Best Drawing Tablet for Kids to Buy in 2022

Kids are the most exposed to electronic gadgets these days. There is no doubt about the fact that the best drawing tablets for kids are in a lot of demand these days. Tablets are the most popular among kids because parents mostly don’t allow their children to have personal smartphones early in their age.

The most important thing for a parent is to make sure that their kids are involved in healthy activities when using any sort of gadget. For this reason, most of the parents trust drawing tablets for kids because they learn, and can also engage themselves in mild entertainment.

Our today’s analytical piece is purely dedicated to kids that are looking to get their new tablet. We will be shedding light on some of the best drawing tablets for kids and parents can keep a close look at this guide to choose the best possible product for their children.

We will try to diversify this list as much as possible because different people like different devices and we are sure that most of the below-reviewed devices will attract a lot of customers.

Top Best drawing tablets for kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Price: $189.99 USD

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

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Samsung is the most trusted company across the globe and most parents will definitely prefer a device from Samsung for their kids. It is because the products of this company are very reliable and they’re very sustainable because of their rugged nature.

Immersive display:

As far as drawing tablets for kids are concerned, you’d certainly prefer a device with a great display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 comes with a nice 10.4-inch immersive display that offers a native resolution of 2000×1200 pixels. It offers a pretty un-interrupted visual experience when you’re streaming videos of playing your favorite games.

Expandable memory:

This particular tablet from Samsung offers 3 GB RAM alongside 32 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 1 TB. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor and it is also pretty compatible with a lot of applications.

Final thoughts:

With an 8 MP primary camera and 5 MP front-facing camera, we believe that it’s a perfect match for your child because it meets almost all the requirements of a good drawing tablet. It is available at less than $250 and is pretty affordable for almost all kinds of customers around the globe. The powerful features of this device make it one of the best choices for kids that are looking to buy a new drawing tablet.


• Great display
• Expandable memory
• 3 GB RAM
• Affordable
• Rugged & reliable
• Amazon Choice Award


• Battery life could have been improved

Apple iPad mini

Price: $384.99 USDApple iPad Mini

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Rich dads need to take a look at the Apple iPad mini if they’re looking to buy a new drawing tablet for their kids. The Apple iPad mini is one of the most widely used tablets around the world and it is not restricted to any specific age group.

Retina display:

The Apple iPad mini comes with a cool 7.9-inch Retina display with a true ton and wide color accuracy. It also has a Touch ID and fingerprint sensor. You’d also get a lightning connector for charging and accessories.

A12 Bionic chip:

Apart from its 64 GB memory storage, this best drawing tablet for kids is powered by an A12 Bionic chip that operates with extreme power. The overall look of this tablet is also quite stylish and its compact design will definitely attract a lot of users. You can also opt for a 256 GB version by paying a few extra bucks.

Final thoughts:

The Apple iPad mini is available in three different colors and it gives you a battery life of almost 10 hours. With an 8 MP back camera and 7 MP FaceTime HD front camera, you can’t ask for anything else. If you have a decent budget, the Apple iPad mini would be a perfect choice for your child as far as drawing tablets are concerned.


• Retina display
• 64 GB memory
• 10 hours battery life
• 8 MP back 7 MP HD front camera


• Small screen size

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Price: $139.99 USD

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

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The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a tablet specially designed for kids but you cannot specifically call it a drawing tablet. However, there are tons of drawing apps that can be installed on this device that can make this a worthy drawing tablet.

Octa-core CPU:

This powerful tablet is operated by an Octa-core CPU that works at a speed of 2.0 GHz and it also offers a decent 2 GB RAM alongside 32 GB of internal storage as well. It also has a 2 MP front camera and its rear camera offers a 720p video recording option as well.

Parental controls:

It also offers parental controls so that you can keep your children safe and secure. You can also limit the screen time and manage the content for at least four child profiles.

You can also limit the access of your children to social media through its ‘FreeTime’ mode when it is activated. It also offers dual-band WiFi along with an integrated Bluetooth and a microphone as well.

Final thoughts:

There are many things to like about this device such as its Octa-core processor, 720p recording and 32 GB internal storage.

It is a special kids-edition tablet and adds value to the overall skill development of your child through its various helpful features. It gives you a Full HD display and its Amazon Choice Award is a clear example of its caliber and performance.


• Octa-core processor
• 32 GB internal storage
• Parental controls
• 720p recording


• A little overpriced

XP-PEN Artist 12

Price: $199.99 USDXP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch

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The XP-PEN Artist 12 is one of the finest drawing tablets on the market currently. Besides being extremely portable and compact, it offers some useful features that are great for users of almost every age and group.

Full HD display:

This Artist 12 comes with a really cool 11.6-inch Full HD IPS display that makes it a great source of entertainment. It has a pressure sensitivity of almost 8192 levels and the accuracy behind its paint and drawing is immaculate.

