Best Cheap Headsets for Gaming to Buy in 2022 (Top 25 Picks)

The only purpose of this article is to tell the gamers and make them informed and educated about the importance of a good headset while you are playing your favorite game.

Similarly, like our laptop and other recommendations, we have also brought you this amazingly developed guide as to which headphones are going to suit you the best in 2022.

This is the list of Best Headsets for Gaming and they based purely on their audio quality. If you’re looking for something else, you are not going to find it here. This list includes headset recommendations for PS4, Nintendo switch, Xbox one Laptops and other devices.

 Best Headsets for Gaming

It is very necessary to choose the right item because if you’re shopping without any homework, then it is quite possible that you would end up choosing the wrong headset for you. So to help you out in that manner, we have also added some advice as to which headphone is going to suit your system the most.

The variety of gaming headphones is quite large in the market at the moment and it also comes with good news that you might find them cheaper than you think.


Gaming HeadPhones

Right now, perhaps there’s no match for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless and it should emerge as the top pick amongst all other options at the moment.

With their Hi-Res capable speaker drivers, lightweight aluminum and steel construction as well as a swappable dual battery system, SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is one of the most stylish and audible headsets we’ve ever checked.

The Arctis Pro Wireless SteelSeries is just the best games headset for all models we’ve made to play top PC games and PS4 games with audio quality they deserve. Read all of our selections for the best gaming headset available in 2022, you will definitely find at least one pair of gaming cans for your budget and needs.


Best Gaming Headsets

The manufacturers are currently offering multiple versions and you’d have noticed quite commonly that gamers use headsets and headphones of many different companies. And also, all of them look the same in packaging.

Now, it is not important to use a headset of a particular brand, but you must know why you’re opting for that specific headphone.

You must not waste your head earned money. You’re going to need a lot of features if you’re looking for a prolonged gaming hours. From its wearing comfort ability to its mic, everything just needs to be perfect.

How We Organized Our Best Gaming HEADSET GUIDE?

These headphones are chosen from across the very best companies that make them today, so you’ve got a chance to see what all the biggest brands are offering and most importantly, how different they are: from Astro A50 and its stunning 3D surround sound to the classy Roccat Khan Aimo that delivers a built-in DAC with passive noise-cancellation technology, everything seems to fall in place with the best headset for 2022.

Each one might seem to offer the same functions at first glance, but everything from quality construction to fitness, and the comfort of ear cups to features can be different, making each one a unique investment. Whether you are looking for a cutting edge model or just for something to immerse your toes in the gaming audio field, with this new and improved guide to the best gaming headsets for 2022 and beyond we have all the basics to tackle.


1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

 best gaming headset ps4

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The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, the world’s best wireless gaming headset today. It is a great package, providing PS4 and PC players with a great audio experience.

The audio headset not only has a dual-wireless system that can simultaneously connect 2.4G and Bluetooth, it also comes with the packaging of Hi-Res speaker drivers and also a missing microphone.

This device also helps you to listen to talk or music during games. A splendid all-round package includes a highly impressive 40-ft, well-designed wireless transmitter, a lightweight aluminum construction and an exchangeable two-battery power system.


LucidSound LS35X

Best budget gaming headset

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Thanks to its abilities to provide excellent reproduction of sound along with stylish and comfortable designs at attractive price points, LucidSound is one of the favorites of gaming headset designers. We were really impressed by the older game headsets, such as the LucidSound LS40 and LS20, which provided both great quality and great value for money. Pleasantly, with the completely amazing LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround sound gamer headset for Xbox One, this time the headphone manufacturer has returned.

In addition to the usual excellent audio playback with custom 50mm neodymium and luxury hardware magnets, the major thing here is that the LS35X links directly to Xbox One wirelessly without any other cable or base station. You don’t have to worry about anything when you’re playing games because; the LS35X is configuring itself automatically.

If any gamer with an Xbox is looking to upgrade his headset then this LS35X is one of the best available options on the market for now. It has a capacity of handling two mics with proper monitoring and also it is very lightweight in build which top surround sound abilities.


HyperX Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth

Best gaming headset wireless

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HyperX is one of our most prominent peripheral gaming manufacturers right now, with quality sets, like the HyperX Cloud Flight and the HyperX Cloud Revolver S (which are included also in this top gaming Headset 2022 guide), just hit home runs at late.

The HyperX Cloud Mix is the best overall gaming Headset ever made by the company for our money, combining high-end audio playback and superior construction quality with an understated and new style.

