Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 ‘s ECG & Fall Detection Launch in Q1 2020

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 face delay in ECG & Fall Detection Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is one of the most promising Smart Watches announced till date, specially for Android users. It has already been announced with all the details of its interesting upgraded features. Active2 will be available in the market by the end of September 2019. Two of the most wanted upgrades added to this Smart Watch are ECG and Fall Detection. But, we would like to share it with our readers that these two features won’t be available for a few more months after its launch, maybe till early 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 also features a digital/touch based rotating bezel, improved overall design and Tizen software system. It is also a helpful tool in term of monitoring user’s health. But, unfortunately, its users have to wait a few more months for proper working of ECG and Fall Detection.

Basically, Samsung need to get approval from FDA to launch their watch with these two features. They will get the approval only after FDA’s clearance for these two feature of Galaxy Active 2 smart watch. According to SamMobile’s report, Samsung is set to launch both of these features in US market from February 2020. This gives a clue that FDA approval is getting closer.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with ECG App, Afib Notifications & Fall Detections are capable to even saving human life. Once they get approval for launch of these features, then Active2 will be able to take ECG and give notifications when an atrial fibrillation in detected. It will give alerts when it senses an irregular heartbeat that can cause heart related complications. Similarly, Fall Detection feature, starting from Q1 of 2020, is also very useful feature for its users.

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Source: 9to5Google