Best Xbox One Games to Buy and Play 2022

Microsoft Launched The Bounty Program for Xbox - Pays upto $2,000

Hey guys welcome back once again to another insightful and entertaining blog post. On this platform, we have been reviewing top-notch products from different brands and we have also talked about minor components as well.  Today’s article is going to be a bit different. In the recent future, we talked and reviewed some of the …

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Best budget TVs for PS5 to buy in 2022 –

Best budget TVs for PS5 to buy in 2022 Hello and welcome to another analytical piece as we talk you through the best tech products in the market. Today, we’re going to talk about the best budget TVs for PS5. In this particular category, you are going to find a lot of products that will …

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HyperX Gaming Grade Wireless, Light Weight and Durable Headset

HyperX Wireless Headset

Get this amazing HyperX wireless headset for just $50 Playing video games is a common hobby and it is developing rapidly nowadays. A lot of people prefer gaming with headsets while others feel that speakers are fine. Basically, headsets are great if you want to snuggle up your ears and deliver the sound straight into …

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Best Sony PlayStation VR Games to Buy in 2022 – Top 5

Top 5 Best SonyPlaystation VR Games to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

Are you looking to try out VR? Well, there are many aspects to this technology. First of all, the price of investing in a full-fledged PC-based system will surely discourage you. On the other hand, some less expensive standalone headsets are coming with an amazing graphical capability and it will make you rethink before investing …

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Best Racing Wheels to Buy in 2022 – Improve Gaming Experience

Top 5 Best Racing Wheels to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

If you’re driven towards driving in an authentic way on your PCs and various gaming consoles, you’ve probably thought about gifting yourself a wheel to play with. Wheels are basically used in racing games and they can certainly bring a lot of difference to your overall racing experience in various car-racing games. On one hand, …

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Best Xbox Series X & S Accessories 2022 – Top 5

Top 5 Best Xbox X/S accessories to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

We are here with great news for all the professional and immature gamers out there. It has been revealed that the Xbox Series X and Series S are finally out. Therefore, we can surely anticipate next-generation gaming with improved graphics and higher resolution picture quality. In the meantime, it is also pretty important to have …

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Best PS5 Accessories to Buy in 2022 – Improve Your Gaming Experience

Top 6 Best PS5 Accessories to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

The much-anticipated PS5 has been launched finally. It’s a pretty fantastic console and we absolutely love our time with it. However, whenever a new console comes in. There are tons of extras that are required to be bought as well. In our today’s analytical piece, we’re going to talk about the accessories that are almost …

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Best Nintendo Switch Headsets to Buy in 2022 – Wired and Wireless

Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch headsets to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

There is a vast majority of people that remember Nintendo as their childhood companion. A lot of kids that were born in the 90s would agree that Nintendo Switch has been one of their most cherished childhood memories. It is basically a console and an all-in-one portable device that contains many games inside it. However, …

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Microsoft vision of Teams Rooms – Natural Feel and Immersive Experience

Microsoft Employees Payroll Leaks - How Much Do They Earn?

Microsoft’s vision of Hybrid Conference Setup: Teams Rooms Microsoft has been working on innovative solutions for meetings and offices since a long time. Surface Hub is one of their efforts to offer better solutions for everyday problems. Now, they have released a video which shows how we can expect our virtual meetings to work in …

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