List of Best Gaming Mouse to Buy In 2020 – For All Budget Ranges

List of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020

If you’re looking for a perfect gaming mouse to buy in 2020 then we’re here to help you in any manner we can. We have brought you the list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020 and we’d like you to have a look at it.

This beautifully crafted piece will give you information regarding premium and budget mouse. Also, you’d get an idea about the mouse styles, usage scenarios, and other things as well. We’re here to bring you the best mouse suitable for your system.

Whether it’s a top multifunctional game mouse you’re following or one that specializes in a specific game genre (like FPS or MOBA), these are the absolute best gaming mouse of the year 2020 so you can be sure it’ll be of top quality, whatever you select from our list.

If you follow this piece and get any of the below-mentioned devices then your gaming experience is going to be top-notch. We can also assure you that Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars To Buy in 2020 (Editor’s Choice) on the market will improve your performance in budget as well.

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It is easy to say that the PC games are providing a better experience of mouse usage along with a keyboard compared to the DualShock 4 on the PS4 or an Xbox one controller. We have covered the bases here with our range from the best wireless mouse, the best game mouse on the cheap, the best FPS gaming mouse, and even the best gaming mouse and keyboard combination in this guide.


What is the best gaming mouse?

Choose the best gaming mouse in 2020

The competition for the best gaming mice in the year 2020 is getting tougher and tougher. However, we believe that the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO is perhaps the best in the business right now.

The Roccat Kain has a lot of qualities to offer. It offers a stunning look and it has the ability to attract people with its design. It also fits your hands really well because of its evolutionary performance coating.

It also has an excellent accuracy along with Titan Click button mechanics. The amazing thing is the price at which it is being sold. It is not really expensive and it can be listed in the mid-range.


How to choose the best gaming mouse?


If you choose the best gaming mouse, there are several things to consider. With regards to specification, the huge is the resolution in the Dots per inch (DPI). It is advised that you should be looking for something in the 8k to 16k DPI range. The cursor also has physically modified keys. Acceleration and monitoring are also relevant. Consider whether or not the mouse is ambidextrous because some are made for right or left users only and also if the mouse allows the weight to be altered.

You should always check whether the mouse carries any programmable buttons as well and also which genre will suit it best. It is because some of the mice are geared towards the first-person shooting use and other real-time strategy titles.

You should always consider the price of the mouse first because it acts as a major factor. A good gaming mouse is going to charge you around £80 and you shouldn’t be paying more unless you’re looking to get wireless functions as well. It is not a hidden secret that there are many different gaming mice available in the market that also promise to deliver great performance in all the aspects.

Before you make any significant investment, we’d like you to search around and research the best ones in the market. Also, it is not necessary to spend a lot if you’re looking to buy a strong feature-packed rodent. Money is always good to be spent on quality items but the core functionalities of the mouse are what matters a lot for the gamers.


List of Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in 2020

Below if the list of Best Gaming mouse recommended for gamers to buy in 2020.




The company that has launched the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO is making rounds everywhere because of its tagline. They’re saying that this mouse is one step ahead of everyone and they’re actually quite right about it.

If we start talking about its qualities then the design and the look of this product are outstanding, to say the least. It also fits every kind of palm and gives you a nice feeling. Nevertheless, the rectangular and consistent back-to-head movement ensures that claw grips are very well-catered.

Most of the frame is lacquered with a fine rubber finish that is described by Roccat as an “evolutionary performance layer” that resists dirt and moisture building and delivers high anti-wear rates.

Together with the classy white and black colors and the brushed metal button divider, this gearbox makes Kain amazingly eye-catching, even for zero AIMO natural light. The Kain 120 AIMO is incredibly fast, almost certainly to a very low weight of only 89 grams.

No weighting system is available here to slow down the mouse, and fans of light and medium-weight mice will be in the sky, particularly if they are keen for fast game genres like FPS. The titan click button mechanics is, however, the real winner of the show in this Kain 120 AIMO.

These specially designed mechanical switches from Omron have been mounted more edge up into the chassis of Kain to increase actuation speed, enabling mouse clicks to be recorded 16ms fastest, along with the intelligent firmware algorithm, that improves signal processing speed.

The clicks of the buttons are very sharp, accurate and crispy. The thing that impresses the most is the combination of features used in the Kain AIMO.

The illumination engine of the device can easily sync with other AIMO supported devices. Also, the advanced technology of Owl-Eye optical sensor will allow you to ramp things up to almost 16k DPI. The lift-off distance is also adjustable and the amazingly affordable price of $63 in the UK is also a surprise for us. These are some of the important features that brought this mouse in the list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.

