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We’re living in the 21st century and full-frame cameras have really got out of the competition in this age of time. However, there was a time when full-frame cameras were considered an upper-class choice and only those with handful of cash could afford them.

Currently, the prices of full-frame cameras have gone down dramatically and you’d find them easily on the market right now. You can get them easily from any camera vendor around the globe. We have also compiled a list of best cheap full frame cameras for you in order to help you one for yourself.

It is extremely important to understand the exact meaning of the full-frame camera. It means the sensor is the same size as 35mm format film. In this way, it becomes one of the largest sensors on the market right now. It can only be beaten by medium and large format, but they’re also not affordable for every single photographer.

There is a huge number of interchangeable lens cameras that are using the smaller than full-frame ‘APS-C’ format. At the other hand, simple smartphones use sensors that are almost one-inch or maybe even smaller.

There are a few factors why having a larger than normal sensor is good news. A bigger sensor means greater power to collect data, which is ideal for aiming when the sun is on the low side. There is also greater field depth control, though dynamic range and colors tend to produce better quality.

There was a time when full-frame sensors were only found in bigger cameras. Also, they were not very much compatible when carried around. People who are traveling a lot won’t find it very useful.

However, with the passage of time, we have seen amazing technology getting developed as far as the mirrorless cameras are concerned. It all happened within a space of 10 years and now, we have got some reasonably smaller cameras that are coming in with a larger sensor. In this way, you’d be able to get the best package.

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How to Buy Best Full-Frame Cameras

Presumably, you are already some way down the photographic journey when you’re searching for a full-frame camera. That being said, with rates as low as they are at present, it could also be true that you will also come to it with comparatively little experience.

We have brought you this list of cameras and these cameras have been searched by all of those people that are relatively new to Photography department. Also, these are perfectly suitable for those who are getting a little bit serious with their camera work. They also provide value for money and are very much affordable.

This is a well-known fact that none of the full-frame cameras are available under £1500. However, when you compare this price to the ones that were on offer five years ago, you’d find this price very reasonable and affordable for all of those people that are taking their cameras seriously and are very enthusiastic about their preferred gadgets.

If you spend a great deal of time working with APS-C mirrorless camera or DSLR, you’d certainly want to upgrade to a full-frame camera. In that case, you will surely go towards choosing a camera that is coming from a well-known brand and a Company that is trustworthy as well. However, you must keep in mind one thing that these lenses might not be one hundred percent compatible between full-frame and APS-C models.

You may have to buy a new collection if you have several APS-C lenses, which means that if you want to change brands it matters very less. There is a lot of rivalry currently in the full-frame industry, with developments in the mirrorless field that in the past years have been expanding things tremendously.

Until 2018, the mirrorless industry just had one brand in its arsenal and that was Sony. However, today we can see different models from different brands such as Nikon, Canon and a few other notable giants in the market.

All of these here are solid “all round” in terms of affordable full-frame models. This means basically that you can use it for a variety of subjects and it will yield good results, but in some cases you may have to compromise a bit in some of the aspects.

Let us make it very clear that these cameras won’t perform to the best of expectations when it comes to action or sports photography. Also, there are not many cameras that provide super-high resolution and if you don’t really care about the aforementioned features then, there is no need of spending any extra money on them.

Also, we know that something which is affordable for someone might not be affordable for someone else. For this reason, we have decided to put randomly priced cameras in this list hoping that something will surely suit the money in your pocket. You can always take a look at the previous old models as well as second-hand models if you aren’t planning to do anything at a larger scale.

If we’re talking about affordability along with distinguished qualities, then the Z6 from Nikon has to come out on top followed by Sony A7 III. Since, the latter is now in its third generation, you can also select older versions if you cannot move to the new edition. The Canon EOS RP, which provides excellent value and can attract someone who has shot with the brand already, should also be taken into account. If you’re willing to stay with conventional DSLRs, you can make some great deals rather than going for mirrorless models.

A great workhorse with a consistent performance, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is an aging device, but still has many characteristics. Eventually, the Pentax K1 II won’t appeal to all but, you can go for it if you’re not influenced much by some of the bigger brands.

List of Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras to Buy in 2022:

Nikon Z6

Best Cheap Full Frame Cameras

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With the release of Z7 and Z6, Nikon has truly carried its legacy of great devices. This combination of full-frame mirrorless cameras has truly performed well and they have made huge strides in the industry of full-frame cameras.

They both have the same size and shape, but the Z6 is inferior to the more costly Z7 that comes with a higher resolution than the Z6. Nevertheless, this gives it a couple of benefits as it can operate at 12 fps which makes it very strong for the shooting of sports, whereas the low light output on the sensor is strong with less pixels.

If we talk about the features of Z6 then it does a pretty decent job with its electronic viewfinder and the tilting touch-sensitive screen. However, you won’t find anything that shouldn’t be praised in this model. So, it confirmed its place in the list of best cheap full frame cameras to buy in 2022.

The only drawback is perhaps that the memory cards that are needed for XQD are really not affordable for everybody and they are extremely harder to find as well than the traditional ever-present SD card.

Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III

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Sony’s latest A7 III model is the third installment in its A7 series and if we look at the track record of Sony in full-frame mirrorless market, you will see that the Company knows this business really well.

So it means that you will get a perfect all-round model that is also going to give you some really useful features and it packs some incredible specifications as well along with an affordable price.

