WatchOS Over the air Update – Reviews & Guides

Over-The-Air Update for watchOS

Apple’s watchOS is now capable of Over-The-Air software update mechanism. An iPhone is still required with Apple Watch while updating as the terms and conditions needs to be accepted from it in order to complete the process. It looks like Apple has successfully moved one step forward in the process of disengaging its iPhone from watchOS update process. We hope that this step of confirming terms and conditions from the other device is temporary and be removed when watchOS 6 is released for public.

WatchOS Over the air Update - Reviews & Guides
WatchOS Over the air Update – Reviews & Guides

Apple Watch received the ability of Over-the-Air update for watchOS in its first beta for watchOS 6. It was available under Settings > General > Software Update. This feature enables Apple Watch to check for the possibility of update for its operating system, if prompted, it can directly download the update.

Over-the-Air updating process became functional on the release of second beta of watchOS 6 for developers this Sunday. An on-wrist App Store has also been released with the latest version of Apple Watch’s operating system.

 Independent Apple Watch:

We would like to recall that on the track of making Apple Watch more independent, Apple has added cellular capabilities to its Apple Watch 3 models. This was the change that actually enabled the users to make call and do more stuff without an iPhone.

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