A person who is looking for heavy mice and is running towards wireless features then this Kain 120 AIMO is not made for him at all. However, all other customers are going to love this mouse and you must check it before you decide to upgrade your mouse.


Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse


This device and the Logitech Company itself hold a great reputation in the gaming mouse industry. The new arrival G502 Lightspeed is another great addition to the list because it promises almost everything the company is known for. There is a clear reason why we have chosen this in our review as one of the best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.

It is a wireless mouse by nature but it is also compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay continuous charging technology. The response time, the design and everything else is up to the mark as well. So you’re going to get the luxury of using the mouse in wireless mode as well as in the charge-use and recharge-wireless mode as well.  You can also use this mouse in the continuous charging mode on a compatible mouse pad.

The amazing battery life will give you the benefits of getting your G502 charged-less in between wireless uses off a Powerplay. Where Logitech G703 offers a 24-hour battery life allowed by lighting, the G502 Lightspeed can provide twice that number, with an addition of 24 more hours and clocking up to a total of 48 hours.

You can get excellent accuracy with the new next-gen HERO 16K gaming sensor, and the Lightspeed will certainly give you that pleasure. The weight is also extremely light of this device as it weighs just around 114 grams. You can also adjust the weight according to your needs and choices.

Basically, the Logitech Lightspeed is an all-rounder that gives you features like wireless use and continuous wireless functionality. It has to be one of the best in the business if we look into its current competitors.


CORSAIR Sabre – RGB Gaming Mouse


If you’re looking to save some money and you’re concerned about the top performance as well during your gaming sessions, then this Corsair Sabre RGB is going to be your preferred choice.

You will get 8 programmable buttons along with a great refresh rate of 1,000Hz. Isn’t it fantastic with the combination of 10k dpi, superb and comfortable design and sleek design of just around 100 grams? We believe it’s a fantastic combination to be in the list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.

It also has the ability to describe the hue and brightness level of multiple lighting zones and Corsair also doesn’t believe in wasting money lighting options because it has a Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) as well.

In all, a decent gaming mouse at a very good price and it should be on your list if you’re looking to upgrade to one of the best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.


Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming-Maus



This is one of those definite gaming mice that are going to impress you with almost everything in offers. The absolutely fantastic Glorious Model O is offering an ergonomic fit in your hands along with the snug. The weight is extremely light and the build is fantastic as well. You’d also get great sensitivity in this device.

If the limit is only 68 grams, then in recent times it has also been one of the lightest gaming mice. The scroll-wheel is also coming with its own lights in this model and the lightweight is also not necessary and favorable to everyone. However, on the other side, you’d also get a plethora of colorful lighting options for almost every side of the device.

You’re going to find it very easily in your dark gaming room. A color-coded DPI indicator is available here, so you always know the settings.

We can argue about the credibility of the Glorious Company but we have to say that with its Model O, they are certainly climbing up in reputation in this industry. The white look might not interest many people so they have also decided to launch the black model. It has all the good reasons to have a place in our list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.


ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse RGB


The ROG Spatha mouse has a huge price tag at £130, but it is then a great piece of hardware in the Asus elite Republic of Gamers and is an excellent choice for us to be reviewed in the best gaming mouse to buy in 2020 list.

Created from magnesium alloy, it is specially designed to be used by MMORPG players and boosts a sensor of 8,200 dpi with 2k Hz wired polling (1k Hz wirelessly), 16 million colors possible for lighting and 12 programmable buttons.

It has to be one of the biggest, strongest and heaviest mice because it weighs around 179 grams. If you’re using a palm grip instead of a claw grip then you must find it comfortable in your hands.

The design on the side buttons is a bit odd compared to other mice in the list. However, we can understand that it has been done only to accommodate the ROG logo on the side. You will get used to it but the odd shape cannot be identified easily. The left and right key buttons are separate for soft-touch clicks from the frame. If you like, you can swap them for heavier switches.

Here’s a lot of money we’re worried about, but there’s a lot of mice here. It’s definitely on your list along with the Logitech G502 if you’re serious about MMORPGs.


Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse


The Razer Deathadder Elite is perhaps the most desirable mouse of 2020 because it has almost all the functions of a great gaming mouse. The style and design are mind-blowing with 16k DPI resolutions as well. You’d also get up to 450 IPS/ 5G acceleration and mechanical mouse switches that are also brilliant.

In addition to the spec theme, the textured rubber and the tactile buttons that are enjoyable to use are also impressive. Razer Synapse is supported, so you have 16.8 million colors for a bit more light.

Perhaps, it isn’t so eye-catching like some other models here, but where it matters it’s simple, precise and efficient. You can expect the Razer Deathadder Elite’s gaming prowess to rise to stage.

