook but you should also keep in mind that there’s a lot of space for web-pages and android apps. Given the wider than the normal screen, the price is still fair and many ports are available to play with.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11

google chromebook

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If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful Chromebook then this Acer Spin 11 can be your perfect pick. It is extremely portable and versatile in nature and features as well.

It also brings a stylus with it. You get an idea of the Chromebooks to be really good for entertainment and fun and also the Android apps are very smoothly running on it.

We understand the fact that with the screen resolution and internally stored low-lights, you don’t get the best specification but this is always very usable and will give you good service for several years. This is a pretty good alternative compared to the features that are provided by the Windows and macOS laptops.

Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11

i5 chromebook

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What do you specifically look for when you’re looking to buy a Chromebook? We’re sure that the specifications and functions don’t really matter in a Chromebook as long as it is capable of supporting the Android apps. The Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 3000 is perfectly suitable for the support of android apps and it also doesn’t offer much in the line of features.

It has a thin and lightweight display along with a sturdy exterior that is perfectly suitable to be carried along on a trip. You can also pass it through to the kids in your home.

It is great if you’re using it as a backup computer. For instance, you need a quick email to be sent or some paragraphs or words needed to be re-written. So, it has good a definite position in our list for best Chromebooks to buy in 2022.

Samsung Chromebook Pro


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Samsung is slowly and steadily headed in the right direction as far as the Chromebooks market is concerned. They have also released their Samsung Chromebook Pro that offers 2-in-1 mode like the other Chromebooks in competition.

Samsung is a huge tech giant in the industry and it is only natural to understand that it has released a very unique version of the Chromebook.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is fully compatible with all the android apps and there’s a built-in stylus support as well to make the style-oriented people happy. You can use the screen in tablet format as well by turning the hinges 360-degrees.

Samsung is also known for making great designs and this Chromebook Pro is also coming with an attractive 12.3-inch QHD touch-screen. We can say that the designers and body manufacturers of the company have put in all their efforts to make the Chromebook Pro look like a device made by the experienced Samsung creators.

Since it is a powerful 2-in-1 device so we can neglect the 9 hours of battery life. However, we would have liked to see a much faster keyboard but even with the same specifications, the Chromebook Pro is certainly in the race of the best Chromebooks to buy in 2022.