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Wireless subwoofers are an essential part of our daily lives when it comes to entertainment and dance parties. It is quite a headache to choose the best wireless subwoofer for your home’s entertainment system because there are a lot of options available on the internet.

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It is very important to choose the correct and suitable option because a wrong choice is going to cost you a lot of things. It will waste your time and energy as well as your hard-earned money. We have been fortunate enough to check a few of them and here we are with our TechDetects review with Top 7 best wireless subwoofers.

Best Wireless Subwoofers to Buy in 2022

Klipsch R-10SWi 10″ Wireless Subwoofer

Price: $299.997 Best Wireless Subwoofers

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This Klipsch R-10” is perhaps the favorite subwoofers of many users and regular music industry customers. The design is pretty simple and minimalist and some extremely strong and robust components have been used in the making of this device.

It ensures longevity and the black color is going to simply blow you away. It is going to look really great in your music library place and you must set your eyes on this device if you’re looking to upgrade your music system.

This device also comes with horn emitters that will allow you to receive high quality and crispy rumbling bass through your home theatre and stereo system. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing games or watching movies, it will still give you the same quality sound.

Deploying the R-10SW is super easy; it can simply be connected to the outlet of the R-10SWi and it also connects your favorite component with a compact, pre-paired transmitter to the subwoofer and LFE.

You’d not receive any distortion or low-frequency response because of its 10-inch front-firing and spun copper imp woofer. The sound reproduction is going to be very precise and accurate because of its All-digital amplifier.

It comes with a 2.4GHz wireless hi-fi pre-paired transmitter that provides you with a ready connection and it can be carried from one place to another with quite an ease.

It is an ideal choice for a medium-sized room and it is strong, flexible and comes with a detachable grill. So, you are finding it in our list of best Wireless Subwoofers to Buy. It also has a low pass crossover and phase control that is going to enable the subwoofer to mix-up its low-frequency notes along with several other Klipsch speakers.

Polk Audio DSWPRO 550WI Powered 10-inch Subwoofer

Price: $539

Best Wireless Subwoofers

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If you’re looking for some excellent and deep bass response, then the subwoofers of Polk are the best choice. This Polk device that goes by the name of DSWPRO 550wi is known for producing a deep musical bass response.

It also comes with Polk Room Optimizer (PRO) technology that takes the performance to the next level and it also enables you to place your sub anywhere you want in your room. It can also be placed easily even inside the cupboards and cabinets.

It also has an extremely robust 200-watt amplifier and a smart digital amplifier that takes this 10-inch subwoofer to a mammoth 400 watts of continuous power.

It will allow your subwoofer to produce high-quality sound and it will simply give you the ultimate feeling when you’re busy watching your favorite TV shows and movies. It also produces the same quality performance while you’re playing games.

There is also a smart Polk Room Optimizer™ that allows you in the corner, center-wall, in-cabinet or mid-room to specify the position of the subs, before balancing your answer to ensure that your sub is tidy and crisp.

It also comes with an innovative Feed Forward™ technology that gives you the ultimate level of pleasure through its magnificent sound quality and perfect volume without any disturbances.

It contains a remote control, which enhances fine-tuning and allows you to access certain apps from your chosen listening position. Moreover, the PRO 550wi has removable feet for front-firing or down-fire action. If you’re looking to get deep bass, this device in our list of best Wireless Subwoofers in 2022 is not going to disappoint you at all.

Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer

Price: $349Best Wireless Subwoofers price

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Here comes another incredibly good performer. This Audioengine S8 8-inch Powered Subwoofer is an exclusive device and it is pretty easy to be carried around your house. It resides in a ragged, however; it is also quite strong in its build quality.

If we talk about its notable features then this subwoofer is coming with dual line-level inputs that are RCA and mini-jack as well as the low-frequency LFE and auto-sleep power saving mode is available as well.

There is a strong front-ported MDF cabinet that is made with magnetic shielding and as a result, you’d not encounter any unwanted distortion. This device is perfect for Plasma or LCD TVs and you’d get high-quality results on these gadgets by using the Audioengine S8.

You’d also get a linear port and down-firing design that assists the front surround systems and the micro component systems with absolute precision. There is a magnet shield housing that will allow you to keep the distortion and unnecessary sounds far away.

In addition, there is Output current limiting with Thermal over-temperature and Power on/off transient protection. All of these functions play a vital role in keeping distortion away and providing you with clean and well-defined production of sound.

The Airport Express from Apple and the optional Audioengine W1 wireless audio adapter will allow you to place this device according to your wish. You can also keep it away from its surrounding receivers or powered speakers.

Last but not the least, there is a powerful 250W Class D amplifier that ensures great potential sound quality and it will take its performance to the top level even in the most difficult situations.

This device will also provide you with powerful and tight bass and it won’t take a lot of space in your room. It comes in very small size and the cordless nature will allow you to move it for often from its place.

Orb Audio: subMINI Subwoofer – 9” Cube

Price: $349Best Wireless Subwoofers 2021

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This little subwoofer that goes by the name of Orb Audio subwoofer is a pretty powerful performer and it comes in a complete package that includes the subwoofer itself, front and satellite speakers along with an AV receiver.

This will leave a spark of entertainment in your home theatre and additionally, you have the choice of buying the speaker system alone and that too without the AV receiver if you wish to.