The latter two qualities hit you as soon as you unpack your headset with a rigid aluminum frame, cool to touch, wrapped up in a plumb soft headband with memory moisturized ear cups. Everything is coated in a delicious matte black coating, with HyperX’s logo printed on silver as the only impressive detail.

The overall look is awesome. However, given large sales with the Cloud Mix, its Bluetooth features this premium headphone is important. It makes it possible to dip the cabling and use the Mix simply as a very rich standard headphone pair, suitable for mobile games and listen to the music and media.

For our HyperX Cloud Mix, you can use Playstation, PS4, Xbox On, Nintendo, iPhone, Android and VR or any other Bluetooth computer or console, use today’s versatile headset and a wide range of our latest 2022 headsets.

Hi-red audio, 20-hour battery life, removal of boom mics, luxurious cables and a bag complete a high-quality package that is hard to fit. A high quality battery pack is included as well.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAMP

Best gaming headset for music

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Turtle Beach has been redeveloped and it very clearly offers one of the best game headsets available in 2022, as part of its Elite Pro deal. In partnership with leading esports teams, the Elite Pro 2 headset was developed and shown well.

The 50mm wide drivers give this over-the-ear collection of cans remarkably balanced audio playback and clear team talk, whereas the stylish metal belt with a clean suspended head pad also ensures comfort is top. The headset has the elite SuperAmp control, which is a powerful and useful device, apart from sounding stupid.

The SuperAmp can be linked to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app through Bluetooth as well as manually controlling the game headset speeds, which allows the output of your headset to be adjusted by different means and allow special features such as Pro 2 superhuman hearing mode and the Dynamic Chat Boost function.

Throw into a selection of useful audio presets, a quality microphone with variable monitoring quality and super-soft ear pads, and see how one of the most complete and best gaming headsets in 2022 can be easily seen.



Best gaming headset Reddit

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Qpad QH-25 packs in a lot for little money – 7.1 surround sound with rainbow lighting, an inline remote, leather ear-pads and a 40-mm driver. The headset is also supported by PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices. Fortunately, the long list of features combines really good comfort with fitness.

Qpad QH-25 ear pads fit well around your ears and give you an immersive experience from each game headset: the outside world is blocked and all the sounds from the in-game scenes are the priority.

Of course audio quality is the most important thing, and here too the QPad QH-25 offers. We found that with this headset, we were able to pick the quietest sounds without losing the sound to a wall of distortion and noise.


Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

Best gaming headset under $100

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The makers at the Audio-Technica believe that the sound quality is the utmost priority and they’re sending it with a very good price-tag as well. Because the ATH-ADG1X offers not just a high-faith audio experience when playing with 53mm driver that provides solid, precise sound reproduction, but also a 3D Wing support that helps to reduce its weight fully. The weight is still pretty light though.

Even in long gaming sessions, the results are superbly comfortable. The microphone is bright and clear, soft ear pads and a 2-meter cable extension complete a top kit, which will be on our list of the best gaming headsets in 2022.


HyperX Cloud Flight

Best PC gaming headset 2021

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HyperX has created a flexible, compact set of cans to play games or streaming on other networks as a first attempt at a wireless gaming headset.

You will also have no trouble with the Cloud Flight running out of juice with 30 or more hours of battery life on one charge, and it has something to count with its bass. With a meaty punch, this is right there with the best sets on the market. It also comes with a pair of pretty handy 90-degree turn-able ear cups and includes some LED lighting effects to track well. A very nice gaming headset for PC and PS4 players, which is at a competitive price.


SteelSeries Arctis 1

Best gaming headset Xbox One

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Also the most accessible are SteelSeries 1 new cans in our list: This is SteelSeries budget, which allows you to get top-class craftsmanship at a lower price than the remainder of the line. The Arctis 1 uses the same configuration as the 3, 5, 7 and 9X versions for speakers, cushions, and noise canceling microphones, so the headphones don’t cut too many corners to meet the cheap price point.

SteelSeries has changed the design of the headband and no wireless alternative here, but if you want a great gaming headset experience without breaking your wallet, this is an excellent option.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless

Best wireless gaming headset

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The Astro A50 Wireless is without a doubt one of the best gaming headsets, packed with apps, versatility and the spurting style providing you with wireless service.

This is the edition of Xbox One, but it is also available for PS4 while an update is also on the way. These headphones are worth a place on anybody’s shortlist, from the low latency 5GHz technology and the Dolby 7.1 Surround sound which makes you feel that you’re in the game and they’re so comfortable to wear that helps.

You want headphones that will feel great even in extended play sessions, with battery life for the next 15 hours, and at the same time Astro Gaming A50 Wireless fits the bill. The base station included also looks the part.



best gaming headset for mobile

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Comfort and lightness are two essential features of a play headset, particularly for hardcore or eSports players who have to wear a variety of bags over hours straight. The Roccat Noz understands this matter.

