Drone X Pro Review – Specifications, Performance and Price

There are many drones out there in the market such as the Drone X Pro that is currently being used by professional content creators around the world. There are quad-copter drones as well as drones of different designs and styles.

Drones are becoming an integral part of every big production house as they are bringing new dimensions to the video production industry. Drone shots are clearly more attractive than other normal shots and that is why we have been reviewing a lot of drones of late along with intricate details of their specifications and important features.

You can use these drones for taking shots of landscapes and skyscrapers. It can be used for adventurous filming as well as commercial productions.

Drone X Pro

dronex pro review

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There are some things that you need to consider before buying a drone and that is why we have come here to give you the intricate details about the Drone X Pro. It is one of the most demanding drones out there in the market and we can’t wait to review it for you here at TechDetects.com.

Drone X Pro: Specs

Before you buy any electronic device, the first thing that comes to your mind is the features and specifications of that particular machine. Since we’re reviewing the magnificent Drone X Pro, we thought it would be nice to tell you about all the Drone X Pro specs and some of its functions that are worth noticing.

For starters, you can capture HD photos with the help of its 12 Mega-Pixel camera. You can also capture wide-angle pictures and the camera of the Drone X Pro also supports a native resolution of 720p. You’d also be able to capture 360-degree images with the help of its panoramic mode.

It is a pretty durable device and comes with a design that can be easily adjusted into a backpack or a pocket. The Drone X Pro is one of the lightest drones in the market and it also comes with a pretty captivating and compact design.

As far as its performance is concerned, you can totally rely on this amazing piece of engineering because it can stay functional for a longer period of time. These sorts of drones are especially necessary when you’re shooting outside in breathtaking sceneries and landscapes. It will provide great value for money as far as the camera and footage quality is concerned.

If we talk about other core Drone X Pro specs then we’re glad to tell you that it has got some modern stability algorithms that are basically made to keep the drone stable in the toughest of situations such as solid breeze or pouring rain.

This feature will also allow you to handle the Drone X Pro with safety and you’d be thrilled to know that it is compatible with Android as well. You can connect your smartphone to the Drone X Pro in order to get simple and easy operation. The design of the Drone X Pro is also pretty simple and compact.

The keys are highly user-friendly and you can navigate the device at ease. You won’t need a lot of time to understand how this device is going to work. You just have to understand the functions of a few keys and you’re cleared to become a drone pilot.

As a matter of fact, you can become a professional drone pilot after knowing how to fly this. We’re are pretty much confident that anybody with a little bit of passion for cameras and video content, will love the services of this device.

There are some other things that need to be discussed as well such as the Drone X Pro flight time and its hd review. The Drone X Pro specs include its price range and other details that are mandatory for a new buyer to understand.

Therefore, we have decided to mention almost every single detail about this product in this piece of guide and we would like you to have a thorough look at it before pulling the trigger. The Drone X Pro specs are quite magnificent and you’d be shocked to see the final output.

When we talk about the Drone X Pro specs, there are some things that are worth mentioning such as its user-friendly nature and not so complicated operation. You can set it up easily and the overall weight of the Drone X Pro is just around 85 grams.

We can say it safely that Drone X Pro is one of the lightest drones on the market right now. The camera options are also pretty amazing and the advanced technology is coupled with brilliant ease of use. The landing ability and the flight timing of the Drone X Pro are pretty stable and it captures all the moments and desired shots with great efficiency.

It is one of the very few drones that perform to the best of their potential even when the conditions are not suitable. The Drone X Pro is a pretty resistant and durable piece, and also we would say without any hesitation that it is a piece worth buying. Since it would allow you to use it during tough weather conditions, we believe that there is no better piece to look at other than the Drone X Pro.

Drone X Pro Review – Specifications – Reviews & Guides
Drone X Pro Review – Specifications – Reviews & Guides

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Drone X Pro: HD review

There are hundreds of options out there when we talk about recreational drones. Therefore, choosing the best one becomes a massive headache. We will make it clear once again in our Drone X hd review that a high-resolution camera is required to get your HD images and high-quality footage. Your drone’s flight time should be at least more than five minutes and it should go as high as 50 meters minimum.

Also, you need to take a look at the range of motion and it should be fine if the drone’s range is over five meters. If we specifically talk about Drone X Pro, it is one of the most intriguing and beautiful latest recreational drones that has caught the attention of the masses.