Don’t go by the name ‘mini’ because, despite its tiny size, this incredible subwoofer has the ability to produce outstanding results with some notable features.

The frequency response is around 32Hz and that is the same as the amount you get on more expensive and premium level subwoofers. The pleasant design and compact look will give you an astounding feel. It also contains dual-ports along with a strong class D amplifier with a customized driver.

It is a tiny 9-inch cubic designed subwoofer with an 11.5-inch height that is able to produce some fantastic bass along with dual high-velocity ports that ensure really precise and quick bass.

It has an adjustable crossover that is around 50-180Hz and it comes with LFE setting. There is an auto voltage sensing that enables it to be used in any country. It is preferable to be used in a small living room or a personal bedroom because of its size.

REL Acoustics HT/1003 Subwoofer

Price: $498

REL Acoustics HT/1003 Subwoofer

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If we talk about subwoofers and we don’t mention the devices produced by REL then, it has to be an incomplete list. This company has been making huge strides in the field of subwoofers that are incredible performers in their respective ways.

The subwoofers that are made by REL will always complement the high-end audio system for a long period of time. REL is commonly known for its dynamic and versatile machines and today we’re going to talk about REL Acoustics HT/1003 subwoofer.

These incredible HT/1003 subwoofers are specifically designed to keep the aesthetics alive and that is exactly why the manufacturers have given this device a very stunning look.

It is also pretty much affordable for all the consumers that are looking to upgrade their home theater and those who want to engage in long hours of gaming sessions. The audio quality of the wireless loud-speakers is also pretty compelling.

There are two low-level stereo inputs and outputs that are used for dual-purposes. It also comes with a small width cabinet with high depth for the lower end.

You don’t have to worry about the hanging cables and the subwoofers getting tangled because it has got REL’s HT-Air system that is supported by a zero-compression closed box of HT/1003. Get ready for extraordinary high output as a result of a 300Watt Class D power amplifier that is attached to a 10-inch long travel CarbonGlas.

This is an extremely suitable option for all of those people that are looking to upgrade their bedroom space with some entertainment stuff. In this case it is recommended for you as the best Wireless Subwoofers to buy in 2022. It is not suitable for huge spaces and it also comes at a very affordable price.

MartinLogan Dynamo 700W

Price: $699.98

MartinLogan Dynamo 700W 10" Subwoofer

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This 10-inch Dynamo 700 Watt subwoofer is coming in with a very pleasant design that is compact and gives you amazing results. It is also coming at a very reasonable price and the sound quality is also pretty amazing.

The integrated IME filtering is quite helpful because it filters the 10-inch driver that is responsible for producing really good bass without distortion. The consistent low-end response is surely going to amaze you.

You’d be amazed to see the two sides of this subwoofer. When you detach the feet and flip the box on its size, you’d see that this subwoofer also has a bottom-firing mode as well as front-firing mode.

You can use the detachable cloth grille to cover it if you’re thinking about using it in the front-firing mode. The ragged edges are openly impressionable and provide a great look to this beautiful black box.

You’d also get an SWT-2 wireless transmitter along with wireless installation in the phase reversal. The auto-signal sensing is also pretty good with tunable crossover.

Sonos Sub – The Wireless Subwoofer

Price: $538.20Sonos Sub - The Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

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Sonos is perhaps the most known and popular company in this field. They have been producing some of the most amazing out of this world kind of multi-room music system. They have been doing it for decades and they’re quite respectable when you look at their experience.

That is exactly why their new Sonos Sub also catches the limelight immediately after its release. The Sonos sub has been released just recently and it has already got the attention of the critics and reviewers around the world.

It has 2 face to face force canceling speakers, two D-class digital amplifiers and 2 acoustic ports in a solid cabinet. This amazing piece from Sonos is very attractive. The design is so amazing that you’d not want to leave it alone because they deserve your attention while you’re listening to them.

You don’t have to worry about the bass frequencies because they are non-directional and the speaker’s performance is amazing in both standing and lying down positions.

There is absolutely no need to place it in an open place because you can enjoy its powerful performance even in a small room. It will produce amazing results anywhere because when a reputed company like Sonos promises such performance, then they deliver as well.

This incredible piece of engineering comes with a power port along with an Ethernet port that would enable a connection to the home network. It also has a wireless circuitry for coupling a Sonos mesh network and a single button that you press to connect it to an already installed Sonos setup.

Your floors and furniture are well protected in the presence of Sonos Sub and you don’t have to worry about them because it has got rubber on the bottom. It’s quick to set up this sub. On your iPhone, iPad, Android computer, Windows Desktop or Mac Laptop simply fire a Sonos controller or an app controller, choose to add a Sonos part option and then press the Sub button. It introduces the sub of the Sonos network and guides you through the ease of the installation process. It will perform really well on almost all sorts of equipment that is provided or paired with it.

It will also make your sound system perform and produce clean bass without any disturbances and the tiny sound system is not going to be known as a small sound system. This amazing performer comes at an extremely affordable price and it also gives its customers a 1-year warranty if someone asks for it. Otherwise, we don’t think it is ever going to be needed.


This was the guide for Top 7 best subwoofers to buy in 2022 available in the market and we would hope that this piece of article was of some use. We have tried our best to update you about each and every device in detail and the features have been kept in front of you.

These devices vary in their functions and prices but all of them are from reputed companies that offer great devices. You should check and go through each one of them before pulling the trigger.