Apple Watch Studio Launched Alongside Series 5 | TechDetects

Apple Watch Studio Store – In-Store Customization for Watch Series 5 The Apple Watch series comes across as one of the most customizable product in the market. It is comes with watchOS 6 which is loaded with new features and other changes. If you want to choose your own case and band which suits your style, …

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Apple Watch Series 5 & Series 4 – Same Processor – Reviews & Guides

Apple Watch Series 5 & Series 4 - Same Processor - Reviews & Guides

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the same Series 4 Processor Apple has recently announced the all-new generation of Apple Watch Series 5 which comes with some new and exciting features such as the ‘always-on’ display, watchOS6 and built-in compass. With all these features, Apple didn’t reveal anything specifically about the performance of the newly …

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Apple Watch’s Android Compatibility to Win Even More Market Share

Apple Watch series could finish the wear OS with a pull of Apple Watch lever Recently, the Apple released the Apple Watch Series 5, which is regarded as the most modest year-over-year upgrade for the ongoing Apple Watch series.  With always-on display on their side released in this product, Apple doesn’t need to make significant …

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Strava’s Beacon Tracking available on Apple Watch – Reviews Guide

Strava's Beacon Tracking available on Apple Watch - Reviews Guide

Beacon Tracking System gets Major Updated     An improved version of Strava is now available for iOS devices. An upgraded Beacon location tracking system has now been added to this app which allows the cellular Apple Watch users to avail tracking from wearable itself. Users can activate this feature from all the Apple Watch …

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Apple Watch Continues to Dominates The Smartwatch Market | TechDetects

Apple Watch continues to dominates the smartwatch market IDC, a market intelligence firm, predicts that Android smartwatches are dominating the market in China, while the Apple Watch continues to dominate the global smartwatch market. In the struggle of competing in smartwatch market, Samsung’s Tizen smartwatches are down in fifth place. According to IDC, the importance …

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