Samsung Galaxy S22+ vs Google Pixel 6 – Detailed Comparison

Today we are back again with another insightful comparison between two of the major flagship products going around. This article will give you inside details about the Google Pixel 6 2021 and Samsung Galaxy S22+.  A lot of things were said against and in favor of the Pixel 6 before its official launch in 2021. …

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Polar Pacer Pro and Pacer – Advanced GPS Running Watch

A lot of full-time athletes and runners are aware of the fact that Polar is one of the finest companies when it comes to making smartwatches. As far as watches for runners and sportsmen are concerned, they have launched the Pacer Pro and Pacer as their most-recent watches. They are available at an affordable price …

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Difference between New Apple iPad Air (2022) vs iPad Pro (2021)


Have you heard about the new update to the iPad Air 2020? Apple has announced that the new updated model will be available from March 18. The iPad Air is already in its 5th generation and is close to entering the iPad Pro club. Besides its clinical design, the internal components are also catching up. …

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Apple AirPods Pro vs Google Pixel Buds 2

Apple AirPods Pro vs Google Pixel Buds 2 - Reviews & Guides

It is that time of the year when comparisons flood over the timeline of We’ve done a couple of comparison articles previously and in our recent guide, we compared three devices at once from the same company. Next up we have is the analytical comparison between the Apple AirPods Pro and Google Pixel Buds …

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PS5. vs PS5 Digital Edition, Comparison – Which one to Buy?

PS5. vs PS5 Digital Edition, Which one to buy? - Reviews & Guides

PlayStation is the mainstream device for every single gamer around the globe. A lot of people have been asking about the difference in specifications between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Therefore, it was quite obvious on our part to present a guide comparing the two beast gaming devices. Before going into the core features …

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Comparing Garmin’s Trio of Golf Wearables – Approach S42, S12 & G12

Comparing Garming's new trio of Approach S42, S12 & G12 - Reviews

Hello and welcome to yet another insightful review. Of late, we have been talking about tablets, smartwatches and laptops in particular. Today’s guide is a little different from our previous ones. We will be talking about the newly released trio of golf wearables by Garmin. As we all know, Garmin is a company known for …

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