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BlackBerry Key3

TCL purchased the rights to utilize the BlackBerry name upon its mobile devices in 2016. Considering that TCL launched the BlackBerry Key1 in 2017 and the BlackBerry Key2 and Key2 LE in 2018, all of us can fairly assume that a successor is right around the corner to join the list.


Similarity Between BlackBerry Key3 and iPhone 11

Talking at an event in London, TCL General Marketing Manager Stefan Streit revealed that the BlackBerry KEY3 will not support 5G same as the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro smartphones.

Streit stressed that BlackBerry is not an entertainment brand. As its mission being to make business convenient and secure. “It’s not an entertainment device, and and you could already get your email really fast,” Streit said.

Then he went on to add that he does see potential uses for 5G elsewhere. Further, Streit expressed the probability of one of TCL’s other brands or even TCL itself launching an 8K TV or a refrigerator that incorporates 5G connection.

BlackBerry Key3

BlackBerry Key3 Launch Date & Price

As for the launch or release date he didn’t reveal when the BlackBerry KEY3 will be released. He also didn’t confirm what is the name of the upcoming BlackBerry device. He just gave a word that the next BlackBerry-branded handset won’t offer 5G. But if it is coming soon then it’ll most likely be called the BlackBerry Key3.

There’s also no word about what it will look like or what new features it will bring to the table. All we know is it’ll support 4G LTE like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

On the other hand, TechDetects can easily see it baked into an affordable smartphone of approximately $600 or less expensive.

BlackBerry Key3 vs iphone 11

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