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How To Take Baby’s Best Photographs

baby photography tips for beginners

Clicking great photograph of a baby is one of the toughest job for any beginner photographer. Taking the perfect portrait of your baby or any cutie pie feels as rewarding as anything in this world. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult for you if you follow this simple guideline while trying to take quality photos of that angel.

Number of Clicks

When you are on a mission of clicking the best photograph of the baby, then keep on capturing as many pictures as you wish. Just set the required setting of your camera and start clicking away. Don’t feel shy because this is the right way of doing a baby shoot.

Babies are totally unpredictable, tears and smiles should be expected at any time. So, don’t wait for the perfect moment or pose because somewhere in 40 or 50 shoots there will be one or two winners. These are the rewards of the day.

Check the Lights

Availability of natural or any similar lighting is very important for taking baby photographs. Sun light through a window or any similar effect is the best to get soft looking photos of these cute angels. Low light shows a darker skin than actual, whereas the direct sunlight leaves shadow which does not look good at all. Direct sunlight is also unhealthy in terms of care for baby skin.

You can take ideal photos with just a standard 50mm lens. Select the AV mode(Aperture Priority mode) on your camera, select highest ISO and a wide aperture. Let your camera choose the suitable shutter speed for taking the best image.

Ku Chi Ku, Smile

When taking photographs of the baby, you need to try to get a reaction from your baby. You might need to make funny faces, make different sound and play hide/seek game to make your target baby smile.

In most of the cases babies smile for just a few moments, not even a few seconds. So, keep your shutter speed to fast such as 1/500s or even more. Mix is up with wide aperture such as f/1/8-f/4 for blurring out the background and capture the moments.


Keeping the backgrounds simple is a better choice when taking photographs of a baby or twins and so on.

I would suggest getting a grey, beige or white cloth and lay it over the bed or two chairs in the background. A window with abundance of the natural light is also important with some toys around your angel baby. Now turn the camera to AV(Aperture Priority) mode and select your required aperture. Choose your ISO settings according to the intensity of light from the nearby window.

Focus Point

Beginners have tough time deciding on which point to focus when taking picture of a baby lying on the bed or on the chair. So, I would like to share that you need to spot meter on the baby’s face and keep focus point on the eyes of your baby. This will help you click some lovely pictures easily.

Make Memories

Taking pictures when a baby is engaged in an activity by babyself or with family makes it even more interesting. Let your baby or siblings or family sit together naturally and click pictures on auto mode for proper sharpness.

Make sure it all looks natural, so don’t force them to sit or play or eat together. Just let them do what they are doing, sit back and click. Note that Auto Mode is recommended including flash.

Be Unique, Be Adventurous

Taking baby pictures in black background with black & white images is an ever great idea. AV(Aperture Priority) mode with a large aperture and blurred background combined with spot metering mode and on face meter will make things interesting.

Black and white background and contrast in lighting will provide dramatic effects for taking baby pictures.

baby photoshoot ideas


Taking perfect photographs of a baby is not a easy task. You need to take 10s of pictures, out of which one or might be two will be chosen, all other will have to be deleted. Try to stay playful and friendly, if you are not in happy or fun mode, the baby won’t cooperate.

A helpful hand is recommended for you when doing a baby shoot. Reason being a baby is after all a baby who can might crawl, can smile or cry at any time. So, a helpful hand will handle all while you focus on taking photos.

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