You will also enjoy the luxury of a great sensor that is going to give you top-notch photography performances. The battery life of this device is comparatively better when it comes to the mirrorless market. The focusing feature is really commendable along with a frame rate of 10fps. So, without any doubt Sony A7 III is found in our list of best cheap full frame cameras.

The 10fps function will surely do a great job when it comes to action and sports photography. Also, it doesn’t really mean that it will not work fine enough in other modes. You can always choose your priority.

The good news is that if you have to extend the spending a little bit, the A7 range is also pretty useful when it comes to its older models particularly, if you don’t have to shoot moving objects. You can take a look at the A7 II or the original A7 as well.

Canon EOS RP

Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera

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When we talk about the mirrorless cameras then Canon’s debut in this industry wasn’t appreciated much with EOS-R being their first mirrorless full-frame device. However, things have fallen in place for the Camera giant with the release of the EOS RP. You can also see this model in the list of best cheap full frame cameras to buy in 2022.

The newly released EOS-RP doesn’t really break your bank either and comes across as a very proficient camera. You can use existing EF lenses with an optional adapter that is currently available free of cost. For those who are already shooting Canon will receive a lightweight, light-fitted full-frame camera, a decent all-rounder that can be happily used on different occasions and conditions.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before buying this particular model. It is lacking behind in a couple of departments but if you’re not worried about those things then you will have a pretty good time out there with this device. 4K video shooting is available in this model but it has a crop applied to it.

Also, if you’re only concerned about taking still pictures then it shouldn’t be a problem for this camera. Likewise, you won’t be able to take the best out of this device when you’re shooting an action sequence.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

canon full-frame cameras

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If you’re an ardent user of DSLR, you can always bring up reasons for sticking to it and because you already know everything about it. When it comes to handling, the bigger size of the 6D Mark II does a pretty decent job compared to the EOS RP. It will also give you a stronger grip and a lot more void between the buttons.

The 6D Mark II will take really nice pictures and the camera is decent enough to be included in this list for best cheap full frame cameras to buy. An optical viewfinder that only offers 98% coverage is a little bit of a drawback, while the absence of 4K video will also disappoint many customers.

People will not take this 6D Mark II seriously in front of other latest mirrorless full-frame cameras but, if you’re new to this industry and you are also fond of DSLRs then, this 6D Mark II will surely be the most suitable choice for you.

Nikon D750

full-frame 4k camera

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This Nikon D750 is specially made for those who are more into still photography. If you’re looking to take just still subjects then this device is perhaps the best choice for you. Also, with its lowest current price, it will surely attract a lot of customers.

This amazing device contains a full-frame sensor along with classy handling. Other features of this cheap full frame camera to buy include one hundred percent optical viewfinder, a substantially working AF system with extended battery power. Compared to the latest models, its camera quality holds up well. You’d also find the accessories and lenses for Nikon’s made DSLR to be very widespread.

A 4K video shoot mode is absent here and the frame rate is also just 6fps. However, if you’re someone that mainly focuses on taking pictures of landscapes, portraits and other still subjects then the absence of the aforementioned features won’t bother you much.

Pentax K-1 Mark II

Pentax K-1 Mark II | best full-frame mirrorless camera

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This device is directed towards all of those people who can’t decide between Nikon and Canon. That confusion brings you to give some old Pentax a try. A high-resolution sensor, superior to any other device here, and a set of very functional and conventional controls, are available for a very fair price.

The picture quality is pretty decent along with some additional and versatile features such as the Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution mode. You will get a higher resolution image when you click in this mode.

The body is also weatherproof, which makes it an excellent choice for photographers in outdoor and landscape locations. There are some other features that are quite handy as well such as a semi-articulating screen and an excellent performer in the shape of AF system. You’d also find dual memory card slots in this old model. All these features packed in one body is a definite option in the list of best cheap full frame cameras to buy in 2022.

Sony Alpha a7II

Sony Alpha a7II

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The Sony A7 II may reflect the best price, picture quality and features balance. The A7 Mark II is a major upgrade to the original A7. We will also take a look at the A7 in our last model of the list.

The A7 Mark II has the key benefit of adding optical picture stabilization – enabling you to take more stable images in a number of lighting conditions. This also requires the use of a larger variety of lenses and stabilization. Self-focus and start-up times are both faster than the A7, but it is easy to see that they are slower than that of Mark III.

In conjunction with 25-point contrast-detection AF, the 117 point Phase-Detection AF System provides sharpness regardless of the position of the subject in the picture. It is a fantastic system to put in the list of best cheap full frame cameras to buy for all types of photographers. However, the 24 megapixel CSA is also pretty tiny for a full-frame camera.

Sony A7

Sony a7

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When we talk about the cheap but attractive and effective camera, our mindset stops at this full-frame mirrorless from Sony.  Also, if you’re just fed up with these full-size and full-frame DSLRs, this sleek and slim Sony A7 is the original mirrorless camera and right now, it is available at a very reasonable price.

You’d find a lot of features that are commendable as well as competitive in comparison to other devices. E.g. stabilization, touchscreen functionality and 4K video mode are available. However, the main thing is that the Raw images produced by this 24.3 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor are still the most impressive even after decades have gone.

It is important to remember that the battery life on the original Sony A7 is very reduced and ordinary. However, the low price of the device means you can always have a spare battery and use them one after the other.