With a perfect weight of 210 grams and large ear-cups wrapped in a comfortable padded fabric, Noz makes a pleasure free of moisture for a long period of time when it weights twice the weight of the Sennheiser GSP 600. For contrast, the Noz makes video games a joy for long periods. The 50mm high-caliber Noz Drivers often make it unusual for audio quality, while a Roccat’s Real-Voice microphone cover the whole vocal range and thus offers natural voice chat without distortion.

Other pleasant features such as solid metal hinges and a lever built from stainless steel imbue the headset with a luxurious feeling that stretches beyond its price which today rings into one-third the expenses of a certain number of flagship gaming headphones.


Sennheiser GSP 600

Best headphones for gaming and music

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They are noisy, brash, and the locked ear cups are completely mirrored by the foam-pad mirrors, which drive you into the audio setting violently. If you have a bouncy tone, the GSP 600 wired cans of Sennheiser should be the leader of your lineup.

Several top capabilities include automatic microphone muting in boom arm lifting and sturdy, personalized headband and delicious Playstation, PS4, Xbox One and any other compatibility with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Even the GSP 600 headphones are appropriate to catch the eye in a top-notch 2022 list as closely packed as this one.


Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Best headphones for competitive gaming

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The G633 Artemis Spectrum, which is one such example of the business that blends a lot of beautiful highlights in a single package, is a strong supporter for the best 2022 gaming headsets. Logitech is really updating its headset.

The design of the building is perfect and at once feels light and safe. On the side of the headset there are also a set of convenient hot keys that can be adjusted for certain rapid in-game acts. It looks very radish as well. Wireless audio transmission is always compatible with PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 through 2.4 GHz wireless tech and can be used with any audio quality.

The only slight problem is the battery life is around the 10-hour mark, but it will not be a problem except if you are an esports athlete or a very seasoned gamer.


SteelSeries Arctis 7

most comfortable gaming headset

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SteelSeries, Arctis series is potentially the nearest to gaming headset market, thanks to a design that makes the different models look more like a pro DJ in a studio than a game player in front of a console or monitor.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is one of today’s best gaming headsets with stainless steel finish and balanced 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound which delivers a potent two-way sound and secure sound removal.

Its Wireless connection is one of the clearest links we’ve ever checked with a lag barely for a moment.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

gaming headphones

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If you’re an Xbox One player and you can spend under £100 on a new gaming headphone, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is essentially your best choice. The explanation is that the headset is built in collaboration with Xbox, which ensures that it can attach straight to the console without an adapter therefore, making it officially licensed. It leads to a simple plug in and sit down, while all the installation procedures are set automatically.

The headset includes 50mm drivers, a rechargeable Omni-directional microphone, and a 900mAh battery which allows up to 15 hours of use among charges in terms of speaker hardware. Throw some of the latest gaming headphones at Turtle Beach like Superhuman Hearing and advanced microphone monitoring and you can see how if you’re gaming on Xbox One you certainly have to check the cans package if you are playing.


Sennheiser PC 373D

wired gaming headset

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With a zero pinch and a lightweight design which never weighs on your neck, the Sennheiser PC 373D is one of the most comfortable professional headsets ever.

Every game we tested with it is turned into a cinema of immersion, where individual sounds remain clean and clear, and without being washed out by the bass, as the sound quality is also killing it.

This is the reliability you’re looking for from one of the best game headsets on the market. There is also an accompanying feature for tweaking and changing audio settings, which is useful as part of several game sessions.


Roccat Renga Boost

cheap wireless gaming headset

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You need a couple of ear cups that give a high quality without cardiac heart attack, if you want to play Apex Legends together with your team of mates and dip your toes into the world of Twitch, YouTube and Mixer streaming.

Roccat’s over-earing headphones Renga Boost comes in, featuring a strong blend of high quality audio, good micro performance and a very affordable combination of prices. Although its output isn’t quite what Roccat says it’s like in the ‘ studio-grade ‘ the Renga Boost is one of the best audio sets we have to the south of £50.

The bass could be a little more prominent, but it’s a huge investment for gamers looking for improving their audio set-up without losing their account balance with a good audio-choice microphone and streaming voice. So the Renga Boost for all of those shopping on a budget is a simple suggestion from us.


Logitech G35

best xbox one headset for sound quality

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Logitech’s production has rendered marvels and the fabrics may not be the most deluxe, but the option of matte black colors make everything look substantially less cost-effective. It also contains a convenient mute button, a volume knob, and three customizable buttons on the ear cups. While the bass could be a little punchier, the use of two 40mm drivers is not a true surround sound experience; it offers an in-ear sounds cape.

