Nikon D6 DSLR – Announcement, Release & Features

Nikon D6 DSLR Upcoming Flagship Device

Nikon D6 DSLR, upcoming flagship camera is expected to be announced next week. This device will be made available in the market in Q4 of 2019 or Q1 of 2020. This company has always targeted photojournalists, professional event, sports and wildlife photographers with its flagship devices.

Flagships DSLR devices of Nikon are practically solid devices. They offer a great resolution combined with fast autofocus, high frame rate and deep buffer. These devices make sure that you get the best possible shot in the given situation.

Nikon D6 DSLR


Rumoured specifications of Nikon D6 DSLR are listed below:

  • 24MP sensor
  • 4k Video – 60 FPS
  • 3.2M-dot touch screen
  • Up to two minutes of exposure time
  • In-built image stabilisation
  • Two CFE card slots
  • Viewfinder with 0.76x-0.78x magnifications and 100% coverage
  • Improved Autofocus
  • Improved silent shooting mode
  • Wifi enabled


Prototypes of this upcoming device are rumoured to be already in testing phase. It might have been announced earlier, but it got delayed because of the addition of sensor stabilisation. Some delay was rumoured to be caused, reason being an issue with the buffer design.

Nikon’s autofocus system of professional level DSLR is the key advantage over their mirrorless counterparts. Sensitive 3D Focus Tracking system might not be an important point to most of the enthusiast photographers. Most of them might want to shift off if Nikon offer something in comparatively smaller packages without Focus Tracking.

It is important to note that everything known about Nikon D6 is based on rumours and speculations. So, it is also possible that a mirrorless version of this camera is launched. Toshikazu Umatate, President of Nikon, mentioned in one of his interviews that development of a mirrorless camera is in-line with the D5.

Nikon is targeting professional, high end photographers with its Dx, D7x0, D8x0 and D7x00 lines. Their consumer level DSLR cameras are expected to be replaced by mirrorless ones.

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