17 Best Point and Shoot Cameras to Buy in 2022 (Buying Guide)

The arrival of android smartphones and iPhones has certainly killed the competition in the camera industry because the smartphones these days are coming with a lot of camera features. However, you’d surely find some people looking to get specialized devices for special occasions such as a foreign trip, a family holiday or a birthday party in this list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras

You may wonder why you need to use a stand-alone camera if you are already on a Smartphone. When it comes to zooming, the vast majority of smartphones are pretty mediocre and battery life will take a lot if you spend a great deal of time taking photos.

In this regard, we have complemented some of the best available cameras, all of which are not very expensive so you do not have too much to think about budgeting.

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How to get the best point & shoot camera?

Best Shoot and Point Cameras

This is the best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 list of the simplest of cameras because we believe that there’s a good chance of people opting for these cameras because of their simplicity and user-friendly interface.

Everybody is not a photographer but everybody does need a camera that provides them with good quality pictures while also being extremely easy to use. Since smartphones haven’t yet hit the limit, we have looked at a few that offer especially large zoom lenses.

We have got some amazing options such as the Canon SX740 that brings an incredible 40x zoom to the table. Others are the Panasonic Lumix TZ95 and the Nikon Coolpix A1000 that provides 30x and 35x together. However, they are still very much feasible and versatile for almost every kind of occasion.

You should be looking for cameras with a larger than the average sensor if you want the best image quality possible. The Fujifilm XF10 should be listed in the premium category because of its large DSLR-sized sensor. You just have to point and shoot because this camera brings an exceptional fully automatic mode.

Another good thing about the increasing camera technology is that now you’d get the antique and older models for a price that was once used as a cutting-edge for a bargain price. In this respect, the Sony RX100 was included. If you do not need the most recent bells and whistles now in the seventh iteration, it’s a true deal.

If you’re looking for a camera that is also capable of video shooting and also creating stills from the video, then you must look at the Canon G7X Mark III. It is obviously a bit expensive but if you don’t want to pay that much, you can also choose the one-inch sensor Canon G9X Mark II. The Mark II is a lot cheaper and simpler in use.

There are people who just don’t care about the look and design of the device. If you’re one of them, and you’re in search of a simple and compact camera then options like WX350, the Canon IXUS 185 and the Sony WX500 are good to be tried once.

If you want your camera to survive through tough conditions then Fujifilm XP140 is good enough to last through holidays. It is water-proof, dust-proof, crush-proof and also freeze-proof. Take a look at Olympus Tough TG-6 if your budget can be extended a little longer.

We also believe that the bridge camera should also be considered. They provide a wide range of different focal lengths, without the hassles and complexities of interchangeable lens cameras. The Panasonic FZ82 is a simple way to get you started.

List of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022:

Check the list below if you are looking for the best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022. It will help you decide the best possible option available to match your style and needs.

Canon SX740

Price: $399 USDbest advanced point-and shoot camera

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As we have mentioned before, the Canon SX740 is known for its 40x zoom and it is mainly directed towards people who are fond of traveling. It is a great tool for capturing far-off objects and it is placed at the top of our list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

Canon is still updating this line, so we might see a new version announced in the summer. For now, it’s got a good range of specs that should suit most people. We might be in for a surprise this summer as the company is looking to stretch this line of cameras.

It contains all of the great features that will impress many customers. We might see a touch-sensitive screen as well in the next version. This device includes 4k video recording as well.

Panasonic TZ95

Price: $460 USD

best point and shoot camera 35mm

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This device has got an amazing 30x optical zoom. The initials ‘TZ’ in the name also suggests that it is made to be used for Zoom while you’re traveling. Panasonic has a good reputation in the travel zoom industry and you should always look for a company that holds some credibility. Another great option at top of the list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 includes 4K Video, a useful way of capturing action, helping to inspire moving objects such as pets and children on photos.