Even though it’s far from the 3D audio elsewhere, it’s crisp and clear enough. For the price, however, other places are still worth a place for a decent set of ear cups on our best list of game headsets.


HyperX Cloud Stinger

wireless gaming headset xbox one

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Although sometimes the unclean word “budget” is attached to a large number of headsets there, that doesn’t mean everyone must feel like they are just dropping out of the pipe.

One such example is the clever little HyperX Cloud Stinger that gives you a crisp, forceful sound that goes against its price tag of £50. This sounds powered by two 50mm drivers with 90-degree revolving ear cups to encourage movement. This is, of course, a low-end device, but drawbacks exist. Although it is lightweight, the content feels very fragile and it does not send out a good signal while chatting or listening.


PS4 Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

best gaming headset reviews

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With Sony’s second swing on a first party headset for PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to use the 7.1 Dolby surround sound on your PS3 and on the new gene system, providing much of the same capabilities as the original, specifically designed to be used for three key consoles by Sony.

This fits with your PS Vita as well but unfortunately the surround sound doesn’t work with the handheld. It delivers a smooth audio delivery, with a bass blow, and even for an internal version, the mic is extremely good. The battery life offers a piffling eight-hour period and the foldable nature are the disappointments, but otherwise, it is one of the finest console headsets of 2022.



wireless gaming headset 2021

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Even though the Roccat Khan Pro has no eye-catching style, it does what you really want to do with a top-class headset, which offers great sound quality with richer lows, ultra-clear frequency highs and up to 40Hz aid. It is a shame that the built-in microphone cannot be disabled, but its sharp signal makes it a good choice for party chat or live streaming.

It completes multiple requirement boxes if you’re searching for some of the best gaming headphones in 2022 and although it isn’t for everyone, we’re more likely to take in the sleek style of these cans.


HyperX Cloud Revolver S

best gaming headset ps4

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This price tag can bring sadness on the faces of some prospective buyers, but as you get one of the best 7.1 surround sound set-ups, powerful 50mm speakers, and a microphone noise-free, all add up to one of Europe’s most popular gaming headsets by 2022

This fits for PC and PS4, but if you want to use it with the Xbox One console family, you need to stretch out to find an additional adaptor.


Astro Gaming A20

best gaming headset 2021 reviews

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The Astro A20, a wireless headset that blends a blocky yet tasteful look to create a strong audio experience, is located right in the middle of the game headset. We believe that it explains more than just a spot on our best 2022 overview gaming headsets.

Whether you stream, talk in the party or just like the audio of your game, this set of ear cups offers 15 or even more hours of use on one charge.

It is made of tough materials that allow it to take a couple of knocks without losing its look or reality.

The 40mm drivers always provide the best audio signal, so be certain you’re going to purchase a correct one for your choice of system, as certain models do not fit for PS4/Xbox One.



lightweight gaming headset

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Corsair is best known for its extensive peripheral ranges of PCs but this did not stop it from making audio waves in the gaming world. The Void Pro RGB Wireless model, may have a heavy price to ask for, but it’s packed with all the features from a premium number of ear cans. The 7.1 audio also gives you a deep bass and simple triple audio, whereas its wireless signal stays accurate.

This mouth-watering design includes even RGB lighting, which can be coordinated for your own desk-based light show with other Corsair products.



wireless gaming headset ps4

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Roccat knows exactly what it’s doing with gaming headsets and provides a very attractive package with the Khan Aimo at a very reasonable price. For our best 2022 headphones, it’s an easy choice.

The Khan Aimo comes with Hi-Res audio-compatible speakers, offers 7.1 surround sound, a built-in DAC and an integrated 16.8M color decoration system with different effects and settings.

The Khan Aimo has been sporting incredibly supportive memory foam earpads as well as high quality steel slipping devices if that was not enough. It is very easy to suggest as a computer headset.


Audio-Technica ATH-G1

Audio-Technica ATH-G1

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When it comes to headphone’s versatility and reliability at top of the list, the wired ATH-G1 is a perfect complete tool for long play sessions as well as for ears to tap in, and your favorite sound shots during your daily commute.

The 45mm drivers provide the quality of sound that we have been expecting from Audio-Technica but with bass and lower tone, it does not work. The aesthetics think the price tag of £166 is reasonable.

This is a great couple of headphones that provide more than sufficient sound quality for listening, telephone conversations, and lengthy game sessions if you’re not going to fork a console headset and a second pair.

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