Battery-free pen:

You must have heard about battery-free pens and the advanced PO6 pen from XP-PEN is a clear example of it. It is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS and it also supports popular digital art softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and a few others.

Final thoughts:

Overall, the XP-PEN Artist 12 is something you can consider buying if you’re looking for a dedicated drawing tablet. It comes with a lot of handy features and you won’t regret spending your money on it.

The XP-PEN Artist 12 supports Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), MAC OS 10.10 and higher. It is also compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator and other softwares such as CorelDraw. It weighs around 2 pounds and you’d also get USB and HDMI port.


• Battery-free pen
• Full HD IPS display
• 8192 levels of sensitivity
• USB & HDMI port


• Support system is a little weak

Tecboss LCD Writing Tablet

Price: $9.99 USDTecboss LCD Writing Tablet

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TECBOSS has been making a lot of tablets, particularly for kids. The Tecboss LCD Writing tablet is upgraded in 2022 and there are different useful features of this device that are quite admirable. It weighs around 4.6 ounces and its gray color is also quite attractive, to say the least.

It comes with a colorful electronic digital doodle board drawing pad and also educational apps. It is a perfect gift for your child if he/she is growing interest in artistic stuff.


One of the main concerns of a parent is the eye-protection of their kids and this Tecboss LCD Writing tablet seems to be filling that space beautifully.
It gives you full space for writing and drawing because its eye-protection colorful screen of doodle board gives you an extremely worthy painting experience. There is no glare or blue light that can harm your child’s eyesight.


The portable and lightweight nature of this device is another great addition to its overall core features. It is made of high-quality ABS material and you shouldn’t worry about any accidental hiccups because its overall build quality is also pretty strong.

Final thoughts:

It is a great choice for kids and it is also regarded as one of the best drawing, painting, writing, taking notes and doodling tablets. It is also one of the most affordable devices on the list and it won’t break your bank either.


• ABS material
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Eye protection


• Stylus is not comfortable for kids

FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

Price: $19.99 USDFLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inch

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FLUESTON is another magnificent company in the race of tablets that gives your children a great deal of entertainment, education and it is suitable for long term usage. It has a flicker-free screen and there is no radiation as well. Therefore, your eye protection becomes the top priority of this device.

Low power consumption:

Kids are obviously very ruthless with their usage of gadgets and they always need a device with long-term battery. It has a special CR2032 button cell that gives up to 12 months of battery life and it can be replaced as well.


It’s a pretty user-friendly device that allows you to draw colorful lines with its stylus and you can also write and draw with your nails and spoons etc. It is also a pretty portable device and the overall case is pretty protective.

Final thoughts:

It has good shock resistance and there is no way you can crack its screen with accidental hiccups or drops. It is also recommended to use this device under good lighting conditions because that brings good and bright colors.

Overall, we will definitely recommend this device to all the parents out there that are looking for a protective drawing tablet for their kids.


• Eye protection
• Bright colors
• 12 months battery
• User friendly


• Needs a lot of light for bright colors

Huion KAMVAS Pro 16

Price: $399.99 USDHuion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

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Huion has been making a lot of competitive devices that are full-laminated with anti-glare glass and full-laminated technology. The KAMVAS Pro 16 is also one of them and we’re going to our end this list of best drawing tablets for kids with this particular device.
Battery-free stylus:

The Kamvas Pro 16 is coming with a drawing monitor alongside a battery-free stylus that goes by the name of PW507. You wouldn’t need to worry about charging after you start using this particular device.

6 press keys:

It has a Touch Bar and 6 press keys and there are different functions of these two keys. It offers you an advanced level of performance and you can also adjust the size of its canvas and brush. You can set the 6 press keys according to your liking.

Final thoughts:

It also has a 15.6-inch IPS screen that will take your viewing experience to the next level. It is a little heavier at 1.2 KG and its thick design is also quite big. All these aforementioned features are enough to meet the requirements of your children from a drawing tablet.


• IPS screen
• 6 press keys
• Battery-free stylus
• Lightweight


• A little heavy

Conclusion: Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

We have discussed the top 7 best drawing tablets for kids in this guide and we must tell you that parents need to research a bit before they buy an electronic device for their children. There is a lot of competition in the market when it comes to drawing tablets in the market and we have compiled this list after a lot of research and hard work.

These seven devices are from different companies around the world and some of them are quite popular because of various remarkable features. If we were to pick the top 3 best devices out of this list then we will keep the Apple iPad mini at the top for its reliable nature. The

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 would be our second best choice because of its immense popularity around the globe and some very useful features for kids. The XP-PEN Artist 12 would be our third best choice because of its great IPS display and collectively great features for kids.

So that was the list guys, write it down in the comments below if you have any questions regarding any of our previous few articles.

All these products are from trustable companies and it takes years to build trust such as these companies have developed in the heart of the customers. We shall see you in the next analytical piece. Until then, good luck with whatever you choose.