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Acer Swift 5

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People always look for laptops and computers that great in design and outlook. It is also the case with Acer laptops as they’re beautifully made and it always catches the eye of the customer.

Even in recent years, the tech company from Taiwan has released all of its laptops with great design and look to attract more and more customers. We can safely say that Acer has been bringing all the creative designs into place when it comes to laptop manufacturing. They have also been kept their devices at a very decent and affordable price so that the customers from every class can think about buying it somehow.

If we talk about the overall design then it is perhaps the lightest and slimmest laptop that we have seen so far from Acer. The Acer Swift 5 is a newly launched laptop in 2022 and the 14-inch ultra-portable devices focus on being as thin and light as possible.

It might be lightweight and thin in its overall design but it will not bother you when you’re doing your daily tasks on it. The Acer Swift 5 will take you through all your daily routine tasks with ease and perfection.

As we have discussed before, Acer puts in a lot of effort in giving the look to its laptops. Interestingly, the Acer Swift 5 is also pretty attractive with thin bezels and sleek design. It also has gold lettering on its keyboard and it certainly has the ability to blow away anybody with its attractive design.

In addition to the device we are reviewing here, Acer offers various other configurations as well and you should consult with your local laptop provider for details. We have put this particular model of laptop in the mid-range of the market.

Design & Build

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This Acer Swift 5 is going to give you the executive feel because its gold and blue models are simply classic and beautiful. The looks are fantastic and you won’t be ashamed when you’re using it in a public place.

It’s a well-assembled laptop, starting from the matte finish of the keyboard and the lid to the subtle lighting under the keys. Some keys are a bit busy with the text on them, but the aesthetics of the Acer Swift 5 are only very minor problems.

It will also give you a great viewing experience because the 14-inch, 1920×1080 pixel screen is a treat for any laptop user. The display is quite bright and sharp and you can enjoy it from a remarkable variety of angles.

We can argue that it might not be the best or the highest resolution screen that you have on your Acer Swift 5 but still, the display is pretty good and performs really well when you’re busy watching movies or typing a letter to your loved ones.

Another great thing is the light and thin design of the device that makes it really easy to carry. The weight is just 990 grams and it is solid enough to be put into a bag when you’re in a rush hour. Thin bezels always do a wonderful job and any laptop would be considered lucky to have them. Because of these small bezels on the side, it doesn’t cover the display too much and you get a nice view of the screen.

All these features that we have discussed so far are not commonly found in cheap laptops. The Acer Swift 5 is also not really cheap and you’d forgive yourself for thinking it was a laptop that billed a lot more than it does. The overall design is quite enticing even when it is closed. It has ‘Swift’ written on the side of its hinge and the lid shuts down with a supportive click.

Performance & Features:


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The below given performance details belong to Acer Swift 5 packed with a 10th gen Quad-core Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD space storage, and integrated UHD graphics. It was not suitable for video editing and the run of demanding games But it is an impressive mid-range combo and it smoothly went through everything else tested in it.

Another great thing that we noticed in the Acer Swift 5 is its behavior as far as the inner noise and sound is concerned. With multiple tabs opened, it keeps on doing with all sorts of work on it without making any unpleasant sound. It’s very quiet and decent laptop in this aspect.

Without thinking about drawing attention or distracting others, you can use this laptop anywhere. People are mostly watching movies and shows on laptops and the Acer Swift 5 responds really well in that department as well. It has a set of integrated speakers that gives you the freedom of not worrying about separate speakers or headphones.

You also get an HDMI out port, a USB-C port and two USB-A ports for connecting your devices along with a headphone jack socket. All of the above-mentioned features make the Acer Swift 5 a versatile machine and the fingerprint scanner also makes logging into Windows much easier.

The battery life of the Acer Swift 5 is perhaps not the ideal choice for people looking for extra battery hours from a laptop. However, the battery life of the Acer Swift 5 is not terrible at all. Feel free to get a lot of things happening at the same time, Acer manages it beautifully and still gives 6 to 7 hours of battery time.

This is not bad, and if you’re away from the office you should get through most of the working day. You may not get that much if you ramp up the brightness of the screen or run many challenging tasks.

Price & Verdict:

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If we talk about the price and availability then you can get the new Acer Swift 5 online at around $1000. You might feel the price is a bit expensive but the features it provides and the design it carries, you’d persuade your heart to pay for it. We won’t say it is one of the best laptops in the market but it is not for those people looking to save some money.

We would say it offers better value at this price point than most laptops. You’d fall in love with the Acer Swift 5 because of its design and smooth functioning as well. If you’re looking for something around or less than $1000, then the Acer Swift 5 should be considered. It is a really nice and compact machine at that price. The slim and sleek design is another amazing attraction in this beautiful piece.

Overall, we’d not say that this is the perfect laptop for anybody to have right now because there are some loopholes such as the keyboard keys and the battery life, in particular, are signs of concern for us. However, all these drawbacks are not serious ones and are common in any mid-range machine.

The only real drawback is perhaps the presence of so many other options in Windows 10 laptops compared to the Acer Swift 5. You should think about all these qualities when you’re looking to buy a laptop with good performance and price balance. Also, you might not find any better-looking laptop in this range.