Polar Pacer Pro and Pacer – Advanced GPS Running Watch

A lot of full-time athletes and runners are aware of the fact that Polar is one of the finest companies when it comes to making smartwatches. As far as watches for runners and sportsmen are concerned, they have launched the Pacer Pro and Pacer as their most-recent watches. They are available at an affordable price and are quite geared for runners. 

These two devices are not only good for running but are also quite stylish and adds value to your overall personality. 

Polar Pacer Pro

If we talk about the Pacer Pro, it is designed for genuine runners and is available for less than $300 in some regions. 

You can choose between grey, maroon, white, blue and green colors as far as the Pacer Pro is concerned. It also uses a shift adapter and packs a nice 20mm silicone strap as well. The Pacer Pro weighs around 41 grams and there is a memory in pixel display as well. 

It is basically the same technology that is used on Polar’s current watches. The visibility in direct sunshine has been improved as well along with its prime heart-rate sensor technology, which now comes with two extra LEDs. This will definitely improve the accuracy and precision of the device.

The manufacturers of this device also claim that the processing power of the Polar Pacer Pro has been improved to give you a nice and healthy software performance. In all honesty, this was much-needed. 

If we talk about the internal features that really matter then you have got various running profiles along with access to Polar’s performance running test. It also packs a route tracking service powered by Komoot, which is again, a third-party service provider. 

You can also get access to Polar’s run training programs. Reaching inside into the running index and training load pro insights has been made easier with this device. There is a nice walking test as well for newcomers to get a note of their aerobic fitness from existing watches. 

It also allows you to have music controls and watch weather forecasts and notifications on your phone. In watch mode, the Polar Pacer Pro is expected to last around 7 days. In power saving training mode, this device will give you around 100 hours and 35 hours in GPS battery life.

Polar Pacer

Let’s talk about the non-Pro Pacer now. It is available for less than $200 and is cheaper than some of the well-known brands such as the Coros Pace 2. With an MIP display and a variety of colors to choose from, the Pacer Pro is already attracting people towards its fantastic design. You can choose between Black, White, Teal and Purple color options. The MIP display will give you the same improved visibility in sunlight and it weighs around 40 grams. You don’t need an adaptor to change the 20mm silicone strap and you would also get some of Pacer Pro’s features such as the Polar Running Program, Training Load Pro insights and music controls. 

Running multiple profiles is also available in this device including track and field and trail running. The walking test is also included in the Pacer Pro. 

If we talk about its overall battery life, it gives you around 7 days of battery life with continuous HR in use. Get ready to get around 35 hours of GPS battery and also keep using the heart rate monitor in the meantime.

Difference: Polar Pacer Pro and Polar Pacer

There are no major differences between the two watches. It’s just that the weight of these watches is slightly different and the approach to changing straps is different as well. The Pacer Pro allows you to get an extra battery mode as well. Also, there is no running power and route navigation support on the non-pro pacer.