It has been reported that this mouse has been sold to over 10 million users and their response is not negligible. It is an all-rounder with the abilities, sold crazily and on our list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020 in the market.


Logitech G502 SE Hero RGB Gaming Mouse


We have to say that the Logitech G502 SE Hero has to be on our best gaming mouse to buy in 2020 list. However, the design and the look are quite crowded and angular that means not everyone is going to love it. Everything else considered, we must say that this mouse is really going to help you find a way through your favorite gaming sessions.

You’d get an impressive 16k DPI sensitivity along with repositionable 3.6 grams of weight. There are 11 programmable buttons as well.

The RGB light can also be customized on the Logitech 502 SE Hero, giving you a flexible, convenient and solid gaming mouse in your hand. The Logitech 502 SE Hero is not going to give you the luxury of wireless usage but it is not a loophole at all because you won’t have to worry about recharging or upgrading batteries.

A dignified successor to Logitech G502, and it is also available at an extremely spirited and affordable price.


ROCCAT KONE Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse


This is another gaming mouse that is all about its sleek and slim design. The 67-gram device is perhaps one of the best in the business when it comes to Kone Pure range. Do not look any further if you want a gaming mouse without the blink of flash and weight.

However, the AIMO lighting system is also compatible and you’d get 512KB of built-in memory to store your macros. Play any game you want to play on this Kone Pure Ultra and you will get an ultra-fast response rate along with the 16k DPI owl-eye sensors. The 1k Hz polling rate cannot be ignored as well.

When using the mouse, you feel as comfortable, clicky and powerful as you would expect from the Roccat experts.

It should be an absolute treat to use this mouse because its ability to scroll, swipe is second to none. It is coming at extremely affordable prices and that is exactly why it is on our list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.


HyperX Pulsefire Surge


The HyperX is coming with 16k DPI sensors and its buttons are also backed up by 50 million clicks rated Omron switches. It also has the feature of on-board memory to store user profiles and a ‘Light Ring’ lighting system is also there to give you 360-degree RGB effects.

With this smart, RGB-light gaming mouse, HyperX continues its impressive foray into the high-end gaming devices market. With the HyperX NGenuity software, all mouse settings can also easily be modified and customized. It is one of the best gaming mouse in 2020 without a shadow of a doubt.




We have the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 next on our list and it has to be one of the best in the feature-packed and customizable gaming mice category. The versatility is in the form of an adjustable palm rest, ambidextrous and interchangeable side grips, and adjustable weights of course.

For the internal hardware, the MX780 included a laser sensor for 8,200 DPI that supports DPI switching on the fly along with 8 programmable buttons and on-board profile memory storage and a 1k Hz polling rate as well.

In addition, this attractive gaming mouse can also be purchased for a very attractive cost. It is one of the best gaming mouse to buy on the market in 2020, predominantly if you are following a distinguished design.





The Asus ROG Gladius II is a curvy pleasant appearance that gives one hell of a look to the mouse. It also has no software or hardware, a very strong 12k DPI sensor, a 50g acceleration and the left or right buttons detach is what makes it distinguished.

You won’t get any fancy swappable weight system in this device, however, a plethora of features such as the clickable scroll wheel, Omron switches, and a sensitivity toggle makes it useful for every kind of user. It definitely reaches our list for the best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.

Also, you should not forget that this Gladius II is perfectly suitable for all those customers who are looking for RGB lighting. The colors and patterns are designed in such a way that they’re compatible to be synced across other Asus peripherals as well.


SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse


There are a few things that you would find odd in the SteelSeries Sensei 310 such as the absence of weight adjustment and its plasticky ending. However, these sacrifices have been made to take other features to the next level. We believe the manufacturers have been able to do it properly.

It is one of the most affordable gaming mouse to buy in 2020 with its ambidextrous design that is suitable both to the left and to the right. It has Super precise 12k DPI sensors and lightweight construction that weighs only 92 g. It could be the best game mouse for you if you’re a fan of lighting systems with high-end and strong accessories.


ROCCAT KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse


This Roccat Kone AIMO can be tagged as one of the best gaming mouse to buy to come out in the year 2020. It is not only one of the slimmest mice on the market, but it has a great variety of customizable characteristics including Easy-Shift that gives a second feature to each of its twelve buttons along with five individual profiles and a lot more like the magnificent RGB lighting.

It is one of the best peripheral in the modern-day industry but it is only available in the right-hand form. It definitely makes to our list of the best gaming mouse in 2020.


Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse


We’re back to Logitech devices once again as the Logitech G903 comes out in our list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020. Logitech has made some improvements to its iconic G900 game mouse design and, although these updates are small, they are merely used to lift an already powerful PC peripheral.

