Apple Watch Sleep Tracking – Codenamed [Burrito] | TechDetects

Sleep Tracking for Apple Watch The Apple Watch Apple Watch is the leading smartwatch in the market because of its top features and specs. Still, we know nothing is perfect in this world, same applies to this smart watch which comes with some drawbacks as well. One main drawback being the lack of a sleep …

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Take ECG Reading On Fitbit – Reviews & Guides

Take ECG Reading On Fitbit Watch- Reviews & Guides

Take an ECG Reading On Fitbit An ECG reading with a gadget on your wrist is an incredible feature and Apple introduced this particular feature with a massive hit in the smartwatch industry. But there are many other smartwatch brands in the market, do they offer this feature or can they be used in any way …

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Best Fitbit Watches to buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

Best Fitbit Watches to buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

  Choose The Best Fitbit Model For You Nowadays fitness enthusiasts want to track their fitness digitally. Amongst hundreds of brands offering fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of the biggest names in this industry. Fitbit is a fairly easy pick for tracking your daily fitness by recording your daily steps or sleep patterns. Fitbit has …

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Apple watchOS 6.0.1 Released Publicly – Brings Improvements & Fixes

watchOS 6.0.1 released publicly by Apple Latest watchOS 6.0.1 has now been released by Apple. This latest version of operating system for Apple Watch Series specially Apple Watch series 5 includes security related tweaks and improved performance for the smart watch. It was released alongside iOS 13.1.2 which brought a lots fixes for the bugs …

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Apple Watch Studio Launched Alongside Series 5 | TechDetects

Apple Watch Studio Store – In-Store Customization for Watch Series 5 The Apple Watch series comes across as one of the most customizable product in the market. It is comes with watchOS 6 which is loaded with new features and other changes. If you want to choose your own case and band which suits your style, …

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Apple Watch Series 5 & Series 4 – Same Processor – Reviews & Guides

Apple Watch Series 5 & Series 4 - Same Processor - Reviews & Guides

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the same Series 4 Processor Apple has recently announced the all-new generation of Apple Watch Series 5 which comes with some new and exciting features such as the ‘always-on’ display, watchOS6 and built-in compass. With all these features, Apple didn’t reveal anything specifically about the performance of the newly …

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