This masterful drone that goes by the name of Drone X Pro is a high-skilled performer that is specifically made for aspiring and talented content creators around the globe. This particular piece doesn’t really have competitors when it comes to performance.

It comes with an ability to click 720p images and it has a height range of around 7-8 meters. The Drone X Pro flight time is 12 minutes and you won’t find any better option when it comes to the latest recreational drones.

This is also one of the lightest and portable drones out there in the market. The weight of the entire package is just over 250 grams and the propellers are folded in a pretty easy manner.

You’d also get a carrying case along with it and therefore; you’re allowed to take it anywhere you want. High mountains and deep oceans are going to look more beautiful if they’re captured by the newest Drone X Pro.

If we talk about other important components of Drone X Pro then you’d notice during its flight that it is pretty easy to control. The range of motion and flight can be handled quite easily with the help of its RC or your handset. You’d also get live location feeds of your Drone X Pro on the screen of your smartphone.

If you’re looking for something that would help in recreational purposes then we would highly recommend this device for you. As mentioned earlier, this drone has the ability to give you some breathtaking images and videos or landscapes that you can only imagine.

Drone shots are in high demand these days and you must use the available device to the best of your ability. For this reason, devices like Drone X Pro have been launched in order to make things easier and simpler for a common person.

The biggest advantage as a content creator is that even if you don’t know how to use the regular DSLR cameras, you’d still be able to control and use drones easily. That is because it just takes the camera to a level from where everything seems beautiful.

However, the best content creator would not only pick up everything the drone has captured. He/she will try to maximize the advantage of having a camera at a height of more than 60 meters. And if you maximize the abilities of the Drone X Pro, you’d be having a blast with your footage and cinematography.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other luxuries that the Drone X Pro is going to give you. You’d get a really cool protective carrying case along with the overall package. It has four propeller blades and the package also includes a USB cable. You can fix the blades with the help of the screwdriver that is included in the package.

The manual is pretty instrumental and this device also comes with a single 3.7V battery. If we talk about the overall customer response to this device then we can say it safely that the majority of the users have returned productive and positive comments.

At the same time, we cannot deny the fact that there have been some bad experiences as well. However, that happens with every single electronic device made across the globe.

It is also one of the top-rated drones on various websites that indicates a good user-friendly experience. The great thing about the Drone X Pro is that it can be operated pretty easily and the customers are loving it for this very reason alone.

Drone X Pro: Price

Alright, now we’re going to talk about the Drone X Pro price. We know that the price of any electronic gadget is important for everyone to know because they decide accordingly. If we talk about the comments of the public and general audience then we’d notice that most people think that this device is expensive because of its high-quality features and excellent and power-packed performance.

However, we at TechDetects.com are of the opinion that the Drone X Pro price is manageable and perfectly affordable according to its specifications and features. It is not going to cost you a lot and the greatest benefit of this device is that the manufacturers have not compromised performance and credibility for its low price range.

The consumers are being attracted towards investing in a short term plan by persuading them to buy drones that a little inexpensive. While this idea may sound great for time being, there is no guarantee that the inexpensive drone you buy will remain flexible and competitive in the future.

If you’re going to replace it with another drone in the next two years then we don’t believe that is a pretty great idea. We would rather recommend you to go for a little more expensive option like the Drone X Pro. It is going to remain relevant and competitive for the next few years and performance-wise, you won’t regret buying this piece.

The only reason you may want to replace the Drone X Pro with another drone would be if you want a better or a Full HD 1080p camera. Otherwise, we don’t think that anyone who uses this device once would be willing to replace it with another any time soon.

As far as the Drone X Pro price is concerned, we would recommend you to check out the official manufacturer website and according to them; you can get the Drone X Pro for just about $100. However, the price can change with the season and demand.


The conclusion is pretty simple. There are many drones out there in the market coming from different brands across the globe. However, if you are not willing to do a lot of research and looking for a simple and compact drone that is easy to operate then there is no better option than the Drone X Pro.

The device is pretty simple and easy to operate and gives you 720p photos and videos. The Drone X Pro price is around $100 and that is very much justified with the kind of features and functions it provides. We can not compare it with high end high priced drones as those have better camera quality and other functions, but we can strongly say that DroneX Pro is the best drone ever in this particular price range.

We truly hope that this review was helpful and you can always leave your comments down below to let us know which other products or devices need to be reviewed in the future. We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece till then, good luck with whatever you choose.