Fujifilm XP140

Price: $209 USDbest low light point and shoot camera

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This Fujifilm XP140 is a brilliant option for all the travel junkies, swimmers, and even deep-sea divers. The mountain climbers can also have it because it has the ability to survive through all such situations. The image quality is not so great but the robust nature is what sets it apart. So, we have decided to put this kind of option in the best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 list for you.

Tough cameras remain resilient in the face of Smartphones and are one sector of the market that is still making huge strides. You can handle it rough with this type of camera without worrying about damaging it.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Price: $419 USD

best low light point and shoot camera

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Looking for decent image quality on a low budget? The G9X Mark II from Canon’s ‘G’ series is a serious option to be considered. It is very slim and sleek in design and provides great value for money.

It is equipped with a 1-inch sensor, and it is also advanced for anyone who would like a little bit more out of their image. The only possible let-down is the video here since the G9X Mark II isn’t 4K, but Full HD should be perfect enough if you’re more of a casual video shooter. It is one of the best budget friendly option in best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

The wide-aperture lens is also useful for low-light shooting, a fast and easy to use interface that includes a touchscreen and a USB charge to improve power. The short zoom size is perhaps the only major drawback.

Sony RX100

Price: $398 USD

best budget point and shoot camera

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The amazing RX100 series of Sony was actually a groundbreaking camera at its launch. This means that if you look for a bargain, you can save some serious cash by selecting one of the older models.

The original RX100 has been included here, but you can also go for newer versions if your budget is expanded. Thanks to the wide one-inch sensor and an excellent lens, the first version of the RX100 is still very capable of producing excellent images.

You will make sacrifices because you lose your Wi-Fi and 4K video streaming, but if you want to just bring something into your pocket, it is strongly suggested.

Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

Price: $379 USD


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New smartphones are fantastic, but it’s not so simple, chucking them all over the beach or leaving them in the freezing cold, waiting for them to survive. That’s why came up with cameras such as the Olympus Tough TG-6 to give the body a beautiful, almost immortal set.

If you are a novice you will like the TG-6 automatic and event mode, but if you decide to take it a little further, there are some advanced choices. There is an excellent macro mode that enables you to take great close-up shots, and also the range of video choices is also fun especially slow-motion offers. So, it proved to be a strong contender to stay on the watch list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Price: $749 USD


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If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly camera then you must look into the G series cameras that are great in popularity and also deliver good results. You’d be relieved off the stress with a special auto and scene mode. It also has an advanced variety of options as well.

It is also a brilliant option for vloggers because you will get a direct option of live streaming into sites like YouTube. It also has a USB charging, a 4.2x optical zoom, and a tilt-up touch screen. For journeys and days out, the G7X Mark III is a great choice. It is highly recommended as pocket camera for vloggers in the list best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

Fujifilm XF10 Digital Camera – Black

Price: $499 USD


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People always criticize the small sensors in the point and shoot cameras as they always lower the image quality. But still, if you’re to get some trade-offs then devices like the XF10 will change everything.

There is no zoom in, but you’ll obtain a sensor that is the same size as in many DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. This is a huge backup for image quality. You will get only one focal length that is 28mm equivalent.

You can use it absolutely automatically and only take up all this gorgeous, high image quality, but you also get a whole range of manual controls if you’re a little bit more experienced. The only major thing is that 4K is only 15p, so it won’t be the top choice camera for those looking to shoot video content.

Nikon Coolpix A1000

Price: $476.95 USD


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The A1000 is suitable for fans of the Nikon with super-long 35x optical zoom and maybe you are already using a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It is not the best thing you ever will encounter because of its small image sensor, but it will definitely bring the action nearer to you than your mobile.

It is also suitable for people who want just to aim and to shoot and don’t get too worried about all your holiday shots with a wealth of automatic and filter modes.

Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera

Price: $95.04 USD


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It is budget friendly, this IXUS 185 will give you a pleasant quality as a point and shoot camera. It is also very cheap. It has an 8x optical zooming lens that should give the majority of situations enough versatility, while it is simple to use, it’s nice to go straight out of the box.