You’re not going to get any latency when you’re playing your favorite games because the Logitech G903 has a 1ms report rate for competition-level twitch targeting’. You’d get various DPI levels that are ranging from 200 to 12k. It also has the mechanical buttons that are used for giving important feedback.

It is costly but you can always put your trust in Logitech’s hardware if you want to experience the best gaming session.


SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse


Two optical sensors are supplied for this new model, one for normal motion detection and another for clocking when you pick the mouse off the desk. You will have an extra control and comfort with its rubberized grip with a set of mechanical buttons.

SteelSeries is also doing everything right to make sure the leading manufacturers in the industry accept their credibility. They have announced the Rival 600 as a remodeled mouse and it’s an addition to their Rival range.

You must get this device if you’re looking for RGB lighting and can’t compromise with light during your favorite gaming sessions.


CORSAIR Dark Core SE – RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse


The wireless mice are not really popular among the masses and the new release by Corsair is hoping to end the mindset regarding all the non-wired devices. The Qi-Charging of this new model is also good at fixing the long-running latency and response issues. Check out list of Best Wireless Qi-Enabled Chargers To Buy: Pros/Cons & Price (February 2020).

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is giving you a massive 16k DPI along with a 1ms latency rate so make sure that you don’t feel abandoned by this wireless device. It only has a little loophole and that is you can’t use the device while it is charging on a normal Qi charger.

In order to get things done, you’d have to pay a little cash to buy the Corsair MM1000 Qi mouse pad. It will allow you to keep using the device even if it is on charging mode.


CORSAIR Glaive – RGB Gaming Mouse


Corsair is definitely making huge strides in the gaming mouse industry. The latest device of the company Glaive RGB hopes to blow away everyone with its amazing ability of adjustable thumb grips and RGB lighting.

You’d find this device as one of the most ergonomic designs on the market and the overall design is pretty sleek as well, making a really slick gaming mouse.

The Omron switches installed in this model are going to give you 50million clicks per model and the tracking system is also quite great because it gives you around 16k DPI so that you never feel exhausted when it comes to response times. You might feel its price to be a bit costly but it provides great value for your money that is why it is here on the list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.


Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 Claw Grip Gaming Mouse


If we talk about gaming mice generally then we can sense the prices to be a little out of reach of most of the customers.

It happens because people are looking for a complete package that gives them all the required features.

However, it doesn’t mean that people who are looking to get a quality gaming mouse would have to pay a lot. The COOLER MASTER MASTERMOUSE MM520 is a brilliant gaming mouse ticking almost all the required boxes along with some dependable Omron switches.

In less than £40 you’re going to get a 12k DPI resolution and it should be your all-rounder because it can do all the tasks for you. From your gaming sessions to everyday office/home use, this device is going to assist you everywhere.


Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958


Dell Alienware AW958 Elite, an angular gaming mouse with programmable buttons and customizations, plus robust grip thumb support, comes from Dell’s gaming brand.

You will get around 100-12k DPI to make sure you get a lot of accuracy in your operations. You can also edit the customizable buttons from 9 to 13 according to your choice. You will have four 5g configurable weights as well.

It’s easy to use, it comes from a trustworthy company, and we think it’s pretty stylish. This is certainly one of the best gaming mouse on our list to buy in 2020 and we have added this to our list as well.


Speedlink Tarios RGB Gaming Mouse


You’re going to fall in love as soon as you rest on Speedlink’s Tarios RGB. The ergonomic shape factor is purely designed to accommodate the different hand sizes and grips of a flared board.

This mouse is designed for esports, providing you with an advantage ranging from 12 programmable buttons including rapid-fire to a dazzling 24k DPI to a 1k Hz polling rate.

The Speedlink has brought some style to the device by having a rubber coating for maximum control. It will extend to a rubber grip on the mouse wheel that gives you an excellent premium level feeling. The price is also a bit costly but it gives you value with its features.

The Tarios RGB brings you all you need and comes in for under £50. If you are looking to upgrade your gaming mouse experience, then you must go for this device from our list of best gaming mouse to buy in 2020.


Speedlink Sovos Vertical RGB Gaming Mouse


If you’re looking for something that gives you both the luxuries of a vertical mouse and gaming mouse then you must get this Speedlink Sovos. It is a very good try aimed at bringing the two categories together and the features are also pretty great to start.

It is inexpensive, it’s comfortable in your hand (and of course it is ergonomic), and you can play the RGB lighting effect as well and you’d get a bundled program with some 16.7 million colors with more than 10 different effects to select.

With the addition of seven programmable buttons, this becomes a quality all-round device. The specifications don’t suit the best gaming mouse on the list there but the Speedlink Sovos users will choose it because of the beautiful design and look.