You might not even notice that it’s there at less than 130g, too. Its an option that a very few will choose from the list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 because there is no connectivity here. So, if you decide to buy this camera, then you must wait until you come home to share your photos.

Sony WX350


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This older model still has great value for money. It’s a perfect way to buy. It is not too big a crack in your income, but it takes you 20 times closer to your subjects.

It is a perfect choice for all the travel junkies in this list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022. It is because you’d find a lot of fun features such as the panoramic mode, the 14 scene modes and a plethora of digital filters to neat up your shots.

Some smartphones will ignore cameras such as the WX350, but even the most advanced smartphones can’t offer a broad zoom, making this a choice of great value.

Canon SX730

Price: $379 USDCANON SX730

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The SX730 makes more sense if you look for a simple camera but don’t want to spend too much money on the zoom range. With 40x optical zoom, it will bring you closer to distant subjects and make all the hard work for a whole range of automatic and scene modes for you.

Bluetooth connectivity is available to keep your phone ‘always on’ for fast and easy contact with social media, whereas the tilting display is best positioned for family pictures and selfies.

Panasonic TZ80

Price: £209.99


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If you’re looking to buy a camera quickly for a surprise occasion or a surprise trip then TZ70 will cover you in just about £220. It comes with a 30x optical zoom and there is an automatic and scene mode variety as well that makes taking pictures really easy.

You’d also get the innovative 4K Photo from Panasonic. This mode will get you to extract action shots from short video clips in your camera. It also has a simple but very useful viewfinder that comes in handy when shooting in bright sunlight. You can also share your images through the built-in Wi-Fi.

Panasonic Lumix LX15

info”]Price: £379


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Many people would argue that this Lumix LX15 shouldn’t be on this list of simple and compact cameras because it has got all the advanced options of a premium level camera. However, it also has a few easy to use automatic options as well that gets it to qualify it for best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022.

It’s a good choice for those who want something that is easy to pack without spending a lot of money on image quality. The larger than one-inch sensor does a pretty decent job.

The video features are beyond great because it has got 4K video and 4K photo options that is a dream come true for any young and budding video content creator.

The limited zoom comes as a little drawback but it is still very much versatile for situations. The tilting screen will allow you to take great family photos and selfies.

Sony WX500

Price: $347.99 USD


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If you’re not a fan of a lot of real estates but you like the zoom, then this Sony WX500 is a brilliant choice for you to have. The 30x optical zoom does a great job in almost every kind of situation.

Moreover, the battery life and a number of shooting modes are also generous, making it ideal for buyers looking for tiny and pleasant travel camera to buy for the first time in their lives.

If you’re someone with big hands and palms then, the closed size may be a challenge, but it is an engineering feat that cannot be ignored and should be appreciated.

Panasonic Lumix FZ82

Price: £239.00


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If you want to do something for your vacation without knowing how to use a multitude of complex settings, then the Lumix FZ82 is a good option. For people looking to just point and start shooting, this camera has all the varieties from automatic to semi-automatic settings. It will also create scenes and modes with the addition of some manual controls as well.

It is a highly recommended option in the list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 because of the features it has in offer. It also has a very long lens and has plenty of range to film those far off subjects. It comes with a massive 60x zoom. In addition, there is a 4K video and 4K photo option as well and a small screen for use when the rear screen is no more useful because of light.

Fujifilm FinePix XP130

Price: $109.00FUJIFILM FINEPIX XP130

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This is a little tough on the people looking for a budget camera but it is an incredible choice for family holidays and a beach party. The controls are pretty simple and the construction is not a hard nut to crack as well. You should get it before you go out on a trip or a swimming session.

The image quality is not a world-beater but it will definitely survive through most situations that your phones and other point or shoot cameras can’t even imagine going through. Just as an example, it is also useful deep underwater. It is another tough and robust in nature camera in the list of best point and shoot cameras to buy in 2022 that you may also want to give it to young kids so they can catch memories without thinking about damaging or breaking it.